Hachisuke discovers a ghost in the school, which he calls his yamato nadesico (that is, the ideal Japanese “perfect girl,” hence the naming of the anime Perfect Girl Evolution. By the way, is that any good?) Anyway, he gets Yuma, Jun, Haruhi and Anri to help him look for her. They eventually find someone, but it turns out to be Takamine. However, they continue the chase. Hachi finds the girl again crying on the stairs, but when he tries to go up to her, he’s thrown down. When the others find Hachisuke, the girl is gone. However, he did manage to get a picture of the ghost. After studying the photo, Haruhi decides that she probably goes to their school. Hachisuke has different ideas though, and starts telling a nonsense story about her. The group continues with there investigation though. Takamine brings a ton of Tama-chans with her to help search. One of them is destroyed by that white-haired girl from last week on the roof. Anri goes ahead after learning of this, but the girl escapes with her wand (an umbrella) first. Anri then uses her magic, but accidentally creates a killer plant, which chases everyone. Meanwhile, Hachisuke finds the ghost again, who’s crying again. She mentions something about her brother. Maybe Hachisuke’s story wasn’t completely off. He asks her her name, which is Kamijo Saya. Saya tells Hachisuke not to get close to her, but he shows off all the crazy seals he’s wearing so that it’s alright. Saya still backs away from him though. Then the giant plant breaks in and grabs Saya. The others hear screaming and make it to the classroom, where Hachisuke is now wrapped in vines as well. The plant quickly takes everyone else. Saya calls out for her brother. On queue, a boy charges in. Using his wand (a sword) he attacks the plant. As it turns out, he is Saya’s brother, Shinya. He clears up what’s been going on. Saya was actually home schooled, but is now going to be joining their school. Oh, and Shinya and Hachisuke become fast enemies.

Well that was cute, as usual. Unlike last week’s episode, it actually had a point. Two new characters were introduced, who easily fit in with the crazy cast there already is. Shinya is significant in that there’s finally a mahou shounen in the cast, unless you count the boy from Haruhi’s past. He’s a pretty funny character too. Saya is cute, though there’s nothing particularly special about her. Hachisuke was really the focus of the episode and while I didn’t care much for him beforehand, I rather like him now. Perverted characters are usually entertaining though. I hope to see him do a bit more in the future, since he’s been a pretty pointless character before this week. The thing with the killer plant was entertaining. There hasn’t been much gratuitous bondage lately (at least in the anime I’m following) but it can be rather funny. Next, I want to learn more about that white-haired girl. We’ve got two mysterious white-haired girls this season (the one here and the one in Mamoru-kun.) That makes two chances for an intriguing enigmatic character. This one has been pretty suspicious so far, so I hope she turns out to be cool. (I’m actually debating whether this person is actually male, just because of “her” voice. With Jun in this series, anything is possible.) Next week, an episode drawn with crayon sketches? That better not be the whole episode, because it could be seriously hard on the eyes.

Saya, the yamato nadesico Very mysterious Shinya is already very cool... and very dangerous

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