Note: This is it. I’ve been suckered into blogging Bleach again by nobody but myself. At least I’ve got a replacement for Gundam Seed Disgrace.

A boy in the 4th Squad is looking for Rukia to bring her food. He’s surprised to learn that she’s not in her cell and has been transferred to the Shrine of Penitence. He grows concerned for her. Rukia meanwhile wonders if Ichigo is in Soul Society. Though she can’t sense him, she thinks it may be possible. Ichigo is busy fighting Ikaku and getting his butt kicked. However, he reveals that he’s not as slow as he’s letting on. Unfortunately, Ikaku is just too fast… until Ichigo’s eyes get used to his attacks. Meanwhile, Ishida and Orihime wander the streets, trying to hide from the Shinigamis. Ishida decides that the best approach would probably be to attack. He asks Orihime for her opinion, but she’s not there. It turns out that she went to scout and was spotted. Ishida plans to fight them alone, but starts to get worried when he realizes they’re nearly surrounded. Therefore, he decides that they should continue running. Chad sees that something is going on from a tree. He’s not sure what, but he jumps down to investigate. Ichigo damages Ikaku’s weapon and beats him up pretty good, but he doesn’t seem at all phased and continues to attack even though Ichigo tells him to give up, as he’s lost. Remembering what Urahara taught him, he deals the finishing blow to Ikakau. Ganju takes out a smoke bomb to use on his opponent, but unfortunately it irritates his eyes and throat as well. It turns out that Ikaku’s life was spared by Ichigo. Using Ikaku’s sword, Ichigo was able to heal him. He didn’t really appreciate it though. Ichigo explains that he wanted to ask him some questions. He first asks where Rukia is located. Meanwhile, Ganju and his opponent are hanging for dear life. They wind up falling into a pit of garbage. They both easily get out, and Ganju makes a run for it from the slashing claws. Ichigo’s question isn’t answered. Instead, he’s questioned about why he’s there. He explains that he came to save her. Ikaku asks how many people came. He responds that there’s five and a half, counting Yoruichi as the half. Ikaku laughs at him but gives him an answer. Ichigo tells Ikaku that he owes him and then heads off. Ichigo is warned about the 11th Squad captain, Zeraki Kenpachi. At the moment though, “Ken-chan” is helplessly lost. I really liked this episode. Then again, I really like Bleach. I like how the story can be fighting, fighting, fighting yet still remain fun. The humor of Bleach is its biggest charm. What they did about the ending theme was certainly interesting. It seems like each week they’ll be focusing on two different captains. Personally, I liked this week’s animation over last weeks, but they were both nice. Oh, and we’re finally into what I presume to be the second half of Bleach. Yay!

Rukia's in a position where she can only angst. Bad for her and good for me I don't seem how a little pink-haired girl can be a threat I'm starting to like them together, probably because they can both be such hopeless idiots I beg of you garbage dump, please forgive me

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