A boy named Mamoru is surprised to see a cherry blossom tree in autumn. He’s impressed by it’s beauty and tells that to a blue-haired girl who’s standing next to it. He also dusts a petal off the girl’s clothes. The girl begins to stutter and then suddenly asks him out. This strange occurrence turns out to be the talk of the school. Of course, the school they attend isn’t ordinary and everyone has magic abilities. The blue-haired girl, Ayako possesses the strongest magic of all, the Beatrice powers. The student council decides to recruit Mamoru, who’s being tortured by a fanboy stalker of Ayako. Mitsuki of the Student council saves him by giving the fanboy pictures of Ayako in her underwear. Mamoru soon meets the rest of the student council, which includes people of various stereotypes, including an imouto, two meganekko, and I guy who speaks engrish. The president and the brown-haired girl seem fairly normal so far, but anyway… back to the point. Later on, Ayako displays her incredible powers by breaking off the car door and using it as a skateboard while carrying Mamoru, to escape her driver. We also get to see the stalker fanboy create the most disgusting nosebleed I’ve ever seen. Next, Ayako gives Mamoru a survey with all sorts of ridiculous questions, including one asking whether he’ll go out with her. Later on, Ayako shows Mamoru the Beatrice powers by making it night and filling the sky with stars. Mamoru returns the survey to her, which she’s very happy about. However, he didn’t answer the last question. That’s because he wanted to wait and do so in person. The student council soon shows up to interfere, so Ayako winds up having to chase them away. Last but not least, Mamoru goes home and reflects on his crazed day. He gets a phone call from the student council president stating that there’s some kind of global crisis.

Um… wow. That was completely insane. I got some Haruhi vibes from that, which is a good sign that this will be an enjoyable show. The characters are just insane. Ayako is indeed a megadere. She’s totally vicious. It’s no wonder she has the strongest magic in the school, with all she did in the first episode alone. Plus, she’s a shoutacon. I definitely like her. Mamoru is incredibly cute too. He doesn’t come off as the typical loser protagonist that I expected at all. He’s been drawn into quite a lot of madness, so I wonder how long it will be until he breaks down too. The best characters so far though are Mitsuki and the crazy pervert stalker. The stalker guy is just ridiculous, but he’s funny. That nosebleed of his was just so over-the-top. Mitsuki I like because she seems pretty manipulative and diabolical. Okay then, we’ll have to see if I’ll continue blogging this, since it will be 24 episodes, but I’m pretty certain that I’m going to keep watching it for the comedy. Oh right, no OP this episode but the ED was super cute.

Attack of the cuddly shouta Because perverts are funny This is a megadere I'd watch my back around this girl

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Hey, man, you saw exactly the same show I did. Great description. Totally insane and quite promising.

Comment by hashihime 10.05.06 @ 10:41 pm

Good to see I’m not the only one who liked this.

And yeah, one of my friends did tell me Ayako reminded him of Haruhi.

Comment by aurabolt 10.06.06 @ 7:35 pm

[…] Wow, she’s mad and I like her already. This show is probably going to be insanely funny if it carried on with this madcap humor. I really need such a LAUGH OUT LOUD series and this might be even better than otome when it came to laughing for stupidity. However, due to the length of the show (seems to be 24 according to TL-chan), I will probably blog it once in a while when it’s insane. Anyway, all that is not important. […]

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[…] came to laughing for stupidity. However, due to the length of the show (seems to be 24 according to TL-chan), I will probably blog it once in a while when it’s insane. Anyway, all that is not […]

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