Tokito and Serena easily fight off the Gardeners. Everyone is surprised to see that he was fighting with Serena rather than Tea. Also, Tokito has gained a lot of support from the members of the resistance. He, Jin and Yuosuke discuss plans about how to find and deal with the sky door with Dara. Meanwhile, Serena begins to regret what happened because she took Tea’s place. She visits Tea and thinks to herself that she doesn’t even understand why she did what she did. Jin and the other pilots come in, surprising Serena. Tokito explains that they were looking for her because she’s their companion. The woman from the resistance who was looking after Tea was asleep, but after hearing them wakes up and informs them that Tea’s doing much better. Now that everyone is gathered, they discuss their plans. Airi is happy to learn that Bryan will be with them. Misuzu comments to Tokito that she’s concerned about the danger he’ll be in. Tokito thanks her but says that he understands this. However, he’ll have assistance from Dara. Serena assures Tokito that he’s strong and Tokito comments something along the lines that it’s because of Serena’s powers. Later, everyone attends a rally of sorts in which Dara speaks and they prepare for battle. Misuzu isn’t there and is instead angsting by Silver Olynssis. Afterwards, Tokito and Serena have a talk. Serena brings up her concerns about taking Tea’s role but Tokito says that he wants to protect Tea and wants to continue fighting with Serena. Serena still thinks he should fight with Tea. Meanwhile, the scientist from the resistance is busy looking up information on Koichi. Soon after, there’s a Gardner attack and Baluf also shows up. Dara’s vehicle is nearly crushed by fallen rocks. He evades, but the road is blocked. Tokito is ready for battle, but doesn’t know where Serena is. In the meantime, Yousuke and Misuzu head out in their machines. Jin is about to follow, but is stopped by Serena. Serena kisses him, but it was just to distract him so she could knock him out. It was actually an attempt to protect him, I think. She then head to Tokito and apologizes for being late. She tells him that until Tea awakens, he’s hers. Then she kisses him again and they go into battle. During the battle, the sounds transmitting through the communication system on Jin’s machine wake him up. He goes out to save Tokito and Serena, who are in a dangerous situation. Taking a blast from Baluf for them, he’s badly hurt. Bryan is furious about what happened and Baluf is surprised about what happened. Serena goes to Jin and sees just how badly hurt he is. Jin is content even though he’s dying. Serena tells him that he’s stupid because what happened earlier wasn’t what he thought. However, Jin dies. Serena cries over this and thanks him for what he did. Tokito is confused by what Serena says. Serena tells him that she came from the future. At that point, Tea wakes up and says Tokito’s name.

I didn’t expect that at all. If there was anyone in this show who I’d slate as destined to be killed off, it would be Serena or Bryan. Jin wasn’t even considered for that. Out of all the major characters, he was the one who was least significant. I guess that’s possibly why he was expandable, but he was just starting to get interesting. Despite being pretty, there wasn’t a lot about him to like yet, but I did hope that I could get more interested in his character as the story went on. Now I guess I can’t. This also makes me wonder how long this series will be. I mean, 26 episodes seems likely, but if they’re killing off major characters already, then maybe it will end at 13. It’s not particularly popular, so I don’t think there’s much demand for this to be a long-running series. Still, there’s still a lot to be covered. Unlike Gift, which seems to be going too fast, this would be going too slowly if it were slated for 13. Therefore, until I can find an actual confirmation of the episode count, I’ll continue to assume that it will have 26 and they’re just trying to pull a Fafner on us. There, they killed off a major character at episode 6. On the subject of the actual episode, it was ugly. The animation was seriously lacking at points. I still enjoyed the story though, which mostly focused on Serena. I’m pretty certain now that she actually does like Tokito, which means that he officially has a new member to his harem. However, now she’s conflicted because of Tea’s relationship with Tokito. She seems to be handling it much better than Misuzu though, who’s gradually reverting back to the state she was in before she became friends with Tea. Next week, Tea is fully recovered, so all kinds of tension can happen.

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Comment by mary 11.29.06 @ 11:05 am

@Mary- Yeah… same to you.
@anyone else- The above’s a bit of an in-joke. If you don’t know, you don’t want to.

Comment by TL-chan 11.29.06 @ 2:56 pm

It seems like Serena really did care about Jin some, if not in the way Jin was hoping for. I wonder how Serena really felt for Jin.

Comment by Matt Gross 02.15.07 @ 10:53 am

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