Mamoru goes to the school and it seems that there was some kind of problem. Ayako’s destroying stuff in a rampage. She becomes very embarrassed to find that Mamoru is there and beats on the student council president. After recovering, he explains that they’re trying to recover something called the Astral Fire and gives Ayako the duty. The president’s sister suggests that Mamoru go too and Mamoru immediately agrees to do so. Ayako doesn’t want him to come though. Mamoru pleads her and says that he wants to get more acquainted with her. Touched by this, Ayako accepts. After this, Mamoru sees Yuka outside. She’s helping the enemy because her dog, Al-kun was taken hostage. Seeing Yuka’s desperation, Mamoru decides to help her get it back. Later, Ayako takes Mamoru out for dessert. She decides to try feeding him ice cream. They’re interrupted by Mitsuki and some other student council members who were spying on them. Ayako takes care of them easily. After that, Ayako tries to get Mamoru to answer her question again. However, she hears an explosion and tells Mamoru to wait while she heads to it. Mamoru follows her, but it takes him a while, since Ayako ran at inhuman speeds. Anyway, Ayako finds the criminal, who rid her of her Beatrice powers by using the Astral Fire. She’s still pretty strong though, so she’s able to evade his blasts. When Mamoru spots the dog, making his presence known. Ayako rushes to protect him, but gets shot and passes out. Mamoru tries to protect her but gets beat up. Of course, he suddenly uses powers of his own against the criminal before passing out as well. Later, Ayako explains what happened to Mamoru. He used Beatrice Powers of his own. She thanks Mamoru for protecting her, but then gets upset. Later, Yuka repents for helping the enemy. She expects to get in trouble, but instead she’s accepted back without a problem. The real Astral Fire wasn’t there anyway. After this, Ayako talks to Mamoru about how worried she was when he got involved. Mamoru says that he wasn’t really confident either, but someday maybe his Beatrice powers will be stronger. He then calls Ayako by her first name for once and asks her on a date.

That was weird. There’s so much weird stuff this season. I happen to like weird though, especially when it involves tsundere(s) and shoutas. I wonder, should tsundere be plural? Anyway, I didn’t expect that Mamoru would develop Beatrice powers, but it’s a very cool plot twist. He couldn’t do much this week, but in the future, if he does manage to reach Ayako’s level, I can just see raburabu combo attacks. That could be amusing. This episode also managed to create a small plot for the show, so hopefully it will go somewhere. This Astral Fire thing seems to be pretty powerful and important. Will the whole show be searching for the thief, or will they get it back soon and have a different focus? I’d probably enjoy this equally if it focused just on the romance between Ayako and Mamoru though. It’s amusing. It would also be interesting to learn more about this thief. He was set on fire, but not confirmed to be dead. Seeing that he has a grudge against Ayako for something, he could turn out to be an interesting villain. Of course, he could be dead. In that case, I’ll never know what his deal was. Um… oh yeah. There was an OP this time. It’s okay I guess. I like the animation, but the song isn’t that great. I prefer the ED a bit better though.

Yuka's angst allowed me to remember her name Ayako's expression is funny. I wish this was a bigger picture. Mamoru uses Beatrice powers Her overreactions are always funny

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