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Well that’s the end, for now at least. There still hasn’t been an announcement for a second season, although there probably should be. Despite the series being non-conclusive and neglecting many manga chapters, I was surprised to find the ending to be highly satisfying. This was easily my favorite episode. None of the others had so much magnitude. Maybe my liking of the ending only came from the immediate awe of this particular episode and in a few days I’ll decide that I was disappointed with it. For now though, I still say that the ending was great. The story in this episode was gripping all the time. It told about a time in the past when Ikki climbed up high and flew for the first time, while at the same time showing Ikki’s attempts to win the devil’s 30-30. On his first attempt, due to the interventions of both Agito and Yoshitsune, Ikki falls on top of Ringo, who volunteered to be on the end of the line. However, Ringo isn’t hurt. It turns out that this is because Ikki purposely landed on his knees. He hurts himself by doing this and in his continued attempts to jump, keeps failing. Agito helps him out in the end and so his final attempt to jump is a success. Ikki beats Sora’s record. Ringo states that Ikki has always been her hero. Just the whole presentation of this episode was great. The direction, the animation, the acting. When I first decided to watch this show, I knew virtually nothing about it. I didn’t even like it much at first. However, especially after I started reading the manga, the characters began to grow on me and the story suddenly became addicting. Air Gear isn’t the greatest of anime. It’s simplistic and goofy if anything. However, it’s fun and entertaining, so it won’t soon be forgotten, especially if there’s a 2nd season. *hint hint*

Yoshitsune prepares for his jump Chibi Ringo kawaii Agito attempts to help Ikki Ikki flies on the wind Agito created Yoshitsune sucks up the wind with his A-Ts Crash! Best eyecatch! Chibi Ikki kawaii Everyone is confidant that Ikki will succeed Ringo thinks of Ikki as a hero Just like when he was a child... Ikki is totally cocky.

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I watched other episodes and i just started watching this and i think its brilliant and different.

Comment by ichigo 05.23.07 @ 10:03 am

Where can i purchase the Manga, and how far does it gets to ikki climb to the top of the tower?

Comment by Zay Robinson 01.01.08 @ 11:26 pm

Where can i purchase the Manga, and how far does it gets to ikki’s climb to the top of the tower?

Comment by Zay Robinson 01.01.08 @ 11:27 pm

yes..i agree with your thoughts..:) this anime is really great;fun to be exact.Although there’re lots of great animes,i still can’t forget this only-season-1-until-now story…it’s really addicting.i am so so in love with the characters.Especially agito.The anime is not the same with manga…lots of holes but they patched it all up with a suspens,yet sweet ending.The story really got me and now im thinking bout being agito..When practicing skating,i always think about 1 thing;how i wish we could fly in the sky….and what does the air smell like up high.Regreting that makes me a sinner-we are human and supposed to face reality….

Comment by space-chan 04.16.08 @ 5:04 am

make more episodes!!!!!!

Comment by zairul 08.25.08 @ 4:04 am

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