Preview: Breifly, I was overjoyed to see that the stupidity returned. Then they went and made it cool again at the end. Because I’m totally supportive of Kirino, I’m actually happy about the terms this ended on, even though it’s depressing for Riko and any of her supporters. Of course there’s going to be a happy ending for Riko though. *sigh*

We begin with Haruhiko out on a beach. Why is here there, exactly? Well, we find that out later. First, we see that he’s not alone. He sees a woman standing by the water. He gasps, as if he knows her. He then says “Ka-san.” So it’s his mother that he saw. It finally dawned on me that he was a high school boy living alone with a girl, no parents to be seen. After all, that’s the norm in anime.

But wait! What is Riko’s voice doing in this scene? Oh, never mind. It was a dream and Riko was waking Haruhiko up for the morning. She has breakfast ready. Nothing unusual there. Haruhiko actually looks cute in the second picture, and this time it’s not due to poor drawing.

Off to school. Riko excitedly plays with kittens that were randomly in the middle of the road. Then a jeep speeds by and runs them over. Riko dies tragically from the shock. Okay, kidding. Just trying to add some excitement here. Actually, we get a brief Kirino angst-fest. Haruhiko is totally oblivious to her feelings, but Chisa takes notice.

Kirino goes to play her piano later and overhears Riko and Haruhiko talking outside. As she gets depressed, she’s visited by Chisa. Of course, she still dosn’t recognize her. Chisa offers a glowing pink ball to Kirino, similar to the one used while at the beach. She asks Kirino what her desire is. Oh, so that’s what that was. During the beach epiosde I had no clue. I thought it was a random pink ball, but apparently it’s a gift.

Afterwards, Chisa is seen flying above the school, creating a rainbow. Apparently, someone used a gift, or more rather, a nisei gift. Now, I’m not even certain what nisei means. The translation I found says it means “second generation,” but in this particular context, that sounds kind of ridiculous. Whatever it is, it was used and it’s not necessarily a good thing.

This is when I began the random eye-rolling, for the stupidity returns. Of course, the event that occured hear wasn’t as simple as I thought. Here, Haruhiko and Riko spend the day together. They go shopping for CDs (Haruhiko seems to be obsessed with a band called Moon Pistons) and afterwards, Riko asks to go to the sea. Oh gosh, that’s where Haruhiko’s dream took place! Could that be a symbol or something? Maybe so, because instead of seeing Riko, Haruhiko sees his mother. The person does turn back to Riko, but it gets him pretty shocked.

Here we have Kirino, deep in angst. Here we have the nisei gift. What will it do?
“I can’t return to that time,” Kirino tells herself sadly.

It’s morning and guess who Haruhiko sees making him breakfast? That’s right… it’s his mother. By now I’m thinking, what the heck?! Is this going to take a creepy plot twist where we learn that he’s really been in love with his mother all along? Should I drop this faster than a box full of time bombs with only one second left and run as far as I can in the opposite direction? Am I awful at writing my own versions of well known expressions? Don’t run on sentences like the one I recently wrote rock?! Getting to the point, I laughed during this scene when Haruhiko poured coffee on himself and fell off his chair.

And then I laughed again as Haruhiko got beamed by a soccer ball. Both Riko and Edo are worried about him.

Haruhiko visits Tama-nee for help. After seeing some photos, he finds out what his mother looked like as a child. Tama-nee also teases him about how he might be conflicted by with Riko because she’s his sister. (They’re not related though, so what does it matter?)

As Haruhiko stares at the photo, Riko comes in. Haruhiko sees his mother again. TL-chan gags from the utter stupidity. Then she realizes how stupid this episode’s been so far and gets happy.

Kirino has a serious confession to make. She reveals to Haruhiko how she used the nisei gift. Oh no! This is getting gripping again. Oh yes! This is actually what’s been causing Haruhiko’s problems. Edo says that he can fix it if he finds the witch.

So, as expected, Haruhiko runs off in search of the witch, thinking about Riko. He nearly gets hit by a car (not a jeep though. That was going after the kittens.) but of course he dosn’t. Now the only problem here is, how is he going to find Chisa. Because even Edo is completely oblivious to her secret identity and because Haruhiko deserves an award for his obliviousness (is that even a word?), this will be one difficult search.

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I’m not sure about what exactly you consider stupid, but I loved this episode! It’s my favourite so far, and I can’t believe you’re the only blogger I know blogging this show! This show is awesome, and it’s not an average harem since Haruhiko confessed like in episode 4 or something, and he and Riko are practically a couple or something. This is something you usually only see in shoujo anime or manga. Oh and btw, my favourite is definitely Riko-chan!

Comment by Danny 11.15.06 @ 3:35 am

@Danny- I actually enjoy this show more than I’d like to admit. I just feel like pointing out all the more ridiculous things, because I was attempting to follow the thing I did in response to the ridiculous first episode. It’s proving difficult as the show is getting better.

Comment by TL-chan 11.15.06 @ 6:52 am

Are you sure it`s nisei you`ve heard, or is it actually nise (meaning fake)?

Comment by Syock 11.15.06 @ 9:32 am

@Syock- You know, you’re probably right. I make my life more confusing then necessary. ^_^;

Comment by TL-chan 11.15.06 @ 3:21 pm

it ok

Comment by amanda 03.03.09 @ 5:57 pm

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