The episode begins with Haruhi saying that a wand is every magic user’s partner and each is unique. Sumomo shows Takamine a poster, advertising for an event on the subject of Tama-chans. Takamine decides to teach everyone how to prepare a Tama-chan. She starts by giving everyone some of clay, which they shape into a Tama-chan. After using some magic, they come to life. Each one has a different attitude, but Anri’s is a bad one and turns red, so Takamine has to destroy it. Takamine goes on to talk about how she has a lot of Tama-chans, since making them is her specialty. She’s kind of like a pioneer of Tama-chans. The group decides to have a party for her. One Tama-chan seems particularly sad for some reason. That night, Haruhi remembers back to when she made her wand. She was told about how important it was and that she had to put her heart into it while making it. She used a trumpet. Her wand cheers her up before she goes to sleep. Anri thinks of how she made her wand out of a feather pen. They seem to have a close relationship too. It even doesn’t get too angry when Anri tries to eat it. While Takamine sleeps, her Tama-chan gets depressed thinking about the Tama-chan that blew up and after looking at the poster decides to leave. She knows she’s being a little selfish in doing so. Takamine obviously can’t find her the next morning, so she tells the others this. They decide to help her look. While Tama-chan is off on her own, she’s spotted by a white-haired girl. Meanwhile, everyone splits up to go searching. Yuma and Haruhi pass a poster like the one from earlier and Yuma gets an idea of where Tama-chan could be. They do find her and she’s rather upset. I didn’t catch everything she said but this has something to do with her being jealous of Takamine’s first Tama-chan. Anyway, she says that she’s not going to return home until Takamine tells her to. They then hear an announcement about the actual presentation on how to make a Tama-chan. The three go to watch it but it’s done completely wrong by people who are clearly amateurs. The thing they create is a giant black monster. Haruhi remembers that Takamine explained how a good Tama-chan could turn into a bad Tama-chan. Tama-chan tries to stop it and Takamine hears her and comes closer. Takamine lets the Tama-chan know that she remembers it’s number because she remembers all her Tama-chans. (It’s some very high number that my vocabulary can’t comprehend. 9114? Apologies.) Takamine is able to touch Tama-chan’s heart and they fight the bad Tama-chan together. It defeats the other one at the cost of its own life. At the end, Takamine makes a new one.

I’ll have to agree with everyone else watching this and say that this was a highly pointless episode. It was cute, but really unnecessary. It was about one Tama-chan out of 9000+ and she dies at the end, so it’s not like she was going to be a major character. It really surprises me that the Tama-chan is female, due to her voice. They kept referring to it as a she and at the end the main one in the episode said something about all its sisters, so I guess I’ll have to take their word for it. I hope from now on this series keeps developing plot or at least characters. What could’ve been a good episode about Takamine was wasted with this. I wonder if they count this as her development episode or if she’ll get another episode later on. This episode did explain the wands, which I do find interesting, so I guess that counts as a merit for it. I still don’t totally get why the trumpet and feather pen can talk, but I guess it’s just because they’re magic. Well, whatever. Can’t really say much else about this.

Depression is a very common disease in balls of clay I doubt feathers taste very good A mysterious character

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