Kikuri starts cutting down Ai’s flowers for fun. Meanwhile, an otaku goes to use the Jigoku Tsuushin, entering the name Yamada Leon, but is unable. The next day, the otaku goes to read an anime magazine at a store, but is beaten and robbed by Leon. Leon continues to show that he’s a creep by luring a hungry dog close to him and then burning his nose with a lighter. He’s being watched by Ai’s associates. Meanwhile, Ai finds out that Kikuri has left hell. Back on Earth, it’s learned that Leon likes a girl named Izumi. However, Izumi is also the love interest of Chikaraya, who also happens to be a total creep. Leon is involved with him, but Chikaraya learns that Leon plans to severe his ties with the gang and get with Izumi. Wanyuudo searches for Kikuri in the meantime, but runs into a lot of disrespectful people on the way. (I’m convinced that this town has one of the highest crime rates in the world.) He eventually finds Kikuri, but she’s in a bit of trouble thanks to even more punks. Wanyuudo beats them up and leaves with Kikuri. He talks to her about how people are doing bad things without considering that they’ll go to hell. However, he notices that Kikuri fell asleep. Later that night, the otaku finally is able to send his request to Ai, while Leon gets beat up by Chikaraya’s gang and warned to stay away from Izumi. Leon overhears the otaku talking about the Jigoku Tsuushin the next day. He says that he didn’t accept because he didn’t want the consequences of going to hell himself. (Well that’s a first!!!) Hearing this, Leon gets the otaku to show him the Jigoku Tsuushin. Leon enters the sunset world and accepts the terms, not believing that hell really exists. Anyway, the next day Chikaraya goes too far, by showing Leon that he has Izumi and is going to have fun with her and tape it. Leon pulls the string. Ai and her associates head out to work. Ren takes out the guy with the camera while Hone-Onna helps Izumi. Chikaraya receives his torture and gets sent to hell. Back on Earth, Leon is being his usual self. He beats up the otaku and his friends. However, while riding his motorcycle, he has to swerve when a dog runs in front of him, then he sees that he’s in the path of a bus and winds up crashing into a sign, leaving him fatally wounded. Before he dies, Kikuri asks him if he knows that there really is a hell. Ai and Wanyuudo discuss how it’s ironic that Leon was sent to hell soon after he sent Chikaraya to hell. Izumi comes by, dumping trash where it doesn’t belong. Wanyuudo points this out to her and she apologizes, picking it up. He’s impressed that maybe there’s some hope.

Cool episode. While to me, the coolest part was when someone actually decided not to take the doll, the main point of interest was that some insight on Wanyuudo was finally given. Admittedly, I found him pretty dull until today. It’s interesting how he’s very concerned over the fact that so many people are doing bad things without considering the consequences. This episode presented an overly extreme case of that, since they were in a city full of gangsters, but I suppose it’s generally true about the world. While there’s a lot of moral people, there’s a lot who really just don’t care. I would go further into my personal opinions on the subject, but I’m afraid they would offend some readers, so I won’t. Plus, atheist-bashing would be very off topic, now wouldn’t it? Even so, this episode did discuss the concept of people having a lack of faith in the existence of heaven and hell, so it’s not that much of a divergence. *sigh* I’m tired. I think I’d best shut up anyway and revel in how unexpectedly awesome this episode was. Next week’s episode will hopefully be awesome as well. If it has enough of Kikuri’s creepiness, I bet it will. She is one weird character, but very interesting.

Kikuri is too creepy, but that's what makes her interesting I like how this guy is completely computer illiterate That's a bit gross Maybe there are some decent people out there

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Well… Kikuri’s cuter when she’s wearing a kimono, one must admit, even if she’s being a TOTAL brat. :P

Still, it’s nice to see an ep where BOTH people go to Hell pretty quickly - it’s a change from the formulaic ‘ippen, shinde miru?’ eps which made the last season something of a chore.

Comment by Haesslich 11.04.06 @ 10:11 pm

I know you didn’t say anything on the topic, but hey, I would just like to state as a matter of record that there are atheists out there who care. Interestingly enough, humans are quite individual, and there are some people who care and some who don’t, and some of either amount of every denomination.

Anyway, it’s depressing for me as an atheist to see the general belief that all of us are god-hating, non-believing amoral denizens of darkness, particularly when there are, of course, religious people (of any denomination) who are amoral or even immoral. So please, keep an open mind.

Comment by Kylara 11.04.06 @ 11:23 pm

@Kylara- I apologize. “Bashing” was too strong a word for me to use. It’s not necessarily that I hate atheists, because I don’t. It’s just that a lot of atheists whom I’ve personally met have bought me nothing but frustration. I’ve met people who use their beliefs as justification that they can do whatever they want, and I very much disagree with that fact. Admittedly, some religions do this as well, which also frustrates me.

There are obviously exceptions to the rule. Possibly very many. You definitely seem like one of them.

Comment by TL-chan 11.05.06 @ 9:15 am

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