Preview: Wow. This episode might just convert me to a Riko supporter. It all depends on Kirino’s reaction next week. I do really wonder now what could possibly happen from here. Oh yeah, and ecchi warning just for a couple pictures.

The episode begins with Riko and Haruhiko getting ready for a school trip to Kyoto. They’re both more concerned about what happened the previous day, with Kirino asking Haruhiko to protect her and all. The beginning of this episode was for some reason painfully boring to watch. Maybe because I was too sick yesterday to care, but I rewatched it again this morning and didn’t find it that much more enjoyable.

And the bus ride is still boring. La-di-da~

Okay, things just got a bit more interesting. Not largely, but a bit is better than nothing. While some guys talk to haruhiko about his relationship with Riko, he defends himself by saying that he just sees her as his little sister. Unfortunately for him, Riko overhears this.

Okay, finally this starts getting good. The next scene is like a replay of the previous one, only funnier. This time, some of the people are playing cards while several girls tease Haruhiko and Riko about their relationship. Again, Haruhiko has to defend himself by saying that Riko’s just his little sister, but Riko still is hurt by this.

Okay, this scene was too amusing just because it was completely ridiculous. The girls go to the onsen and that red-haired girl who’s name I still don’t know (sorry) takes out a toy penguin called Pentaro. Pentaro is a unique little toy in that he pokes people’s butts. It turns out she’s got quite a few and not only takes out Nagato-clone but also her friends. It’s a great method to get back at them. Everyone laughs and this combined with the screaming of Pentaro’s victims creates a ruckus.

Some of the boys hear all the noise and try to listen in. Haruhiko tries to stop them, but winds up getting thrown in himself. Of course, various girls throw things at him. Typical, but mildly amusing.

This is when the real drama begins. Haruhiko lets Riko know that he was actually trying to protect her. Riko is still upset though because she assumes he did it just because she’s his sister. Haruhiko tells her that this wasn’t the only reason, making Riko a lot happier.

However, we get a quick break from our main characters to see the adventures of Pedophile-sensei. Apparently, he’s taken pictures of a loli. However, the loli finds his camera and chucks it into the water. That was too random, but funny because I didn’t expect it.

Haruhiko and Riko still happily enjoy their vacation. Not much to say here.

Then we get cuteness as they return to their room. Haruhiko discovers that Riko packed along her stuffed bunny. Riko tells him that she takes it everywhere. Haruhiko had forgotten this, but he gave it to her as a birthday gift once when they were little. I missed the chibi flahbacks. They’re so cute. Riko’s logic is that if she always has the bunny, she’ll never forget him. This scene was immensely cute, but I can not allow myself to be converted so easily. Somebody has to like poor Kirino.

Next up, more drama. Haruhiko comes this close to confessing, but then Yuri-girl just had to show up and interrupt them. Darn her!

Haruhiko gets a message. My Japanese reading is bad, but I got the implication that it was from Kirino. Anyway, After this Haruhiko tells Riko that he’s going soemtwhere and to come with him.

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. The confession. Haruhiko loves Riko. Riko loves Haruhiko. They’ve made up with each other entirely. Now everything’s happy. Of course, there’s stil the factor of Kirino, but I don’t know how that’s going to last 4 episodes. I hope something really cool happens, like maybe Kirino going all psycho Kaede-style. I somehow doubt that will happen though. Anyway, this scene just looked so good. I think I can forgive all the bad animation from the early episodes because this impressed me.

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Though I like this show a lot, I keep thinking of Da Capo… Maybe because of all this pseudo-incest type “plot”…

Comment by Warukyure 11.24.06 @ 12:52 pm

The phone says “Is Kyoto fun?”

Comment by Hinano 11.25.06 @ 10:12 am

the quality is pretty crap this episode but I still loved it ~ i love Riko!

Comment by Danny 12.04.06 @ 2:08 am

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