In a flashback, a girl named Haruhi Kamisaka is being picked on by boys. She’s saved by a boy who uses magic. In present day, along with her friendly rival Anri Hiiragi, Haruhi is training in magic herself. It’s also coincidentally Valentines day, so everyone’s buying chocolate. Haruhi plans to give some chocolate to Yuma Kohinata, possibly the boy from her past. Another little girl also buys some chocolate. Haruhi later notices that some boys took it from her. She plans to help get it back, but Yuma shows up first. The kid gives the chocolate back, but breaks it in the process. Haruhi fixes it with her magic. Later, Haruhi plans to give her chocolate to Yuma, but is worried about it. However, she sees the little girl giving chocolate to the boy he likes and eventually gives Yuuna the chocolate. Because it seems that Yuma is Haruhi’s choice, Anri gives him chocolate as well. Later, Haruhi and Yuma are deep in thought about each other, but Yuma is interrupted when she discovers a giant ball of flame. Yuma’s sister Sumomo calls him down to see the same thing on the news. It destroyed a portion of the school, so apparently everyone will be in the same class now.

Happiness is right. This is so far my favorite new show. I don’t know if it will stay that way, but this was cute and fun without being too cliché or silly. My summary is brief, but there were other cute little occurrences. Jun is a particularly neat character. I think I can be counted in as one of the many who have fallen for his charm. Unlike most of his other fans though, I’m a girl, so I’m not some creepy pervert who likes traps. Although, considering his physical appearance, maybe I am just as creepy. Either way, for the moment I’m rooting for a Yuma/Jun ending, even though it’s so obvious that he likes Haruhi and vice versa. Haruhi’s really not my type of character, although Anri could serve to be fun as well. Then there’s also that other girl, whose name I can’t remember. She seems to have hordes of fangirls. That should be um… interesting. As for the animation, it was decent. Better than I expected. It was off at points, but really nice at others. The music is mediocre. I guess the OP is decent, but both animations are boring. They should’ve used the OP from the game, because I happen to like that song.

There’s still a couple Thursday shows I want to write about (why did everything have to air today?!) but I think I’ll save the rest for tomorrow, since I haven’t even gotten the chance to watch ‘em yet.

Another character named Haruhi, one whom I doubt will gain the popularity of the other two recent ones Cute Minori look-alike The males of Happiness Here we have a trap! Jun is too cute! Sumomo looks like your typical brother loving imouto

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It doesn’t say that Yuma is the boy from the flashback :)

Also, Yuma is ‘Yuma’, only Jun calls him ‘Yu~u~ma~’

Comment by ayyo 10.05.06 @ 9:16 pm

The ironic thing is that Jun is actually an okama… a transvestite. Yeah, that must have been very awkward for a few hundred otaku.

Comment by Wererat42 10.06.06 @ 1:56 am

@ayyo. Okay. It was spelled “Yuuna” at ANN. I’ll correct that. I also just assumed the thing about the flashback, because it seemed typical. Thanks.

@Wererat42- Yep. We have another Dori and Gura on our hands.

Comment by TL-chan 10.06.06 @ 5:14 am

I find it absolutely unbelievable that there is no friction between the magicians and the ordinary folk. No Blue Cosmos-like militants between the have’s and have-not’s? But perhaps that was the “gas explosion” at the end.

Nice sedate anime, will watch a few more episodes.

Comment by Eleutheria 10.06.06 @ 10:59 pm

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