Okay, so let’s see. First, we’re introduced to Light’s sister. He can’t see Ryuuku either, which is probably a good thing, because who would want to? Meanwhile, a conference is being held about the recent deaths of criminals. They’ve hired a very mysterious person named L to help take care of the killer, who’s really not that mysterious, considering his face is in the OP. Light’s also created a security system for the Death Note notebook, involving a pen, a draw, and a system of wiring. If someone tries to steal it, it will burst into flames. There’s also this web phenomenon going on now regarding the deaths, in which the killer is named Kira. Kira could be thought of as “Kirakira,” which would mean shining/sparkling. It also sounds like “Killer.” Light eventually sees a man on TV named Lind. L. Taylor, who claims to be the L. This person declares that he will catch the person behind the crimes. He then goes as far as to call the killer a devil. Light becomes furious to hear this, declaring that hat he’s doing is just. He writes Lind. L. Taylor’s name in the Death Note book and he dies soon after. However, the letter “L” appears on the screen. The man from earlier wasn’t really L. This person begins to taunt “Kira.” He succeeds in getting Light angry at first, but Light becomes intrigued. Ryuuku is intrigued by this as well and states again that human’s certainly are interesting. Both Light and L declare that they will find the other and that they’re right.

First thing’s first. Wow! I’m impressed. This is easily one of the most gripping series I’ve seen in recent times. It’s dark and ambiguous, but at the same time simple enough to be generally entertaining. Even though it was obvious that Lind. L. Taylor wasn’t actually L, seeing that revelation was still a surprise. L is clearly going to be a tough opponent for Light. Light certainly showed that he’s no pushover either, by creating that ridiculous security system. Also, he does have that book so if he does get to see L’s face, L’s history. I really don’t think either of them are just in what they’re doing. Light is killing people and L sacrificed that one guy for his trick. Second off, this is so annoyingly dialogue heavy. It’s not that the dialogue is that difficult, but it’s hard to translate so much at the pace that dialogue is being spewed out. I suppose I could wait for the subs, but what fun would that be? I enjoy a good challenge. I can’t just hide behind kid’s shows or cookie-cutter bishoujo series where 50% of the dialogue is “Onii-san daisuki!” forever. Besides, the worst that could happen is that tons of fans who know what they’re doing will flame me through comments, but I’m already used to that. ^_^; L’s uber-ridiculous voice isn’t helping though. The fact that I could actually understand some of what he said shows that I’m getting better though.

The mysterious, annoying voiced L Not really L I could not keep calm standing next to this guy I love the way this show utilizes split screens

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Light also needs a name to go along with the face, though. He had to write the biker’s name in all its possible permutations before the truck killed the guy.

Comment by Eleutheria 10.10.06 @ 11:48 pm

“and L sacrificed that one guy for his trick”

If I remember well from the manga, this fake L was a prisoner condemned to death.

Comment by Mariem 10.11.06 @ 4:42 am

So ugly, so very very ugly

Comment by Mary 10.12.06 @ 9:41 am

Mariem, he was a prisoner condemned to death and it was actually said in the anime

Comment by Danny 10.14.06 @ 5:57 am

@Mariem and Danny- Criminal or not, it’s still morally questionable as to whether he should die. That’s part to the reason I’m liking this show. It’s not clear as to what’s right.

Comment by TL-chan 10.14.06 @ 7:11 am

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