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A girl named Taepon(?) is in love with a boy called Kei-chan, so she enters the name of his girlfriend onto the Jigoku Tsuushin in order to be with him and “protect him.” She actually wants him with the other girl to make him happy, but it dosn’t make a whole lot of sense. The next day, she’s taken into the sunset world and receives the doll from Ai. It’s the usual Wanyuudo this time. Later, we see that Taepon and Kei live next door and their windows are unnaturally close to each other, so they often talk to each other that way. That night, Taepon sits out on the swings and is visited by a drunk Hone-Onna. Taepon tells Hone-Onna about her situation with Kei and the girl he’s with. Meanwhile, Kei is with the girl, Yumie. They’re watching an advertisement for Hawaii and Yumie expresses her desire to go there. She plans to do so and asks Kei to go with her. Taepon continues to talk to Hone-Onna about how Kei loves Yumie very much because she’s his first love, but she wants to be with Kei-chan. Soon, Kei waves to Taepon from his window. Happy to see him, Taepon runs off. Hone-Onna sees the mysterious girl run by. Ai and Ren then show up and Hone-Onna explains the situation to them. When Taepon speaks to Kei, she finds that he’s depressed. She tries to cheer him up, but he mentions that Yumie is going to Hawaii. Taepon gives him a credit card or something, telling him that it’s alright to take it. However, she seems secretly furious afterwards. She goes out later and finds Yumie cheating on Kei. Yumie notices that Taepon is spying on them. The next day, she tells this to Hone-Onna and asks for advice. Later, Kei knocks on her door. He found out about Yumie and is distressed. Taepon tells him that she was only his first love and tries to cheer him up, and this results in the two possibly having sex. Any of that is off scene though. The next night, Kei has something to tell Taepon through the window. He’s realized that the first important person to him was Taepon. Taepon reacts by locking him out, so Kei tries to come over. Taipon opens the window while Kei’s foot is on it, so he falls and gets hurt. He manages to hit a ledge, so he might’ve survived. Of course Taepon is horrified and after seeing Yumie in school the next day, snaps and pulls the string. Yumie gets attacked while with her boyfriend and taken to hell. As for Taepon, she’s moving away. She looks out her window sadly. Kei comes into her room full of boxes to see her.

I really liked that episode, but I guess that’s evident considering that I wrote an essay on it. What seemed so boring from the preview turned out to be awesome. For once, the “victim” was a bit evil herself. It’s happened before, but is still pretty rare. It’s not that Taepon was horrible, but it certainly would’ve benefited her to get rid of Yumie. Yumie was obnoxious too though, as she had Kei totally in love with her but was really just using him all along. Anyway, both girls are going to hell at least. Taepon has a weird name. I’m not sure if I’m spelling it correctly, but even if I’m not, that doesn’t make it any less weird. I really wish anime news network wasn’t down, because I want to see who her seiyuu was. I think I know, but I have to confirm that. Once thing this week that really surprised me was that Kei-chan lived. From Taepon’s reaction, I just assumed he died. I guess it was more of an “Oh no, I hurt the guy I liked!” kind of thing. It might’ve been a different guy though. Hm… I’ll look into that. Next week’s episode looks boring, but I thought the same about this one and liked it.

The creepy girls face is shown outside of the OP Maybe I'm sadistic, but I thought the falling scene looked really cool. She's pretty creepy herself It's alive?

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Kei actually died. And I didn’t think Tae was “evil”… to me, she was a bit psychotic or mentally ill, perhaps. Maybe that’s too strong… anyway, the girl needs some psychiatric help.

Comment by wrex 10.21.06 @ 9:46 pm

I think Tae-Pon was hallucinating when she thought Kei was there at the end. That, or the boy was someone that just looked similar.

Comment by wacco 11.09.06 @ 8:22 am

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