Hone-Onna is disguised as a teacher called Sone-sensei and is practicing with the swim team. At the school, a teacher called Baba Shouko scolds a student on the team, Nonohara, who refuses to cut her hair. She even threatens to cut the girls hair off himself. The general opinion of the students is that Baba Shouko doesn’t understand them so she hates them. Later, when Nonohara checks her e-mail, she receives a link to the Jigoku Tsuushin. However, the site she accesses looks a bit different. When she puts in Baba Shouko’s name, she gets an error message saying that her grudge isn’t strong enough. Every time she tries to submit the name, this occurs. Ren was watching this with his eye and reports back to the others. In hell, Wanyuudo is helping Hone-Onna apply medical pads to her back to help her recover from all the harsh exercise earlier. Kikuri is making this a difficult task for them. When they hear about the fake Jigoku Tsuushin, Ai is concerned. They find out that the only name entered into this site is Baba Shouko. This means the person who created it is likely from the school. The next day at the school, Hone-Onna discovers that a note has been posted from the “Jigoku Shoujo.” It lists the people who contacted her about sending Baba Shouko to hell. The teachers try to figure out who started this. Kurayami sensei calls in a student named Ikami Wakasa. It was traced that she sent out the e-mails about the Jigoku Tsuushin. Because she’s skilled with computers, she’s a likely suspect. While she tries to defend her position, she’s still suspended. Kurayami-sensei is upset about this. Meanwhile, Baba Shouko tells Hone-Onna that she doesn’t think Ikami was responsible. Later, Ikami gets a call from Kurayami-sensei, saying that Baba Shouko is really the one responsible because she hates the students who go against her. Kurayami urges Ikami to send Baba Shouko to hell. She knows how to get to the real Jigoku Tsuushin. Meanwhile Baba Shouko looks at a photo of herself with her husband and son. Ikami meets Kurayami at the school, who instructs her on how to use the Jigoku Tsuushin. She’s very excited about Baba Shouko being sent to hell. However, Ikami won’t do anything. It turns out that the person was really Ai. Ai calls Kurayami “Manaka Mami.” She had called Ai once in the past, but after learning that she would go to hell was too afraid to pull the string. The person she had wanted to send to hell was Baba Shouko, who was once her teacher. She had blamed Baba Shouko for not being able to go to her high school of choice and for her parents divorce. Therefore, she spread rumors about Baba Shouko, which caused her husband to divorce her. Eventually, Kurayami wound up working at the same school as Baba Shouko and saw that she was still harsh to her students. Therefore, she decided to try and get other students to send Baba Shouko to hell. Baba Shouko then enters the room. She’s aware that Kurayami and Manaka are the same person. She had assumed that when Manaka became a teacher, she had realized that they had to be harsh to the students so that they’re ready for society. It turned out that Manaka only got the job because it was easy. Baba Shouko doesn’t like the idea of sacrificing students, so she enters Manaka’s name on the real Jigoku Tsuushin. Ai hands her the doll and gives her the spiel. Manaka doesn’t know who’s name was enters and demands Baba Shouko to answer. Baba Shouko reveals to her what she did, as well as her reasoning. Ai’s associates all appear and then the string is pulled, sending Manaka/Kurayami to hell. A new teacher, Nihei Kyoko, is bought in as a replacement. She was once a student of Baba Shouko, but has come to follow her philosophies.

That was a very cool episode. It hardly followed the formula at all, despite being yet another filler focused on outside people. If there are more episodes like this in the future, then I will be one happy person. I’m really glad that this season in general has been less predictable than the first. I initially assumed that this episode would be about Nonohara’s grudge, but she turned out to be an unimportant character. I then assumed it would be about Ikami, but she too was used only to further the plot. In the end, it turned out to be all about Manaka/Kurayami and Baba Shouko. Baba Shouko seemed to be an obvious villain but instead turned out to be the one fulfilling a “grudge” this week. That doesn’t necessarily make her a decent person though. I understand that teachers need to be harsh to their students, but threatening to cut off their hair is going a bit too far. I’m glad I don’t attend that school. Manaka was also a very interesting character. It was certainly evil of her to be using the students to fulfill her grudge without having to go to hell. I wonder if she did succeed if she’d still go to hell anyway. Just using the Jigoku Tsuushin isn’t the only way to be sent to hell and being a bad person otherwise, I don’t think she could’ve just avoided being sent to hell because she didn’t pull the string that time in the past. I love a thought provoking episode. More please.

Is Kikuri going to pull her face off? Ai poses as a school girl I figured out that she was evil at about this point And the new generation of crazy teachers is born

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