Fuzzy, Mojo and the Gangreen Gang meet in a bar and discuss their latest defeats at the hands of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Humiliated, they decided to team up against them. Peach detects them, but the PPGZ aren’t really interested in fighting right now. They start to argue, each annoyed at the other for constantly watching sports, reading manga, etc. Ken threatens to take away all their privileges, so they transform and leave unenthusiastically. Pnce they get to the location of the bad guy’s they get into yet another fight and refuse to work together, so are easily defeated. As part two begins, the bad guys celebrate, but then get into a fight themselves over who’s the leader. Mojo convinces them that it’s him, because he came up with the idea. The PPGZ were sent flying to the moon after their defeat earlier. They sit their sulking until Bubbles points out that the Earth looks really pretty from there. They think about their town and want to return, so they make up and fly back to Earth. They prepare to fight the bad guys again, but it’s very easy this time, because they’re fighting yet again over who’s leader. Eventually, they’re stopped and sent to the moon, where they continue their fight.

Despite completely defying the laws of physics, that was one amusing episode. Okay, so the physics part contributed to it being amusing. Not only is it impossible to breathe on the moon, but the PPGZ should’ve burned up while entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The episode was actually quite clichéd and could’ve been painfully boring, but the way it was presented made it funny. First, it was amusing to see the stories that everyone told in the bar. It seems that the girls don’t even have to try anymore. There’s going to have to be some tougher villains soon, because the show isn’t even half way done. Getting back to the point, next was the transformation scene. For once t was done a bit differently. I don’t want to give it away, but it clearly was devoid of all enthusiasm. In all, quite fun. There’s been some lackluster episodes lately (or at least last week’s was pretty painful) so I hope to see more like this in the future. Next week, more inanimate objects! An evil piano attacks. He’s not nearly cute enough though.

An alliance of evil Ken is really in charge Ooh! Tension And then they died from lack of oxygen. The end.

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