Well that was a short break from this show, but I felt the need to talk about this episode, the second half at least. The first portion was entertaining as well, but it lacked one important factor. This was a mutant bowl of ramen. I like this chemical-z enhanced ramen more than the camera. Both looked ridiculous, but the ramen even more so. Unlike the camera, the ramen wasn’t reverted back to normal. I actually got excited over the fact that he lived, for that means he could have more appearances. It’s not very likely, but I’d very much like it to happen. It seems as if all the inanimate objects (not that there’ve been many so far) who were zapped aren’t necessarily evil but didn’t have the happiest of lives. I feel silly having sympathy for an inanimate object again, but it can’t be helped that I do. I can’t believe I’m wishing for more fillers but more fillers please! And make them with ridiculous looking inanimate objects.

Now since this wasn’t much of an entry, here are some pictures of my love.

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jiji dibertido el plato de ramen jajaja mi correo es ; hinata_kumiko@hotmail.com

Comment by eiko 10.08.06 @ 8:12 pm

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