A year after the events of Mai Otome, various Otome, including Arika, are working to destroy a giant meteor. Eventually, they succeed in doing this. However, they weren’t as successful as they believed. Miyu sees something unusual flying with the debris and follows it. Arika is glad that she was able to protect everyone. Later, she wakes up, thinking this was all a dream. After Miss Maria shows her a newspaper, she’s relieved to learn that it was real. Later, she goes out and thinks of what she’s going to tell Nina in a letter. She notices a crowd of angry workers and stops. Meanwhile, Irina is doing an investigation with others including Natsuki and Shizuru. Shizuru decides to continue searching in the next place that Youko indicates so the others can go home. Back at Windbloom, Arika and Mashiro get into an argument over the workers because Arika supports their cause. In the meantime, Shizuru finds a statue of Miyu and is attacked by something. Arika and Mashiro split up for a while Arika goes to help Irina while Mashiro goes to see Mai and Mikoto for lunch. Meanwhile, it comes to the attention of the Otome that Shizuru is missing and a thing that kind of looks like Shizuru is spotted. The real on has been turned into a statue. Mikoto has a vision of the monster, but falls asleep. Mai can’t get her to wake up, but she does get her to kiss her gem so she can transform. Arika and Natsuki reach Mashiro, but Arika and Mashiro immediately stop arguing. Natsuki gets them to stop and Mashiro kisses Arika’s gem to transform her. Both Mai and Arika go off to fight the slave that had been spotted. Meanwhile, Miss Maria transforms when the creature comes to Garderobe. However, the creature does the same to her that it did to Shizuru ad Miyu. Mashiro orders Natuski to return to Garderobe. Arika questions Mashiro’s decision, leading them to fight again. Mashiro’s words cause Arika’s robe to convert to her pink one. Arika is then attacked by the slave, but Mai saves her. Arika isn’t okay though, because she sees various toys that were created of her in her blue robe. Still, Arika teams up with Mai to beat the slave. It’s learned soon after that the creature had stolen Fumi’s diamond robe. Something strange is also occurring in the valley. Arika tries to get Mashiro, but she disappears. Everyone who wasn’t in the area notices something strange in the sky, including Nina.

I have no idea of the coherency of this post. It probably wasn’t the best idea to write in when I’m completely nauseous from the smell of the cooking going on in my kitchen. Ugh, I hate turkey. Love Thanksgiving though, because there’s a lot of good food too. I look forward to eating later. Getting back to the point. I wrote about this despite the fact that I could be watching the parade because I was overwhelmed by the sudden awesomeness that Mai Otome was back. I really enjoyed the show, despite its ridiculousness, so I’m very pleased to be able to watch more. This didn’t disappoint me either. That creature has some pretty powerful abilities. I can’t believe three people have already been turned to stone. I know Mai shows like to go all out with “Killing” the cast, but that was a pretty cool surprise. I wonder how this will all be reverted. Also, I somehow almost forgot about Nina entirely. It threw me off when she appeared at the end. It was cool to see her though. Hopefully she’ll have a bigger part in the next episode.

Arika takes on a meteor I was surprised to see Irina take an important role in this Shizuru's a statue I loved how over-dramtized this scene was Mai and Arika team up Nina had a surprisingly small role

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Comment by mary 11.29.06 @ 11:08 am

@Mary- Very funny, though I doubt anyone will get the in-joke. Very irrelevant too. Reminds me though how I’d love to get eggplant at the plac near Hunter college.

Comment by TL-chan 11.29.06 @ 2:54 pm

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