I’ll try to summarize this as best I can, but I’m afraid I’ll have a post full of errors. The science and techno babble gets rather confusing. As I’ve said many times (as have others) Subtitles please! This is a potentially interesting show, but a confusing as heck one if you’re not skilled in Japanese. Thank you and have a great day.

Basically, Tokito and his group are looking a door in the sky. They’re interrupted when they find that some people are being attacked by Gardeners. Tokito, Tea and Serena save them. These people are scientists of some sort and call themselves a resistance. We also find out that the people in Tokito’s group are Gardener Hunters and are in search of parts. Whether or not they said that before (and I’m betting they did) I don’t remember. Later, we see that Tokito is still unwilling to use the Silver Olynssis to it’s full extent, because he’ll hurt Tea. Tea says that he should. She’s willing to become Koichi’s power because she loves him. They almost kiss, but Misuzu interrupts. The find that she was just talking in her sleep, but when Tokito realizes what almost happened, he backs away. Some time later, the scientists show them something unusual about the Gardeners. Some fragments they’ve collected have actually started growing and becoming plant life. Apparently, over time, bigger parts of the Gardeners could turn to greenery as well. When Bryan hears this, he was reminded of when that guy who’s name I still don’t know how to spell Balfu told him that the Gardeners aren’t an enemy to the Earth. Tokito also learns that one of the scientists knows about Koichi, although not much. The name just sounded familiar to him. Now this is when I get even more confused. I think they were trying to find some way to get to that door in the sky, but for whatever reason they have to go into battle again. Serena confronts Tokito before he gets inside Silver Olynssis. He decides that he will use its full power. They fight off Gardeners fairly easily, but then, another Olynssis appears. Inside this one is Koichi, much to the shock of Tea. However, Tea protects Tokito and gets badly hurt.

The ending simply blew me away. I didn’t expect Koichi to appear this early on. Admittedly, I don’t know the episode count of this, but it doesn’t seem possible that it would be only 13 episodes. Therefore, I’m really quite surprised by this development. It creates so many options. While watching the opening theme in slow motion with Intervideo, I saw some pretty neat things that go by too quickly on a normal viewing. What intrigued me most was the display of potential pairings. One, if I’m not mistaken, was Koichi x Misuzu. Since I noticed that, I’ve been curious as to how it would work out or if it will even occur at all. It’s a very cool concept though. Since it’s blatantly obvious that Tokito will get with Tea, I was wondering about Misuzu. Of course, she has other options. Yousuke seems interested in her as well. I meant to talk about Koichi though, not Misuzu. In that case, he’s a very interesting character so far, but that’s mostly because he opens up so much mystery. He has similar abilities to Tea, being able to more or less become the Olynssis he pilots. I wonder if he has anyone who serves as the fighter. I expect that it could be Balfu. I seriously want to see next week’s episode now.

Almost a kiss Still incredibly interesting to me for some unkown reason Koichi fights Tokito. Didn't expect that. Didn't expect that either.

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