Choco is serving Haruma coffee while the weather plays on a tv in the background. Afterwards, a dance comes on. Haruma thinks it’s weird but Choco is surprised that he doesn’t know about it. It’s called the Neko Nyan Dance. Choco dances along with it. Later, she takes a walk and comes across a group of children practicing the Neko Nyan dance in a schoolyard. She starts to dance along and impresses the students. The teacher invites Choco to join them and she agrees after getting such a pleading response from the students. They practice for a while before the teacher forces them to take a break. Choco stays at the school. Where all the kids compete for her attention. The teacher attempts to calm the situation by telling the kids to leave her alone. She makes the mistake of referring to Choco as “Onee-chan” though, to which she replies that she’s actually Onii-san’s imouto. ^_^; The student’s fights don’t calm down much either. Eventually, everyone’s parents come to pick them up, leaving only Choco and a boy named Takeshi-kun. Apparently, Takeshi-kun’s mother is late. Takeshi-kun isn’t really bothered by this though. The teacher wonders if there’s somebody worried about Choco, but Choco explains that whenever her brother’s late, but she knows that she won’t be alone for long so she’s not worried. Takeshi-kun’s mother soon shows up. The teacher brings her to him and sees that he’s asleep on a swing with Choco. The next day, Choco starts to practice the Neko Nyan Dance some more, but gets a call from Yurika. She goes off to meet Yurika, but passes by the school again. The kids want her to do the Neko Nyan Dance with them, but she turns them down this time. Yurika immediately yells at Choco for being late. She then tells Choco that she wants to show her her bra, now that she has one. Choco is surprised that Yurika doesn’t want to do it in public though. They head to Choco’s house and meet with Makoto, who’s coming in at the same time. Choco tells Makoto that Yurika is going to show her her bra. Makoto wants to see and hangs around them, much to Yurika’s annoyance. Makoto decides to show off her bra first, since she’s actually wearing one today. Since Yurika still won’t show hers, Makoto pins her down and tells Choco to help. Choco starts to help, but Yurika yells at her, saying that she’s not supposed to help. While Yurika yells at Choco to save her and Makoto tries to get Choco’s help, Choco isn’t sure of what to do. She starts to look through her notebook. Meanwhile, the building starts to shake, so Chitose wonders what all the noise is about. Of course Haruma comes in now and gets to see Yurika in her underwear again. Later, Makoto and Chitose eat together, and Chitose questions what happened earlier. Makoto apologizes for the noise, but decides to go after Chitose’s bra. Haruma takes a bath, humming the Neko Nyan Dance song to himself. Choco writes about the days events in her journal.

Too cute! I’ve been waiting for this episode. I’m not hugely fond of the Neko Nyan Dance song, but the whole presentation with the dance included is adorable. I was actually wondering if they’d use the ending theme for this episode and they did. From what I read of the manga, there’s actually going to be a bit of a story arc involving this dance, but that will be a bit later. For now, it’s just a cute little thing that Choco and various school kids are doing. It’s certainly addicting and Haruma seems to be realizing its charm. It was cute when he started humming it, considering his opinion on it earlier. The portion of the episode involving Yurika was mostly for the purpose of fanservice, but was funny regardless. Makoto still serves as a highly entertaining character, even when all she’s doing is trying to grope people. If Yurika keeps seeing Haruma while half naked, I think she’s going to be traumatized soon. The poor girl (should I really use the term poor?) should have never gotten involved with Choco, because I can sense it’s only going to lead to more trouble in her life. At least she won’t be bored anymore. While there was a bit of fanservice this week, next week will probably be 10x more, as it’s going to be a pool episode (or at least a swimsuit shopping episode. The pool part may not occur.) I expect there to be lots of tape.

It's the Neko Nyan Dance Choco's practically developed a fan club Has managed to own this show over the course of two episodes She looks more evil with her hair like that

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Aargh, it’s sad the fansubs seem to have stopped for a while for this–but glad to see you’re still blogging it, at least that way I can see where the story’s going.

Comment by suguru 10.10.06 @ 6:58 pm

Just remember - if not for Choco, she’d never have met the crush of her life (so far), so it all works out.

Of course, with all this trauma, she may eventually find herself an older boy… :P

Comment by Haesslich 10.10.06 @ 9:54 pm

I lost my attention on this show when they started using that retarded censorship method.

Damnit, i’m not against them censoring things but at least make half a bloody attempt to make it intergrate with the scene, damnit.

Comment by Disco Bandit 10.11.06 @ 1:19 am

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