After talking with Serena, Tokito comes to the realization that while Tea is completely in love with him, it’s only because she thinks he’s Koichi. He wants her to like him as him. He gets excited soon enough, along with the rest of his group, when they find new supplies and food. Bryan attempts to use a computer, but apparently he can’t get through its security. Serena teases him (though it seems more like threatening) about this, since they don’t know the place where they are and what he’s doing might be intolerable. Bryan isn’t afraid and restrains her, asking her just what’s unjust about what he’s doing. Serena tells him something which scares him enough to let go. (I’m not sure what. Someone needs to fansub this, because it’s been a great challenge to translate so far.) Meanwhile, Tea is off with Airi (who dragged Tea along with her.) Airi offers Tea some grapes. While they eat, Airi asks if tea loves Koichi, which she says yes to. Airi goes on to discuss the fact that Misuzu and Tokito were close in their childhood and that Misuzu likes Tokito. Even after Airi finally manages to instill this into Tea’s pea-sized brain, Tea decides this means that she and Misuzu will become good friends. Bryan interrupts there talk, telling Tea that Tokito wants to go n a date with her. Tea is excited and Airi is confused. Tea goes to Tokito and glomps him. Tokito is surprised that Tea actually used his real name. Apparently, he doesn’t know about this date thing either, but decides that Serena must’ve set it up, so he accepts. Tea has some interesting date plans in mind for them. Meanwhile, Airi questions Bryan about this. It turns out that Serena did set it up. As the two walk, they meet with Misuzu and whats-his-name bishounen, who just bought a ton of clothes. While Tea and Tokito commence there date, it turns out that Serena has transformed into Tea and is watching them. However she looks around after changing back as if she’s being watched. She spots a Gardener. The others are all busy reveling in the things they got, but Yousuke seems suspicious of something. Bryan makes the mistake of bringing up the date, which causes Misuzu to rip up the new dress she bought. During the date, Tea sees a lot of people that aren’t really there (including Koichi?) and starts to cry. She says she doesn’t know why she’s crying and wipes her tears away, saying they should continue the date. They decide to go see a movie. Serena is following them again and getting increasingly creepy. While Tokito and Tea watch the movie, which features separated lovers meeting again, Tea is personally touched by it. Meanwhile, Serena is attacked by mutant bugs and fights them. She eventually manages to stop them all by destroying the source they came from or something. However, she gets badly hurt doing so. Tokito and Tea find her and take care of her Serena is touched to have companions who would help her even though they had no reason to.

I think the reason I wrote so much is because nobody is subbing this (Again, they should. It’s confusing for people like me.) and I really think more people should watch it. It’s a cool series. Getting to the point: Serena kakoi yo! This girl made a pretty bad first impression on me admittedly. I thought she was going to be an evil Tea or something. There’s still definitely reasons not to trust her, but she’s turning out to be a very intriguing character. She’s a mild tsundere I guess, with a mostly cold and tough side. I’d love to see some of her nice side though, which seemed to be starting to show at the very end. I think I was fully sold on her character in the scene where she was totally annihilating those bug things. It was amazing how beat up she got, but then she came right back up to beat them. There were other points of interest in this episode besides her. One was Misuzu’s reaction to the date thing. That just gives me more evidence for my Misuzu=Fllay thing. She was so creepy in that scene. There were also some interesting things regarding Tokito and Tea. Tokito’s romantic interest in Tea is becoming increasingly obvious. Now he’s even got to the point where he’s bothered by Tea calling him Koichi all the time. I feel concern for him, because it would kind of suck if the person you liked only liked you because you looked like someone else. Tea is making some progress though. This episode also showed that despite the fact that she’s kind of naïve and has a very one track mind, she’s not a complete brick head and she also has a lot of emotional strength to go with her physical strength. She was able to make herself stop crying really easily and had a very calm reaction to the movie (in comparison to what the typical angst-ridden anime character would have) even though it was close to her actual life. I’m growing respect for her as well. Airi and Bryan were also cool enough in this episode for me to remember there names. No luck yet for Yousuke and the bishounen.

Bryan's a bit suspicious himself The hair-in-face-while-being-psycho impression always looks cool Serena, you've made my good side... and if you do turn out to be more of a tsundere then you're even cooler

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