The Rider’s head to Fushuwa Port on their journey to Numa. That is, everyone but Sparkle. She fights with Lily for permission to go, but isn’t allowed. Meanwhile, Lumen is getting a bit homesick, thinking about what’s probably going on in Arachna right now. Grasshop plans to ambush them. But perhaps he’s hiding in the grass a bit too well, as they run him over. Once they get to Fushuwa, it’s seen that Dungobeet was following them, and he sends a spy bug back to Mantid’s fortress. Buguese gives commands to Beerain and Aqune about what they should do about this. Mantid isn’t happy with this either. Because the Oracle keys are getting further from him, the pain he suffers from is increasing. At Fushuwa, Hunter was initially impressed by the fact that they have rainbows in the inner world. Magma and Corona show him more impressive things, such as a backwards flowing waterfall. Igneous hurries them along, but they’re stopped by Felton (the mayor of Fushuwa) and other townspeople who have provided a feast for them. While the Spider Riders initially plan to turn down the offer, Lumen is greeted by numerous girls and being Lumen, accepts. After Igneous and Hunter rectify this, Felton shows them a boat that they can use to get to Numa. However, there’s a catch. They have to get permission from its owner. Even hearing their reasoning, Quint, the owner, refuses to give it to them. Hunter suggests that they just use a raft. Lumen tells him that it probably won’t work but Hunter tries anyway. Obviously, the raft breaks pretty quickly. Back in Arachna, Sparkle escapes, using a doll of herself as a decoy. At Fushuwa, the Riders do get to enjoy the celebration, being that they’re stranded for the time. Igneous notices that Hunter isn’t there though. He’s gone to see the ship but is caught by Quint, who’s convinced that Hunter is trying to steal it. Their debate is interrupted when the Insectors send down another Machine-Sector from the sky. Buguese comes with it, hoping to get back the keys. Beerain prevents the others from reaching Hunter. While Hunter attempts to fight the Machine-sector, he also has to try and convince Quint to get to shelter. However, he’s only interested in protecting his ship from both Buguese and Hunter. Aqune comes down to aide Buguese, making the situation worse. Corona gets away from Beerain, deciding to help Hunter. When she gets there, she sees Hunter getting thrown into the water and sucked away by the current. Luckily, the Oracle Keys light up, saving him. Hunter beats the Machine-sector, but is unable to save the boat. Hunter is very upset about this and apologizes to Quint. He accepts and gives to the Spider Riders his new boat. The Spider Riders head out on the ship. In the meantime, both Grasshop and Sparkle attempt to catch up.

Not the greatest episode, but it was a necessary set-up episode for what’s to come. It might’ve been more enjoyable if Quint wasn’t so darned obnoxious. He kind of reminds me of Melissa/Galena, only I didn’t find her as annoying. I thought it was kind of funny though when Quint was completely convinced that Hunter was going to steal his ship, even though Hunter was going on about how he was going to try and protect it. Obviously, Hunter did get through to him eventually, because he gave the Spider Riders a ship in the end. It actually surprised me a bit that Quint forgave Hunter, just because he was so nuts throughout the whole episode. The battle was pretty cool though. The highlight of that scene was when Buguese told the other Riders that they were just in time for Hunter’s funeral. As much as the English dialogue annoys me, there’s usually a few funny lines like that. The animosity that Buguese has for Hunter was quite clear in this episode and I find it so very amusing. It’s jealousy, really. Aqune’s dub voice is growing on me a little. She actually showed emotion this episode. It’s not that I don’t like the voice itself, it’s just that I don’t like her acting. In the scene in which she did show emotion, it was perfect for my Buguese/Aqune fantasies, so all the better. Aww… dub!Buguese was concerned for her. Concerned he should be though, because she sensed that Hunter was alive. There were some other fun things too. I liked the scene where Hunter insisted on making a raft and then had to be fished out of the water. Sparkle’s brief appearances were also cute. Hopefully she’ll catch up to the others soon.

Sparkle really wanted to come I want to go to Buguese's harem/board meeting too! Hunter should've listened Lumen's got a harem running too As usual, Aqune is awesome! Corona goes to help Hunter He's so cute when he's annoyed It's that Oracle power again This guy's a jerk, but I figured I'd cap him anyway And they're off once again

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Awww! You called me awesome! Thank you so very very much! *hugz* This episode was alright…I just wish I had it back when I was making my Buguese AMV….

Comment by Grasshop 11.06.06 @ 4:23 pm

I wish some one on youtube would make episodes 27/28 already.i know it’s not that easy but sometimes i just can’t wait.^_-

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.06.06 @ 5:06 pm

i can’t believe they wouldn’t let sparkle go! she can soooo fight if you ask me!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.06.06 @ 7:01 pm

@Grasshop- You could always make a version 2.

*bb/puppyface- I’ll see if I can get Grasshop to post them.

@Princess Sparkle- I doubt most of the people in Arachna have seen what Sparkle can do and she certainly dosn’t look as strong as she is. At least she left on her own anyway.

Comment by TL-chan 11.07.06 @ 6:16 am

I think this was a good episode but what new challenges will await the Spider Riders on board their ship? Storms, famine-what?!And I agree with bb/puppyface-They really should get some new episode on their!!

Comment by Corona 11.07.06 @ 6:44 pm

thanks tl-chan.
they really need to update on you tube

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.07.06 @ 7:38 pm

i can’t wait to see what will happen to corona and the others. and sparkle… show everyone you can kick-ass!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.07.06 @ 11:00 pm

I hope i can SEE spider riders kick ass.

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.08.06 @ 8:16 pm

i wish i could watch this show. i have a feeling something big is gonna happen! i mean they’re all going, even sparkle! i sence a huge fight coming, involving all spider riders. poor sparkle. i think of her as the forgotten spider rider. anyway, what’s with aqune? all i know is that she is supposed to be a spider rider but is with the invectids, and that her spider is brutus’s sister. what’s with they’re mask? i don’t know if aqune and magma are related or not but if they are, then i have a theory of why aqune is with the invectids. didn’t magma say he got seperated from his sister in a fire? well, maybe aqune is his siter and she got caught in the fire and an invectid saved her and now she feels like she ows them for saving her. or maybe what happened to corona happend to aqune as well, only she was rescued by invectids. i don’t know, but it would explain it. i watched the rest of “corona’s homecoming” and, poor corona… out ther all alone… i wonder how she got seperated from her family. wait a minute! tl-chan, one of you pix shows young aqune wearing the same purple clothes as young corona. i find that very weird. i wish there was a spider riders video game for sp or gamecube or something. one which wiill let you play as any spider rider you wish, including aqune and our little “forgotten spider rider” sparkle.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.08.06 @ 11:21 pm

@bb/puppyface- Well I asked the master. If she dosn’t put them up, maybe I will. Maybe is the key word here, because my video ripping program is very screwed up and sometimes creates huge files. I’d rather not crash my computer in the process.

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Aqune is IMO the most intriguing character in the show. There’s a lot of mystery behind her and I don’t understand all of it myself. I had a suspicion that she was Magma’s sister for a while and from what I’ve read on other places, apparently I’m noy the only one who thinks so. I suppose only time will tell.

The masks create yet another mystery. While they certainly effect the behavior of Aqune and Portia, I’m still not convinced that they’re mind controlling devices. After all, there’s plenty of time when Aqune is at the Invectid base, yet not wearing it. Since she does know that the Spider Riders are out there and that Hunter is trying to save her, she could technically attempt to leave them if she wanted to. She has gone against the Invectids before.

I think you’re probably right, to an extent about Aqune being saved by an Invebtid. I don’t know if it was during the fire, however. Buguese said that he found her in the Forest of Bewilderment, so that could have something to do with it.

That thing with Corona and Aqune in the same clothes is on the 2nd ending theme. While what’s displayed on a series OP nd ED dosn’t necessarily mean canon truth, there’s often good hints to future plot points in them. However, often there’s major teases as well. Still, I think this time something is implied.

A video game would be cool indeed. I’d love SR merchandise. Figures would be especially nice.I’d have to get Buguese and Aqune for myself.

Comment by TL-chan 11.09.06 @ 6:24 am

yeah figures would be cool too. even plush toys! i’d get corona ’cause she’s my favorite and sparkle for my little sister ’cause she’s a sparkle fan. and i’m 100% sure that there will eventually be a spider riders video game, which hopefully will let you play as any character. but for now, i’m sticking with the online spider riders game. it’s cool, but there are some glitches (like saving the cards) and some characters are missing, like hunter, magma, beerain, and mantid. aqune is in it but she doesn’t have portia with her. buguese is in it also and he’s tough to beat, but i have managed to beat him a few times. i was also lucky to have gotten corona’s bow. i’ve gotten igneous’s weapon before but the game couldn’t save it. wonder if i could get sparkle’s weapon? there’s a weapon that looks like it but i don’t think it’s sparkle’s. it’s called the “bug zapper”.

also, if would be great if there was a sight with official spider riders art. if i could find one, i could make some really cool wallpapers. i’m pretty good at that, but not great!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.10.06 @ 12:11 am

it’s don’t have to screw your computer up just for me tl-chan. I would love to see spider riders plush toys!But the creaters aren’t smart enough to extend their line.In the spider riders game i’m only a knight(5361pts).My cards keep eraseing i had 34 cards but now i only have 22.i never had a igneous or sparkle weapon…but i have their sheilds.the ”bug zapper”(i’m pretty shure)is aqune’s weapon.

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.10.06 @ 2:04 pm

gusse what(well to some this dosn’t matter)…youtube just updated and it now has episode 27!^_-

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.11.06 @ 9:13 pm

my cards keep erasing too! i’m a hero and only have 17 cards! you won’t believe how many sparkle/hotarla cards there are. they really , i mean really come in handy when fighting buguese. so if you finished the regular missions, you should go to the inner world and go to the place where you gave corona the medicine earlier. (this will help you beat buguese and and get to the hero level) anyway, go there, walk around the diffrent areas. if you’re low on points, beat all the invectids you see. you’ll eventually see one of these characters/invectids: spined krail, dungobeet, aqune, grasshop, and buguese. beating them will give you a card, sometimes being something powerful, or something weak like the bug zapper. if you see buguese, go back and don’t get near him, or you’ll give yourself a headache trying to beat him. basically you’re looking for these sparkle/hotarla cards: blessing (draw cards), cutie-pie (draw cards), and positive attitude (re-roll dice). i think i may have forgotten one… anyway, you might also get corona’s bow and igneous’s weapon. they will also come in handy because they pack quite a punch and increase you’re defense at the same time. after a while, you should have some of the cards you need. but of course, you have to “use them” properly. here’s a tip: you can drag cards you don’t need to the trash can on the right-hand side! this is useful beacuse it gives you room to use your stronger cards, but i suggest you wait until a strong card comes out to use this. anyway, to beat buguese, you better be packing some shields! and you may come across the blue and yellow manacle cards while looking for the sparkle cards. the blue one increases your defense by 4 and the yellow recovers 5 hp. use the tip i gave you for the yellow one. also, you might get the card “spider web”. cards like it that decreases your opponents attack really come in handy. here’s how to use them: activate them with the dice and then drag it to the trash can. what happens? not only did you reduce your opponent’s attack power for the rest of the battle, but you also increased your own! it’s like you absord your opponent’s power! and here’s how you use the sparkle cards that let you draw more cards: keep moving the card and more cards come out! it’ll stop giving you cards once you drag it to the can, so don’t go overboard. these cards come in handy for any battle, espcially if you have a large deck, which is what you might end up with while looking for these cards. now, to use “positive attitude”… save it for last! ativate as many offensive cards as possible then use “positive attitude”. this will give you more dice to activate your other cards. so, get those cards! if you’re already at the hero level and need cards, just walk back and forth between areas and only fight the one’s i told you earlier that give you cards (except for buguese). once you have the cards, you’re ready fight buguese! just walk back and forth beetween areas and he’ll come out, even if you did beat him already… anyway, you pretty much have to be at the hero level to beat him, or you won’t stand a chance, even with the cards. so be at the hero level. remember, buguese doesn’t use cards, so you can automatically throw away any cards you have that remove your opponent’s cards. and one last thing… don’t let buguese make the first move! you must go first! if he goes first, just click retreat and walk towards him again. you’ll eventually get to go first. and that’s how you beat buguese. so good luck and may arachna power be with you ;)

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.12.06 @ 1:42 pm

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Woah! Nice guide. If I ever get that far, maybe it will come in handy. I could never beat Grasshop. -_-;

Comment by TL-chan 11.12.06 @ 3:41 pm

i have been trying to beat buguese.thanks for the tip!(^_-)…but were can you find sparkle cards?i have positive attitude.right now i’m a crusader with 7591 points…how many points till’ your a hero.also were do you get there weapons?i wander all around(the guard guy says whats that in the mountains?but were are the mountains?is it were buguese is?)looking for somthing serius….(ive been in the inner world for a long while)but can’t find anything!-_-

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.13.06 @ 4:38 pm

yes!….i just got blessing from grasshop!^-^

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.13.06 @ 4:53 pm

thank you so much for the tip!i just beat buguese in one turn from blessing!but he went first…so 2…now i have corona’s bow and arrow!

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.13.06 @ 6:31 pm

ok last one about this…i think….well has anyone got the card intervent ion?it’s weird.but it does 7 points damage.and now…i got CUTIE PIE!9000points…thanks again so much
princess sparkle & corona!

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.13.06 @ 7:02 pm

your welcome! the name “cutie-pie” for the hotarla card is perfect. just let me know if you find a site with official spider riders pictures or one where you can download episode clips. also, if you guys need more help on the game, let me know. most likely i can help you, but it has been a while… you know, if an online spider riders game is this fun, imagine how much fun a game for a game console would be?!

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.14.06 @ 12:06 am

oh yeah, the mountains… i don’t get it either. i think the game needs a major upgrade to fix the card glitch. there are people saying there will be new “merchandise” (weapons really), but nothing. now that i think about it, when i play the game it says “error: upgrade cannot be found on this server. would you like to try again?” or something like that. hope the people who made this game know about it and fix it.

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.14.06 @ 12:11 am

aargh… i forgot to mention the “intervention” card. it’s strong! i’m not sure, but i think it’s ebony and lumen’s face in the backround. that’s what it looks like to me. there are some a few cards that need a closer look to see what it is. like the cards “super size” (i think that’s what it’s called) and “boo!”. it’s actually venus!:)
and a few cards (if you’ve noticed) have image glitches. like the card “poison fang”. when you look at it close-up it’s clearly shadow with glowing fangs. but when you draw it, it’s buguse (and i think he’s sitting on a throne! Tl-chan’s favorite card… i’m just kidding! ;)
weird, huh?

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.14.06 @ 12:26 am

@Princess Sparkle & Corona- Any tips for beating Aqune?

Comment by TL-chan 11.14.06 @ 6:53 am

beating aqune? well, she is tough but the same strategy for buguese can be used on aqune. only this time, cards that remove your opponents cards will come in handy this time because aqune uses weapons (unlike buguese, who doesn’t: probbably ’cause he’s strong enough to fight on his own.)suprisingly, aqune is actually pretty easy to beat once at the hero level. i beat her every single time with ease (hero level…). but then again, she’s not with portia. i bet if she did have portia with her, she’d be tougher. aqune is much easier to beat than buguese. she’s nowhere near as strong as he is (game-wise).

Comment by Princess Sparkle & Corona 11.14.06 @ 11:42 pm

i’v beaten aqune several times without being a weapon is only have to have at least as many heart-thingys.and the right cards.

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.15.06 @ 6:00 pm

Prince Lumen sure seems to just enjoy getting attention from pretty girls. He should really consider getting a girlfriend, like maybe that village girl from episode 7(They never said what her name was). She would probably make a good queen for Arachnia and get Lumen to be more responsible.

Comment by Matt Gross 11.19.06 @ 3:21 pm

i agree…but she would need to be a little outgoing…he crazy for her….she not noticeing…and….she a spider rider…amature type….but powerful.that’s my long and kind of girl that i think would be good for him and the happy im not suposed to be in charge of the show.really really happy!

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.19.06 @ 9:23 pm

@Matt Gross- I’d consider it a possibility, but only if it happened post-series and under certain circumstances. She didn’t seem as attracted to Lumen as he was to her. Also, I doubt that any pairing other than Hunter/Corona has a chance of happening… unfortunately.

Comment by TL-chan 11.20.06 @ 6:40 am

Well, maybe so TL-chan, but still, you never know. I still think that even though that village girl from episode 7 didn’t seem much attracted to Lumen, she might become more attracted to him. But, this is only my opinion.

Comment by Matt Gross 12.18.06 @ 7:39 pm

I think Noia from episode 19, Lumen’s Love, was a pretty good girl, well, she didn’t really say anything (the REAL Noia), but she seemed like a good girl to me.

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 8:31 am

[…] Read my initial summary/impression […]

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