The Police have been investigating Kira heavily. Twenty one people called in, claiming that they were Kira, so they’ll all be questioned. Also, based on the times of the murders and the fact that they’ve all occurred in Japan, the police have decided that Kira must be a student. At the meeting, L requests for the media reports of the heart attacks to be monitored so that he can see the faces of the victims. Later, Light is helping his sister Sayu with school work when the doorbell rings. His father, the police chief, is home. In the next few days, after Light confirms the fact that he can put down conditions on the death if it’s a heart attack, more victims die while Light is in school. The police suspicion has changed from a student to someone related to the police. Light tells Ryuku that this is because he wants to find L. Humans don’t trust each other, so obviously the police wouldn’t trust L, who keeps his name and face a secret. Light wants the police to find out L’s secrets so that he can kill L. One day, Ryuku notices that Light is being followed. It’s because he or his immediate family are related to the case. Ryuku decides to tell Light that he thinks he’s the perfect owner for the Death Note. He can’t leave until either Light dies or the Death Note is filled. However, he won’t side with Light or L for that matter. Light is angry that Ryuku suddenly decided to say this, but Ryuku just felt that he had to. He then points out to Light that he’s being followed. Light isn’t particularly worried, because a lot of others are being watched. In a few months though, this could be trouble. Light wants to find out the name of the person following him. Ryuku next explains to Light the differences between a human and a Shinigami using the Death Note. A shinigami can put down a persons lifespan as less than it really is and then add the difference to his own life. Also, a Shinigami can find out a persons name and lifespan just by looking at their face. Ryuku offers this ability to Light at the cost of half his life. However, he won’t tell Light what his lifespan is.

This is still a really gripping show. I fear that I soon won’t have much to sya about it besides the fact that it’s surprisingly awesome. It’s ironic that I initially didn’t like it for the utter evilness of Light, but now I find that intriguing. I almost felt bad for him though after watching this episode. He could indeed get caught during this investigation. The only thing he can really do to save himself is use the Shinigami eye. However, that will cost him half his life. Since he doesn’t know how long he’ll live, that could be a great risk. It might kill him instantly if he was going to have a short life and already reached the age. Of course, I doubt that will be the case, because then the show would end here and there’s obviously still a lot to tell. I’m really tempted to read some more of the manga and spoil myself like crazy, but I think I’ll hold off. I already know the big spoilers just by coincidence, but I don’t know facts such as whether Light will choose to use the Shinigami eye. I’m guessing that he will. Ryuku in this episode was as creepy as ever and the fact that he’s not siding with Light means that Light had better watch his back. I really can’t trust anyone with a face like that.

Why look, you have a dinner guest. Evil can be angsty Eww, that's a bit close. I think even Light's getting scared now.

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