Haruma gets another job being a lifeguard at a pool. Choco is excited to be able to go. Chitose goes shopping for a swimsuit, but Makoto decides to help her, leading to a fashion show of skimpy bathing suits for all the men in the store to watch. Meanwhile, Haruma realizes that Choco doesn’t own any swimsuits. The next day at the pool, it’s revealed that Chitose got one for Choco. Haruma had to come up with an excuse for the fact that Choco didn’t have one. In the meantime, Yurika goes to visit Choco. She knocks on her door with no response, but hears another door open. She’s afraid that it’s Makoto, but it’s just the old man who explains that Choco went to the pool. At the pool, Choco plays with Chitose for a while, until eventually Chitose’s bathing suits falls off after she tries out the waterslide. Tamami buys Haruma, Choco and Chitose lunch and decides to give Haruma a break, since his sister and “girlfriend” are with him. While he goes to meet them, a boy runs into Chitose and knocks her over. Choco stands up to him, but he takes out his aggression on her. Luckily, Haruma shows up to save her. However, the boy’s brutal-looking father appears. Choco explains to the man that his son was being cruel and so he hits his son and forces him to apologize. Haruma, Choco and Chitose then go to watch the Neko Nyan Dance being preformed. During this, Yurika vents her anger by kicking a can into a bush. It hits a dog, which attacks her and bite off part of her dress. Kakeru happens to be playing nearby and comes to her rescue. Yurika takes an immediate liking to Kakeru and thanks him for saving her. Kakeru then has to bring up the fact that Yurika’s panties are showing, embarrassing her. Later, Haruma and Chitose walk home from the pool. Choco is asleep. Haruma states that it was her first time at a pool, which gets Chitose confused. He has to quickly make up an excuse again. Chitose thinks about how much fun she had being with Haruma and is about to say to her self that she really likes him when Choco completes her sentence. Choco states that she loves her brother in her sleep. Chitose finishes her thought about how much she likes Haruma.

That came out well. The fanservice wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and the episode was certainly fun. As a shipper of Haruma/Chitose, I loved it when Tamami mistook Chitose as Haruma’s girlfriend. Plus, Chitose was actually happy at the end of the episode. Usually, something happens revolving around Ayano to get her depressed. Since Ayano didn’t even show up this week, nothing could. Speaking of which, I wonder if she’ll appear again. Her story is pretty much over, but I doubt Haruma just gave up on her. I haven’t read past volume four of the manga, so there’s still plenty of time for her to appear again. It would make for good tension anyway. At least Kakeru showed up again. I missed his cuteness. I also totally like the idea of pairing him up with Yurika. If anything, Yurika seems to like him, but Yurika doesn’t make much sense anyway. The scene in this episode with them was cute though. That boy’s father at the pool was ugly. I don’t remember if he was that creepy looking in the manga. Plus, he was rather rude. I can see where his son gets his behavior from. Forcing your kid to bow while apologizing for running into someone? Wow, some parenting skills he has. Both he and his son are characters I could so without seeing again. Speaking of minor characters, just who is that old man? He’s on the OP and has shown up before, but he never seems to do much. Hopefully, he’ll be explained soon.

Yes! Choco is enjoying her first trip to the pool I could use a waterslide for my pool Is that mold growing on his stomach? Kakeru constantly gets free loli fanservice They would make a perfect family

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Yes, he was that ugly, and if you mean the guy in the suit… he’s one of the neighbors, who doesn’t have a steady job and goes to the “Hello, Work” agencies (read: temp employment).

Comment by Haesslich 10.17.06 @ 9:11 pm

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