I’ve been really out of it lately (and the fact that I’ve been busy dispensing out fanfiction hasn’t helped) but I figure I’d better write something to prove (to myself) that I’m not dead. When I only bother to translate a few parts of an episode, I can tell my enthusiasm is really lost. Well, that’s what having depression’s about I guess.

About this actual episode, it was cute. (Big surprise there.) I was actually surprised to find it enjoyable, because while Makoto is so full of awesome, I really never had special interest in Odairi (the girl who does the Neko Nyan Dance on TV). I didn’t even bother to learn her name up until now. Of course, I didn’t expect that she’d get an episode devoted to her either. She’s actually a pretty cool character. I feel bad for the girl though. She’s got to try and disguise herself to avoid crazy fans, but even that doesn’t work. She’s got some tricks of her own though. The funniest part was when she was trying to get away from Choco and Yurika and yelled something to the extent of, “Hey look, it’s Harenchi Punch!” Cute self-reference to the person (or group. I never can tell with weird J-pop names) responsible for singing the OP and ED. I didn’t know that she existed within this show (or that the characters were fans.) Of course, if Harenchi Punch sings the Neko Nyan Dance then I really shouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, I laughed. There were a couple other funny scenes here, including the one where Makoto was telling Odairi not to drink or smoke (while proceeding to do both next to her) and any of Choco’s fangirl moments in regard to Odairi. Next week, a big cat shows up and it looks like Choco wants to keep it for a pet. The preview was funny, so hopefully the episode will be too.

Haruma's expression is actually funnier Sunglasses are the best disguise ever Odairi meets Makoto So apparently, Makoto had no eyes as a child Odairi decides to do the Neko Nyan Dance with Choco

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