Stags continues his siege on Numa Kingdom, but under the orders of the queen, people begin to pray to the Oracle for help. Meanwhile, Sparkle, Corona and others take care of those who were injured in the earlier battle, including the man from Numa. Corona reports his condition to Lumen and Igneous, who are busy strategizing. They know that even with the crisis in Numa, it’s logical that they continue to protect Arachna. However, Lumen mentions that Hunter’s already decided they’re going to Numa. Hunter easily gets Shadow, Magma and Brutus to agree with his plan, but Corona is still unsure. Hunter teases her, but that only gets her angry at him. At the *cough* “Invectid” *cough* base, Buguese and Beerain apologize to Mantid for their failure. Beerain thinks that Grasshop’s constant failure is to blame. Grasshop tries to defend his position, but fails at getting anyone’s sympathy. Mantid informs Buguese that he must get the keys at any cost, even if that cost is his own life. Buguese agrees to these terms and so does Beerain. Grasshop also wants to help, but the other’s are tired of his failures and don’t want him. Buguese forces Grasshop to leave, which he does but is furious about. Meanwhile, Hunter tries to convince Lumen that they should go to Numa. Magma does the same with Igneous, but to know avail. They’re interrupted by Igneous’s troop of fangirls, who all have heard he’s going to Numa and are excited about that. While Grasshop wanders on his own through “Invectid” territory, he worries about what will happen to his family now that he’s been demoted from the Big Four. He goes to find out and sees that one of the “Invec…” oh I give up Insector Captains are in his house. Grasshop thinks that they’re discussing his defeat by Sparkle and his demotion, but in reality they’re saying good things about him. Not wanting to face his family, Grasshop hurries off. Lumen is attempting to decide where he’ll go when one of his subjects comes in. He has somebody to see Lumen. It’s Grey (Slate to some.) The scene switches to Hunter though, who’s decided that he and Magma should just go alone if nobody else wants to come. Corona then comes in, wanting to talk with him. She tells him that she’s been getting strange dreams and feelings that make her wonder why the Oracle gave them power and what she wants them to do. Hunter promptly replies that she wants them to be brave warriors. The Insectors are also getting stronger, so the people of Numa need help and shouldn’t be abandoned. Hunter gives Corona the confidence to go to Numa. Lumen gives Grey temporary command of the Arachna knights. It seems he and Igneous are going to Numa as well. Sparkle and Hotarla are disappointed that they don’t get to home. The man from Numa also stays back because of his injuries. However, the others leave for Numa. Grasshop declares that he’ll prove himself to Mantid by destroying the Spider Riders.

It’s back! It’s back! It’s back! It’s back! It’s back! Being serious, I’ll note that I’ll be watching the Canadian version for now. The Japanese one is on hiatus, so I’m left with no real choice. I don’t like the dub as much as the Japanese due to the changes and I swear that Buguese’s dialogue gets screwed up the most. However, it’s still basically the same show so I’m very contented to have something. This is certainly different from the episode 27 that I read about on the official spoilery page, but I like this rendition better so I can’t complain. Either they’re showing episodes out of order again or they just changed things a bit from their original plans. There were some awesome happenings in this episode. The most awesome was seeing Igneous’s fangirls and then having Magma tease him about them twice. It was also need to see Grey again. He didn’t have a major role, but I didn’t expect to see him, so it’s cool. I suspect he’ll do a good job at running the Arachna knights. It was also a pleasant surprise for Grasshop’s cute kids to appear again. Speaking of Grasshop, I’ve never felt more bad for him. He’s been kicked out of the big four now. He did mess up a lot, but they should’ve given him more of a chance. In his defense, I didn’t expect Sparkle to be so kick-butt either. Grasshop never got a break and now we had to see him cry over his situation. He should indeed cry though because it sucks to be him. To make his situation worse, he thinks that his family hates him too. Hopefully his luck will improve as the series progresses. For the Hunter/Corona fans, there were definitely a scene in here for you. They’re cute together, so I enjoyed it. No Buguese/Aqune though, because Aqune didn’t even show up. What a shame.

Swoons madly Attack of the fangirls Grasshop was demoted Hunter explains to Corona his reasons for going to Numa Grey takes over the Arachna Knights Lumen and the others begin their journey

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Thank Oracle. I hate Grasshop with a passion. It’s such a relief to see him in such emotional turmoil again. I hope he dies in the next episode though I know he’s not going to.

Comment by Grasshop 10.22.06 @ 4:12 pm

I know Japan’s on hiatus,but is the u.s version still on hiatus?I couldn’t check on saturday because I had to go to San Fransisco!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.23.06 @ 4:00 pm

@Grasshop 0_o? Maybe you should change your name.

@bb/puppyface- Unfortunately yes. Hopefully it will return soon.

Comment by TL-chan 10.23.06 @ 6:07 pm

Hey TL-chan,I was just on you tube and I was wondering…do u have another user name(soaker87)^-^.On the profile it said your other user name was TL-chan.If it is then I love what u put together….(wait did I just answer my question?)

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.23.06 @ 7:53 pm

By the way thanks for updating your blog TL-chan ….it’s really ,really helpful…that way I get to try to caught up since the u.s version is on hiatus^_^!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.23.06 @ 8:00 pm

I happen to agree with Grasshop about disliking Grasshop(the blue bug-villian from Spider Riders).I really liked this episode!!Hunter&Corona 4ever!!!And the fangils crowding Igneous was hilarous!I think the Spider Riders all looked very funny in long, dark green travling cloaks.And, I, perfer the Japanese Spider Riders version to the us/canada one. If only they would put subbtittles on the Japanese version!!But, since i don’t always know what they’re saying, I watch the english version.

Comment by Corona 10.24.06 @ 9:26 pm

I think it’s funny how they were in cloaks too!^_^

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.27.06 @ 5:06 pm

@bb/puppyface- Yep. I’m Soaker87. I use that as a screename for practically everything. I just figured it’d be silly to call this Soaker87’s anime blog so I used my nickname.
Thanks for the compliment.

Comment by TL-chan 10.27.06 @ 5:36 pm

Tl-chan, thanks for the picture up-dates. Annnd…could you make a Corona/Hunter AMV on YouTube please?I would SO appreicate it!I just think their awesome!

Comment by Corona 10.28.06 @ 12:26 am

Your totaly welcome tl-chan!^-^ I also would love to see a Corona/Hunter AMV! I always thought they were a great couple!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.28.06 @ 5:22 pm

Tl-chan…I saw you have another blog!Are you going to move there?I checked it out..but I didn’t see anything on spider riders.

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.28.06 @ 5:27 pm

@bb/puppyface- I assume you mean my old blog. Actually, I moved a couple of times. I started posting on and then moved to because I ran out of space. When I was starting to run out of space there, I decided to use animeblogger as my host. I get unlimited space as long as I follow the rules, so I don’t plan on moving any time soon.
Edit: The only other blog I can think of that you may’ve seen is my Live Journal. I actually do have some Spider Riders stuff there that really would be out of place here.

@Corona- A Hunter/Corona AMV? I’ll have to think about that. I can’t think of any songs off hand that would fit, but it would be fun to do.

Comment by TL-chan 10.28.06 @ 5:56 pm

ooh..^-^..on there it said it was your 2nd anime blog! I could think of a song that would fit…but it’s kind of stupid.Do u know Maria carey-”We belong together”?

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.28.06 @ 7:33 pm

Or u could put”Feelin’ unapretiated”or(I’m full of possibilities…well somtimes!^-^)”I must stick with u”i think by Maria carey.

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.28.06 @ 7:48 pm

Something that fits how Corona and Hunter feel for each other..they definatly like each other… maybe more than a crush…of course!Well, someone on YouTube already nade a Hunter/Corona AWV- it’s called ‘Corona and Hunter, are made for eachother.’ I think it’s awesome and the song the person used is called Misty’s Song(the Misty from pokemon). It really fitted them well!Mmmm…I’ll have to think about this one…

Comment by Corona 10.29.06 @ 12:55 pm

I saw that video…but it was a little long.Personaly I think it would be hard to make another hunter/corona AMV again.Hey…why don’t u do one on prince lumen/princess sparkle!That one hasn’t been done!…Now the song….

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.29.06 @ 3:01 pm

I was wondering….if Aqune is under control,by a mask,isn’t Portia controled by one too.If you havn’t noticed…Portia’s face is half a mask,and one half not!

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.03.06 @ 8:12 pm

salut les cop ahah sa va moi oui et les invectids vont etre battu grace a moi et vous mes cher amis spider riders et toi aussi grassoph enviye moi un mail aussi vite que posibble cirona et grassoph

Comment by hunter steele 11.04.06 @ 6:35 pm

corona tu est vrauimen belle chor

Comment by hunter steele 11.04.06 @ 6:40 pm

I’d like to see a Lumen/Sparkle one done that’d be cute.

Comment by koko 11.05.06 @ 1:34 am

jai rien a faire corona ses que je doit faire repond moi

Comment by hunter steele 11.05.06 @ 10:29 am

me hunter steele is boys full sexy

Comment by hunter steele 11.05.06 @ 6:51 pm

Good job, TL-Chan. Oh, and for future episodes, just refer to the “Invectids” as the Insectors. Sounds better, and I’m sure people won’t mind.

Comment by Runty 11.06.06 @ 10:28 am

That would be cool if u changed it to the invectids!in the us version(the only one i watch)the dont talk about ”insectors”.

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.06.06 @ 4:52 pm

why couldn’t hunter and corona have at least ONE hug since episode 1????? It would make me feel so much better.

Comment by Vicky 02.22.07 @ 7:10 pm

@Vicky- The closest they came was in 34. Meh, it is kind of weird that Buguese and Aqune already had one (possibly 2) and Hunter and Corona had none. *evil grin*

Comment by TL-chan 02.22.07 @ 9:36 pm

since when did buguese and aqune…hug?

Comment by Vicky 02.23.07 @ 7:57 pm

@Vicky- Episode 12:

And debatably 34, but it’s really hard to tell. I’d barely count it anyway.

Comment by TL-chan 02.23.07 @ 8:31 pm

right, sorry, forgot.

Comment by Vicky 02.24.07 @ 9:43 am

but that scene with Hunter telling Corona not to worry was the closest to a midnight date…sorta

Comment by Vicky 02.24.07 @ 9:45 am

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The thing I found odd about this episode was th argument between Magma and Igneous. I have never seen them fight the way they were. I thought they were close enough not to have an argument.

I think Magma had no right accusing Igneous of not caring about Nuuma. But Igneous did care. I think he just felt that they shouldn’t leave Arachna unprotected. At times like this, I think Magma has a tendency to be rash. And mean too. I mean, the way he insulted Igneous for having a fan club. I thought it was rude and cold. I thought that was a funny part though.

Comment by mayabelle 05.13.07 @ 9:00 pm

Does everyone agree that Igneous and Magma are opposites of each other? Igneous being mature and level-headed and Magma being rash and a little thoughtless?

Comment by mayabelle 06.19.07 @ 9:57 am

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