We start with Ai handing the doll to someone, followed by a boy getting killed in a motorcycle accident. At his funeral, the boy’s mother blames her husband for buying the motorcycle for their son. Their daughter Emi breaks up their argument. Before dinner one night, Emi goes to get her mother, who’s working on her website about her son’s death. That’s a bit obsessive. She goes to give dinner to her father. Later her mother goes out to visit her son’s grave, as has been her nightly routine. Emi goes too. We see afterwards that Emi has the doll in her draw and she’s visited by Ai. She wasn’t the one who had received it earlier though. It was actually her brother. Emi realizes this and questions who her brother wanted to send to hell. The next day, Emi is out with her mother when they’re mobbed by reporters. It’s revealed that the mother also thinks this is the city’s fault because the streets are unsafe. The reporters drill Emi about whether she has the same opinions as her mother. It’s seen that Ren was watching this. Once they’re free, Emi and her mother stop for lunch, but her mother sees a boy whom she’s convinced is her son Tatsuya. Despite Emi correcting her, she runs after the boy, with Emi following. After track practice one day, Emi is followed around by Ren, who’ disguised as a reporter. She refuses to answer any of his questions and threatens to call the police. Then she notices her mother crying on the news. The report is about the Demon’s Curve, which has been responsible for various road accidents. When Emi gets home, she sees that her father is making a kite. This reminds them of the past, when the family was happy and Tatsuya used to fly kites. However, when her mother gets home, she flips out and destroys the kite. She also denies the fact that Tatsuya liked kites. Meanwhile, Ai is drinking nectar from a flower. Kikuri asks her if it tastes good and then grabs it from Ai to try it. She doesn’t like it. Ai gets up and leaves. At Emi’s house, her mother is excited to receive news that the city may be fixing the road. She goes to put it on her website. At the conference, before the announcement about the road, Emi asks her mother about going to a restaurant for dinner as a family. Her mother agrees to this. Unfortunately, the big announcement was just that they’re going to do their usual construction. Needless to say, Emi’s mother is furious. They won’t be going out to dinner either. To make things worse for Emi, she gets into a fight with her drunk father, who’s siding with his wife now. The next day, Emi’s mother is still complaining to the city’s officials. Ren talks to Emi again, saying that she should try her bets to please her mother. However, Emi says that she can’t please her mother. She only thinks about her son. When Emi gets home, she sees pictures of Tatsuya all over her house. She also finds the head of the statue that Tatsuya crashed into. Her mother brings in stacks of money, saying that it came from visitors to her homepage and that she’s going to sue it to write a book about Tatsuya. When her mother starts cuddling the head, Emi goes up to get the doll. Ai gives her the contract. Emi’s parents only seem to be worse when she goes down to serve dinner. She remembers Tatsuya telling her that didn’t like being treated like a doll to his mother before he rode off on the night he died. Emi pulls the string and her mother is sent to hell. On the boat, she realizes that she might be able to see Tatsuya now and is happy. At Emi’s home, it seems that she’s become like her mother, as she serves dinner to photos of her mother and Tatsuya.

Okay, that was such a creepy episode. Emi’s mother was one of the most insane characters ever to exist on this show. She was completely psychotic. The weird thing was though, I couldn’t help but feel bad for her. Obviously, anyone would be upset if their child died in an accident that could’ve been prevented by safer cities. (Although I’m thinking that Tatsuya’s death wasn’t entirely on accident.) However, maybe it wasn’t entirely the city’s fault. If she was such a strong advocate in making the roads safer, I don’t think she would’ve let her son out on them. I have a feeling that somewhere inside, she had this guilt and it led to her insanity. Despite how crazy she was, it was still sad to see her so hurt over Tatsuya’s death. I honestly think that some time in a mental hospital could’ve saved her. However, the rest of the family had issues as well so I don’t think they would’ve been logical enough to send her there. Tatsuya was debatably suicidal. The father was a drunk. Emi seemed to be sensible throughout the episode, but at the very end, it turned out that she was quite a bit like her mother. With her too, I think her insanity at the end could’ve been prevented if only her mother had just gotten mental treatment. If any of that happened, then there’d be no story. This is about crazy people being sent to hell, not people using logic to overcome their problems. Therefore, I guess the writers made the best decision by having the events play out as they did. It was certainly an entertaining episode. Next week, somebody creates a fake Jigoku Tsuushin.

It's times like this when I actually feel bad for that insane woman Creepy Tatsuya dosn't like his mother the way she likes him Emi's become insane too

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