Part one focuses on a chemical z-zapped toy duck that was lost. While chasing a soccer ball, Peach finds him. Later, Peach is surprised to see him again when he goes to get laundry detergent from a closet for the professor. He later gets food for the duck, Puyopuyo but by mistake dripped some detergent on the floor. Puyopuyo liked it and had been eating lots of detergent. Peach and Puyopuyo become friends and go to play on a seesaw, which reminds Puyopuyo of when he and his old owner used to do so. He also seems to like detergent so much because he used to be a bath toy. Eventually, Puyopuyo starts to grow and Peach is unable to keep him hidden. He starts to destroy the city until he’s squeezed between buildings and can spit out all the liquid that he’d ingested, as well as the chemical Z, eventually. This is caught on the news and the boy who owned Puyopuyo finds him and gets him back. The second(and less adorable/interesting) half was about some evil vegetables, that are eventually defeated by the power of French dressing.

I had to write a bit about this due to the cute factor of the first story alone. I didn’t expect an episode devoted to Peach and a duck who likes laundry detergent to be so good. It was actually kind of sad that in the end, Peach had to be separated from his friend, but since he went back to being inanimate, I guess it couldn’t be helped. I want to see Puyopuyo again though! He’s the cutest killer duck ever. The second half was just ridiculous, but the evil vegetables were cute. I think the moral was that you should eat your vegetables because if you don’t they’ll try and kill you. Either way, I think I’ll pass on one of the Mayor’s vegetable shakes. Those look like they could kill you too.

Peach made a discovery Puyopuyo's favorite food The shota may be even cute than the duck At least Peach has other friends Ken doesn't like vegetables and they don't like him either Okay, dressing dosn't taste that good. Poor Ken I like the facial expressions

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I liked this episode… it was sweet that Peach found a friend. Puyopuyo the duckie was too cute. Btw, the stuff that Puyopuyo was eating was not detergent, but onsen (hotspring) essences from famous hotsprings from all over Japan (such as Kusatsu).

As for the second episode, I guess it was an attempt to make Japanese kids eat their veggies… for some reason, they really hate bell peppers (piiman).

Comment by wrex 11.26.06 @ 9:21 pm

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