I’ll be using the spelling Ryuk for now, because apparently it’s more correct.

-The other shinigami (none which are as ugly as Ryuk) notice the fact that Ryuk has been missing and decide that its because a human found his Death Note first. There’s also the possibility that he had two Death Notes.
-Light turns down Ryuk’s offer. If he’s going to be a god, he would want a longer life, not a shorter one. Ryuk is disappointed by this and says that he just wanted to give Light the option, but Light counters with the fact that if that were his only reason, then he would’ve offered the shinigami eye right away.
-Ryuk sees Light as a fine shinigami already, so Light believes he’s working harder than most real shinigami. He also states that he’s working for the sake of the humans.
-It’s revealed that the Death Note isn’t capable of killing the victim in any way. Three cases proved that if you put an impossible cause of death than it won’t work.
-Light has a plan to catch the man who’s following him. Part of it involves inviting a girl named Yuri on a date. She’s very excited at the idea of going to Spaceland with Light.
-The man who’s following Light wants to write him off as a suspect, since he seems to just be a normal kid going on a date. Still, he follows him onto the bus.
-A failed bank robber gets on the bus and tries to rob Spaceland over the phone
-Light shows Yuri a note, describing his plan to stop the robber. The man following Light reads it and tells him it’s a bad idea. He’ll handle it instead. Light que3stions whether he’s another hijacker, so the man shows off his ID. He’s an FBI agent named Raye Penber. Now Light knows his name.
-Light intentionally drops the paper and the robber picks it up. Since he doesn’t see anything important, he gives it back. However, since the page came from the Death Note, he’s able to see Ryuk. He’s horrified (rightfully) and tries to shoot him, but his bullets are all stopped until he runs out.
-The robber escapes but gets hit by a car. Everything went according to Light’s plan.

I have no clue while I wrote the entry in bullets. I made no attempt to shorten it or anything, so it’s not like I did much less work. I guess I just get bored of doing straight out summaries all the time. That was a very cool episode though. Light’s plan was so intricate and complex. It’s no wonder he’s such an advanced student. It just impresses me that anyone can come up with something like that. Though, I do wonder if he really counted on that guy showing him his ID. That seemed like more luck than skill. Light does consider himself a god though, so he probably did expect it. I wonder if things will go so smoothly for him every time he goes after someone. Maybe this wasn’t as great a strategy as it seemed though, because Raye was planning to write him off. Light could’ve been done being a suspect entirely, but since he’s going to pursue this further, L is likely to suspect him as the one responsible for Raye’s inevitable death. Also, I really liked the scene where the robber was shooting at Ryuk. It was cool to see all the bullets just bounce back. Ryuk could be a very deadly foe. Since he’s not on Light’s side, I fear for him. Seeing Light is cool and all (so I can’t really complain) but I’d love to see other characters get a spotlight too. L is still a mysterious figure who I have little opinion on since he hasn’t done much at all. I hope he gets more development soon. I’d also like to see Misa, since she seems cool.

This guy's giving Ryuk some competition for ugliness You can neer have enough Light caps Yuri's kind of cute. Too bad she's just a part of Light's games He's going to die very soon

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Ryuk is the official Spelling of the name, used be the author ^^
I think you’re right, at this point of the story Light gets carried away by his plans and therefore makes himself more suspicious … maybe its his pride and ego that pushes him to act against Raye instead of simply waiting till he doesn’t suspect him any longer oO;
And Misa … isn’t cool at all, at least I think so xD But at least she’s beautiful =)

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