Edit: So her name is spelled with a D? fixed.

There’s a destructive fire ravaging and Ai is seen watching it. She breaks down and starts to cry. A spider talks to Ai (presumably a different one, since this one has a man’s voice) and she appears underwater with a weird looking tree full of skeletons. Ai starts to have visions of her past. Ai is rather confused (and I don’t blame her) but the spider gives her orders about what her role is as the Jigoku Shoujo. In the meantime, Wanyuudo is on earth, posing as a gardener at a school. He’s keeping an eye on one particular girl, Onda, who’s depressed and not without a reason. (Ren and Hone-Onna, posing as teachers, are also involved in the investigation.) Anyway, about Odna, all her books have been slashed up. Someone wrote all over her shoes. When she puts her jacket on, she finds it’s full of staples. Because of this, when she gets home from school, she goes to enter a name on the Jigoku Tsuushin, but she keeps deleting the names she writes and typing new ones. She’s not even sure who’s responsible for this. Ai is watching her at the time. The torture doesn’t stop and in school the next day, Onda finds nasty bugs inside her pencil case. Her friend Nakase and teacher Kamishiro-sensei are rather concerned. School the next day isn’t any better, as she finds herself locked in the bathroom with a creepy mannequin and the showers pouring on her. She’s saved by Kamishiro-sensei and very grateful toward her. Onda even decides to bake cookies for her teacher. While she soon finds tacks in her shoes, she gets in a better mood after looking at the bag of cookies and remembering what her teacher did for her. Soon after, Nakase calls Onda to show her something. They go to Kamishiro-sensei’s office and find a tack full of those same bugs that were in Onda’s pencil case. The mannequin is there as well. Horrified by the realization that it was Kamishiro –sensei who was torturing her, Onda drops the bag of cookies. Onda enters her teachers name in the Jigoku Tsuushin. Ai gives her the spiel and creates a doll from Hone-Onna. Onda isn’t sure whether she wants to go through with this, so Ai suggests she give the doll back. However, Onda does decide to take it. In school the next day though, Kamishiro-sensei takes the doll from her. She pins Onda to the floor and purs acid on her back. She plans to pour some on her face, but Onda punches her and takes the doll back. She pulls it and the torturing of Kamishiro-sensei begins instantly. Ippen shinde miru? Soon after, she wakes up on the boat to hell and it’s full of the bugs. Later, Onda feels regret about the whole situation, especially after getting a paper back in school with one of her teacher’s staples. Ai and her associates decide to leave, but are being watched by a mysterious girl.

Forget Happiness. This is happiness! I’ll certainly admit that the first Jigoku Shoujo season’s biggest failing point was its crazy amount of fillers. However, there’s something comforting about getting to watch a new batch of them. It’s like being reunited with an old friend. The creepy level seems to have gone up a notch, as this episode was full of gruesome and disturbing elements. Some of the things that Kamishiro-sensei did were just vile, such as pouring acid on Onda. Plus, there were too many bugs. If they were sexy like Buguese I wouldn’t mind, but these were the flat-out ugly, creepy crawly kind found in horror movies. It’s a good thing Kamishiro-sensei went to hell. I certainly wouldn’t want to have her as a teacher. Yes, it’s still quite satisfying to see these nutty people get sent to hell and I still feel evil for thinking that they should go to hell. Memories are nice. Even nicer, this season seems to be getting straight into the plot. There was this creepy girl who showed up at the end who’s got to have some kind of significance. I wonder who she is. Hopefully, Tsugumi and Hajime will show up in this season and soon. I miss them. I’m also hoping the OP will be in next week’s episode. The new ED was very much like the first ED. It’s a pretty song, but quite generic. I didn’t like the animation as much as in the first ED.

Wow! Plot right from the start. Our victim of the day Our seemingly innocent nut-job of the day Back to the sunset world Those creepy bugs that showed up much too often in this episode

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Should I be disturbed by the fact that bloody-mouthed Ai looks cute to me?

Comment by Haesslich 10.07.06 @ 1:55 pm

Nah…I think it’s cute too….

Comment by Grasshop 10.07.06 @ 7:22 pm

@Haesslich- Not really. I think you need to have some degree of sadism to watch this show.

@Grasshop- But you think lots of creepy things are cute… although I shouldn’t be talking, because I think Buguese is attractive.

Comment by TL-chan 10.07.06 @ 7:28 pm

Sadism, or masochism? I still find Enma Ai cute, although I like the fact she actually CHANGES expressions now. That, and the animation actually seems better than last season.

Comment by Haesslich 10.08.06 @ 12:33 am

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