Haruhi sees Saya talking to a girl named Ibuki in the bushes (that white haired girl that we’ve seen in earlier episodes.) She calls to Saya, who runs off along with Ibuki. The next day, the usual group visits Anri’s restaurant. Sumomo is going to introduce a friend to them, who turns out to be Ibuki. Haruhi remembers her as the person she had seen the night before. Ibuki quickly demonstrates her tsundere powers to Jun and Hachisuke. Yuma is surprised to see that she uses magic. Haruhi asks Ibuki about Saya. Ibuki doesn’t know what she means at first, but when Haruhi explains, Ibuki yells at her because it’s not her concern and leaves abruptly. Sumomo goes along. Haruhi and Anri later question Takamine about Ibuki. Apparently, her full name is Ibuki Shikimari and she’s involved in protecting the school or something. Don’t quote me on that. I wasn’t interested enough in this episode to translate every bit of it. Saya overhears Anri and Haruhi discussing this later. She confronts them about this, But is stopped by Shinya, who wants to explain something to her. Later, Sumomo explains to Yuma and their mother about how she wants to become friends with Ibuki. The next day, Everyone comes up with plans to help. Their various attempts fail, so Hachisuke announces his idea. They go out to follow through with it, but some creeps drop ice cream on Ibuki. Sumomo is too afraid to intervene. However, Ibuki gets into an argument with them and violently beats them, returning their ice cream afterwards. Sumomo is depressed, but Takamine helps her with some fortunetelling. This reminds Sumomo of what her mother said at dinner the night before. Sumomo decides that she was going about this the wrong way and cooks for Ibuki. The next day, she presents Ibuki with a bento, but is turned down. She tries making something different, but Ibuki refuses that bento as well. Sumomo makes yet another, but when it comes time for lunch, Ibuki is nowhere to be found. Eventually Sumomo does track her down, but she’s too far away and Ibuki goes into a door. Saya sees this and wants to talk to Sumomo. She asks why Sumomo always tries to give bentos to Ibuki, in which Sumomo replies she wants to be Ibuki’s friend. Saya accepts that answer and tells Sumomo that Ibuki likes tamagoyaki. Sumomo prepares some and offers it to Ibuki, who is surprised. Sumomo adds that it’s from a friend. Ibuki hits it out of Sumomo’s hand and it spills all over the floor. She then proceeds to scold Sumomo. Saya talks to Ibuki about this later, who comes to a realization. She comes back to Sumomo and starts to fix the bento, but after having a flashback regarding her sister, stops and eats it anyway. Their relationship doesn’t really improve from there though.

Considering that this story arc isn’t even over yet, this episode came off as fairly pointless. I don’t know why they’re having a whole story arc featuring Sumomo, because she’s cute but not particularly interesting. Meanwhile, Jun is getting completely ignored, with his roles getting smaller and smaller. The fact that Ibuki is an interesting character was the only thing that saved this from utter stupidity. She’s totally vicious though. I don’t really know if I should call her a tsundere, because she’s so heavily tsuntsun. She does have some hints of deredere, so I hope she develops more. Anyway, this was the first episode that I could say was really passable (there’s been plenty of stupid ones, but they were at least entertaining) so I’ll cut it some slack. As long as this arc doesn’t go any longer then two episodes, I can deal with it (unless it gets totally awesome next week, which I doubt.) Hopefully an arc concerning Jun will come soon, because he makes the show entertaining. So does Anri, but she already got an episode.

What is Haruhi doing out in the middle of the night anyway? Jun, please continue to exist! She's totally insane You fail Sumomo! Maybe next week.

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It’s not takamine they are talking to but the sensei. And it’s Shikimori Ibuki.

Comment by Ga 11.09.06 @ 11:03 pm

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