Choco and Chitose are out on a painfully hot day. Choco notices a lot of people in strange outfits and asks about them. Chitose explains to her that there’s a festival and is surprised that Choco doesn’t no about festivals. She tells Choco that they’re fun, which makes he want to go. She calls Yurika about it, but is unable to convince her to come. One of Yurika’s maids listens in on this conversation. Chitose gets dressed to go out and hears someone knocking on her door. Expecting to see Choco she opens it. She was right, but Haruma’s there too. She has her usual kind of reaction to being able to go out with him. Choco is very excited about the various things to do at the festival, so the three do some of the activities available. They eventually find that Tamami is working at a yakisoba stand (and wearing a swimsuit, oddly enough.) She offers one to Chitose and calls her Haruma’s girlfriend again, which gets her very happy. While Haruma tries to correct Tamami, a customer comes to the stand, allowing him to escape. He apologizes to Chitose for the situation. While they talk, Choco runs off to go see another stand selling baby dinosaurs chicks. She calls Haruma over, but can’t find him. Meanwhile, Yurika is at home doing school work and decides to take a break. Her maid comes in with a yukata to change her into, whether she likes it or not. At the festival, Haruma and Chitose look for Choco, but run into Makoto, who’s drinking as usual. She says she’ll help look for Choco, but serves only to cause trouble. As Choco walks on her own, she drops her notebook. Somebody goes to pick it up and that turns out to be Kakeru. He gets her ice cream (and is rather embarrassed watching her eat it. I bet the shape had something to do with it) and decides to help her look for Haruma. Yurika and her maid soon arrive at the festival. Yurika is excited, but hides it by complaining. Kakerua and Choco begin searching for Haruma, but Kakeru bumps into some punks, who aren’t going to let him get away with it. He’s saved though by Midori, who beats the crud out of the punks. Midori also mistakes Kakeru and Choco’s relationship, which embarrasses him (not that he’s at all difficult to embarrass.) They soon find Yurika, much to both of their surprises. Kakeru remembers her because of seeing her panties. Enter the romantic tension of children. Meanwhile, Midori joins Makoto in drinking. They start a drinking contest. While Haruma and Chitose continue looking for Choco, someone knocks over Chitose and she lands in Haruma’s arms. She then thinks about the fact that they’re holding hands. She’s about to tell something to Haruma when Choco calls them. The fireworks go off and everyone watches them, including the very drunk Makoto and Midori. Yurika’s maid notices that Yurika is smiling.

That was such an awesome episode. The animation quality wasn’t that great at points (while in others it looked extra good) but I can’t really complain since that’s not very common for this series. Plus, the episode was loaded with character development and kept the fanservice to a minimum. I never suspected so much romantic tension with the absence of Ayano. Haruma/Chitose is so canon obvious that it’s not even funny. Oh never mind, actually it’s quite funny. I’m still entertained by Chitose’s ridiculous trains of thought over the littlest things. For instance, it’s obvious that Haruma would go with Choco to the festival, but Chitose went on about being together with Haruma. I kind of wish she got the chance to confess, but there’s still quite a few episodes. Then there was the awesome scene with Tamami. I loved Chitose’s reaction to getting to hear herself confused as Haruma’s girlfriend. Kakeru is giving Chitose a run for her money in the category of awesome flustered raburabu reactions. He is just too adorable when he blushes, which he does in the majority of his screentime. I’m so very torn now between shipping him with Choco or Yurika. I guess they’re going to be the big love triangle now that Ayano is gone (because I see very little room for her to come back.) Next week’s episode will be about Yurika and Kakeru, so hopefully any development (be it positive or negative) will help me come to a decision as to which I like better. In any case, it should be totally cute to watch.

That's an interesting outfit to sell yakisoba in Very content with the role of girlfriend Maybe Yurika did want to go to the festival They're surrised but I'm not because this show is so predictable Kakeru just gets cuter and cuter Begin the chibi love triangle :D Time for a drinking contest Everyone enjoys the fireworks Yurika's maid was right. She really did want to go.

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