A preview of this weeks episode: Just your typical beach episode, with a touch of magic and plenty of angst. Also, the animation quality is back to normal, which isn’t spectacular but it’s better than last week.

Actually a pretty enjoyable episode.

Asa da yo! Riko pretends to be Nayuki’s alarm clock in order to wake up Haruhiko, She eventually does and they begin an angst filled morning. Riko acts as if everythings fine, but frm her facial expressions, she’s clearly not.I didn’t take any screenshots of this scene because I had enough already. But let’s take a break from the angst. It’s time to go to the beach. Everyone shows off there swimsuits. We then witness an unnecessary zoom in on Yukarin’s tits. I had to just make this one a link, because it may be NSFW. I questioned at first how they got the kendo girl Rinka to come, because as far as I remember she wasn’t in there group of friends. Then I realized which show I was watching. Yukarin probably worked that out.

Another new character appears. I didn’t catch her name, so hopefully they’ll say it again next week. She’s the typical yuri girl, very clingy to Yukarin. She and Haruhiko don’t make the best first impression. It’s time for Chisa intervention #1.

Everyone has fun at the beach. There’s something very wrong with that thing Rinka and the Yuri Girl are doing though. Surprisingly, Riko and Kirino are together and both look happy. The tension isn’t over though. During a game of volleyball, Haruhiko hits the ball to Riko and she watches it drop in front of her. Kirino knows what’s up and has a brief flashback. I’ve noticed I’m doing a poor job at making fun of this episode so far, but there’s not much of to pick on besides Yuri Girl. It’s actually a pretty solid angst fest with a good mix of happy scenes to build up tension… and I do love my angst.

Now it’s time for “Today’s Main Event!” The Watermelon Crush. Riko is singled out to go first, but she dosn’t want to so Kirino is recruited. She goes up to bat and misses. It’s not because she was blindfolded but because the watermelon was actually a moving target. Rinka tries next and is able to hit all the targets. There’s even some flying watermelons this time.

Here we have my most favorite scene. (including the follow up, which actually takes place after an unnecessary flashback.) All the watermelons are broken and it’s time for everyone to eat. Haruhiko gives Riko some watermelon. Kirino puts some salt on Haruhiko’s watermelon for him. Unfortunately, the cap fall off and it’s doused. Now wait a minute! I’m not a big watermelon eater, but I’ve never heard of putting salt on a watermelon. Is that what people actually do or is it just another crazy thing abut this show?

The unnecessary flashback: Haruhiko shows Riko the rainbow. They talk about how they want to be together forever. Well don’t worry about it. Aside from all those years of separation, you can count of being together by the end of this show. If you were doomed to separation, then there would not be another flashback to your happy childhood every episode.

Now for a folllow up to the funny scene. Kirino returns with the watermelon, salt free. Problem is, she washed it off in the ocean so it’s still salty. Poor Haruhiko. I might as well say poor Kirino too, because she looks very distressed over her failure.

Time to go on a walk in the dark. Scenarios like this seems to be used in a lot of beach episodes. Everyone draws straws… oh no wait! They draw high tech glowing sticks to see who they’re partnered with. Haruhiko gets red. Chisa and Yukarin draw green. Much to Yuri Girl’s delight, she and Rinka draw yelloe. Now it’s time for the moment of truth. The tension builds. Kirino and Riko finally draw. As expected, Riko gets the red one. Kirino gets blue.

Looks like the pervert had quite an extravagant plan. He even went as far as rigging the sticks. It fails though, thanks to Chisa intervention #2. Monsters are released everywhere, causing peril on the beach.

Riko is dragged away from Haruhiko by a tentacle beast Rinka fights some of the monsters off with Yuri Girl cheerng her on. Chisa is pleased with herself and flies off, but Kirno is left frightened.

Lucky Kirno is saved by a freak accident. Haruhiko trips over a root and frops his flashlight, with hits the head of the vicious kappa attacking Kirino and destroys it. She jumps on top of him in her fear. Meanwhile, Riko and the pervert split up to find Kirino and Haruhiko. You know Riko’s going to find them.

*gasp* Riko found them. Seeing Kirino together with Haruhiko is oh so tragic. She cries over this, next to the ocean to add dramatic backdrop. Sweet angst!

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Heh, not a bad episode. I’ve heard people compare Kirino with Kotori, but I don’t recall her ever being quite so… ditzy. Washing a watermelon in the sea…? I lol’d.

Either way, I do see some possibly interesting love triangle stuff, and while there’s probably only a 20% chance of Kirino coming out on top, at least she still stands a better chance than Kotori.

Comment by wererat42 10.29.06 @ 9:31 pm

a little salt absorbs the water in the melon and makes it, illogically, sweeter.

Comment by Eleutheria 12.04.06 @ 10:22 pm

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