Misuzu is upset over Tea and Tokito’s potential relationship. She decides to go see Tokito, but find that he’s asleep in his room. Remembering how when they were children, Tokito used to fall asleep when working, she comments on how Tokito hasn’t changed. Unfortunately for her, Tokito says Tea’s name in his sleep, getting Misuzu very angry. She stays like this all morning and the others notice, clearing seeing what it’s about. Yousuke makes some kind of very sweet coffee and brings some to Misuzu. He doesn’t realize himself just how sweet it is until he tastes it. He tries to cheer her up a little. Meanwhile, Serena’s recovered and is sitting on the roof. Bryan finds her there. It surprises him when Serena states that Balfu?(I have no idea how that Engrish name translates, so that’s what I’m going to call him for now.) is alive. He wants to know where he is. It turns out that this Balfu guy is in space and with the true Koichi. Koichi knows a lot about those with Tea, including the existence of Tokito. He feels bad for Tea, because she’s now with Tokito. Koichi has requested that Balfu be his partner. Later, Tokito and his group continue their travels. Airi wants to ride on Misuzu’s machine. Tokito watches Airi convince Misuzu to take her and afterwards turns around to talk with Tea, but she isn’t there. Misuzu goes on about her situation to Anri and when she mentions Tea, is shocked to see Tea appear from behind her. Misuzu accidentally crashes her mecha. Nobody was badly hurt, but Airi was throws off the machine, so Tea makes sure she’s okay. Misuzu is mad at first, but becomes surprised when Tea states that she wanted to become friends with her. Tea states that it’s because “Koichi” always has good things to say about Misuzu and is a little sad, thinking that “Koichi” loves Misuzu. Misuzu tells Tea that she’s her rival, but Airi disagrees with this. Misuzu talks about her past with Tokito, showing the fact that they’re like siblings. She also specifies that it’s Tokito, not Koichi. While Tea, Misuzu and Airi talk, a laser flies over them. Tea protects the others from it. While Misuzu goes to her robot, she tells Airi to get Tea away. Meanwhile, Bryan, Jin and Yousuke are attacked as well by Gardeners. Tea grabs Anri and jumps up into the trees for safety, while Misuzu stops the attacking Gardener. However, Balfu shows up and calls Tea. Tea will listen to him as long as he promises not to hurt Airi. Tea then throws Anri down to Misuzu. However, Bryan shoots Balfu down. They meet face to face and Balfu is also surprised that Bryan is alive. Meanwhile, Misuzu slaps Tea for what she was going to do. Tea explains her reasoning. Miszu still thinks that Tea was stupid for it, but is actually touched and hugs her and Airi. Bryan and Balfu talk (and I didn’t get a lot of what they said. Sorry.) Before Bryan can get all the information he wants, Balfu leaves, saying they’ll meet again. Some time later, Airi, Tea and Misuzu are eating breakfast together while acting friendly. Tokito is shocked to see this and Jin teases him about it.

I’ve officially decided that this is my favorite fall show. I’m loving Gift, but that’s partially because it’s so ridiculous. This… well it’s ridiculous too but it’s got a pretty entertaining story and more than enough cuteness. One suspicion of mine has been officially confirmed here and that’s the fact that Tokito is not and never was Koichi. The actual Koichi appeared in this episode (he was in the first too, but you couldn’t see his face) and this will certainly make things interesting. He likes Tea as well, so that will probably lead to conflict when he meets Tokito. He already knows of Tokito’s existence and isn’t happy about him. The most surprising thing about this episode is that Tea really did succeed in becoming friends with Misuzu. I doubt that means the tension between them is completely gone, but it will certainly help. It was quite cute to see the two of them and Airi chatting happily at the end and even cuter to see Tokito’s shock over this. The other interesting point this week was the fact that Bryan is friends with Balfu, one of the people on Koichi’s side. That opens up some interesting possibilities. Maybe, Bryan will be a traitor or Balfu might turn out to be an ally. Next week, another big battle.

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Is anyone subbing this show?

Comment by youknowme 11.03.06 @ 8:59 pm

It’s kind of disappointing that no one has so far… Seeing how Hisashi Hirai was the character designer, and shows where he’s done designs are usually kind of popular… :(

Comment by BOZZ 11.03.06 @ 10:47 pm

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