Preview: The problem from last week is resolved. Also, Chisa and Yukarin both get some interesting character development. There’s also a bit of creepiness and plenty of dramatic tension. The scooter scene was the best part though. Regardless of how good/bad/ridiculous/purely awesome this show is on any given week, I still felt the urge to take 40+ screencaps.

This week starts right where we left off, with Haruhiko’s search for the witch. He beginis by asking around the school. Some of the people he asks are those three girls from the game, who I still don’t know much about. The blond girl seems to like talking and is still going on after Haruhiko leaves.

Leave it to Edo to locate her. He’s using a radar system on his computer. He also left a motorized swan scooter for Haruhiko to use to chase after the witch. The looks aren’t the only ridiculous thing about this scooter. It actually drives quite fast and can’t be controlled.

Meanwhile, Kirino visits Riko to explain to her what happened. Riko dosn’t blame her for what she did, but that dosn’t mean she’s not upset. There’s plenty of angst here. ^_-

More of the awesome scooter scene. It must be quite powerful, becuase it can drive through water without malfunctioning. Don’t think Haruhiko really wanted a bath though.

The scooter may be water proof, but it’s not indestructible. It’s destroyed thanks to a collision, but the witch has been located. Haruhiko asks how to return the fake gift, but apparently it can’t be done. After providing this bad news, the witch flies off but Haruhiko manages to jump onto her broom. I’m really not surprised, considering he’s displayed his powerful feats before. Anyway, birdie comes to the rescue, but this leads to them both crashing to the ground. Making Chisa’s situation even worse, her identity is revealed.

Backstory time. Chisa explains her past. She apparently had a very close relationship with her mother and this always made her happy. She wanted a way to return this happiness so her mother gave her a gift. Therefore, Chisa now has the power to make fake gifts and give happiness to others. She’s so cute as a kid, IMO.

Too bad she didn’t keep that cuteness now. Ahh! Thankfully, Chisa dosn’t look this psychotic all the time. Just in this one scene. I think that was to create dramatic tension or something, but it just succeeded in freaking me out. The real dramatic tension comes from the fact that she’s opposed to the idea of taking back the fake gift. Haruhiko tries to explain to her that she’s not spreading happiness since he’s obviously not happy.

I’d been wondering if Yukarin was going to get any backstory soon. She dosn’t seem to fit into the main plot at all. Since she’s Chisa’s friend, I guess she got some here. Hopefully Yukarin will get an episode of her own, but for now, this was certainly interesting. She explains to Haruhiko that she dosn’t remember her past. Haruhiko questions why she never looks worried, but she says that she’s happy because of all her friends and the people in her life. She also always has the future to look forward too. This has a bit of an impact on Haruhiko. It also had an impact on me, because now I really want to know why she has no memories and will be really annoyed if she dosn’t get featured in an episode soon.

Back at home, Haruhiko takes some time to analyze his situation. He comes to the conclusion that maybe it’s his fault to an extent. As Riko informs him, she learned about the incident through Kirino. Enter more dramatic tension!

Time for the dramtic tension-filled climax. Everyone gathers together because Haruhiko wants this to end now. The reason why this may’ve been partially his fault is because he admits that he’s always thinking about his mother. However, it’s his sister Riko who’s in front of him now who he wants to see. Therefore, he asks Chisa for a fake gift. His wish is to correct this.

Well, Chisa is about to give Haruhiko a fake gift, but she has to take care of something first. She decides that she has to return the abillity to give fake gifts to her mother, even though it goes against what she originally believed in. Yay, more dramtic tension!

But the dramtic tension earlier on all fails in comparison to this scene. The reason? Awesome looking wind-blowing effects! I love how what started off as potential happiness leads to everyone’s shock. Except me. I’m not shocked that Kirino still wants Haruhiko. However, I’ll pretend to be shocked because the wind-blowing effects looked really cool. *gasp*

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What the hell was Kirino & Rico’s promise to each other way back when? Something like Da Capo SS?

Comment by PassinGass 11.20.06 @ 2:31 am

Didn’treally like all the back and forth throwing of the male lead between Kirino and Rico. Both of them soo want him, yet both refuse to explicitly go for it, until Kirino makes a move, and Rico will get pissed cuz she held back due to their promise… and so on.. all over again.

Comment by helspectre 11.20.06 @ 12:06 pm

@PassinGass- I don’t believe they’ve said what it is yet. I hope to find out soon though.

@helspectre- Yeah, that about sums it up.

Comment by TL-chan 11.20.06 @ 4:46 pm

I think I know what this anime is missing… a catfight!

That was a large part of what made D.C. ~ Da Capo must-see TV in the latter part of the series. I hope things start blowing up soon - hopefully starting Episode 8. Then they can ramp up the drama in the last four episodes… leading to Kirino’s spectacular meltdown, in true Sakura fashion.

Comment by dsong 11.23.06 @ 2:40 am

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