Hunter wakes up on an island and remembers what had happened previously. He finds Corona, Shadow and Venus unconscious. Conveniently, there’s a frying pan on the ground so he bangs on it to wake them up. They soon find Brutus and Magma, but Magma is stuck in vines, suspended upside down. Mewanwhile, Igneous and Lumen reach Numa. However, they won’t be able to return later because the ship was too damaged. Igneous is concerned about the others, but Lumen is convinced that they’ll catch up soon. He’s then distracted when a girl walks by, whom he immediately hits on. Sparkle, Hotarla and Grasshop are also in Numa and decide to follow Igneous and Lumen. Back with Hunter’s group, they decide to travel through a forest, but Corona is afraid. Aqune and Portia then appear in front of them, ready to fight. However, Aqune’s mask fully breaks and she transforms back. Portia also returns to herself and is happy to see Brutus again. Magma is touched by this. Corona sees Hunter and Aqune together and is rather annoyed (my respect points for her have just gone up 5000 times ^_^.) She thinks that maybe Aqune is just acting. Meanwhile, an old man is watching them and laughs. Corona is even madder to see that Hunter is allowing Aqune to come with them. Magma defends this, saying that if not, Aqune will be taken back by the Insectors (and that’s a problem?) and that Brutus and Portia would be separated. Then Buguese shows up. ^_^. Aqune hides behind Hunter, who transforms along with Corona and Magma. Magma and Brutus do a lot of damage to the Insector soldiers, but then something strange sucks them away. Corona still doesn’t trust Aqune and wants to stop this fight. She and Venus are sucked away as well. Hunter and Buguese clash while Aqune and Portia are sucked away next. Hunter goes in after her. Buguese is shocked and concerned for Aqune. (^_^!!!!!!!!!) Hunter and Aqune have no idea where they are, but are greeted by a woman who offers them food. While they eat, Hunter and Shadow question Aqune on why she’s stih the Isectors. They ask if she’s under a spell but she explains that it’s more complex. She says that she was given power from the Oracle to help others. That means all others. She then gives Hunter back the keys she has. She continues to say that she was with the Insectors for as long as she can remember. She considers them her family., She says she doesn’t remember anything before that, including how she became a Spider Rider. Hunter asks is she’ll return to them and Aqune replies that she’ll do what the Oracle wants. She just hopes that the fighting will end. Hunter wants to return now, but the woman tries to convince him otherwise. She shows him that Magma and Brutus are in this world and are happy. The same applies to Corona and Venus. Corona and Magma also try to convince Hunter to stay and relax. Hunter is told to think of something that makes him happy and appears on a beach with Corona and Aqune in swimsuits. (XD pervert.) Magma is also there, surfing on Brutus. Venus and Portia are getting tans (What?! XDD) Shadow tries to convince them that a battle spider is supposed to fight. The woman next tries to tell Hunter that this is better than fighting. Hunter argues that he doesn’t like fighting, but it’s his duty to help the Numans. The woman is eventually able to persuade Hunter to take off his manacle and give up a life of fighting. He and Shadow decide to stay in the paradise. When he’s about to throw away his manacle though, he and Shadow sense the Oracle’s pain. Hunter refuses to succumb and he and Shadow are returned to the forest. Everyone else is also bought back too. Then, a man appears before them.

Well, I’ve definitely got mixed feelings about this episode. It was a cool concept to have Hunter have to choose between a world of peace and his real life situation. It was obvious that in the end he’d want to return though. He’s a determined person. I mean his favorite quote is “akiramenai de” (never give up.) What pissed me off (and Corona too, much to my amusement) was the large amount of Hunter/Aqune. A long time ago, I shipped that pairing along wih my others, but that was a long time ago. Now I’m strictly Buguese/Aqune and Hunter/Corona. Now, I don’t want to start up any shipping wars, but that’s the fact and I’m stubbornly going to defend it. On the inverse side, this episode did also contain some Hunter/Corona and Buguese/Aqune. For one, there was Corona’s obvious jealousy. For another, there was that awesomeness scene where the Spider Riders got sucked away and Buguese called out Aqune’s name in concern. *melts* Yeah, I’m easily entertained. This episode also confirmed a fact that I was pretty certain of. Aqune helps the Insectors because she feels that she should help everyone and because they’re like a family to her. That’s got to be quite the dysfunctional family, but it’s cute. Okay, I’ll forgive the bits of Hunter/Aqune. I got what I wanted to an extent. Next, that woman in the paradise was so darned creepy. I think she’s the same person as the man who appeared at the end or was at least created by him. If so, what exactly does this guy want? I have a feeling that he was testing the Spider Riders (or Hutner in particular.) Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Brutus got Portia back Corona, I understand your sentiment entirely Aqune and the others get sucked away again Buguese, you saved this scene from icky Hunter/Aqune stuff Some fanservice this week How about some shirtless Magma? Hunter is tested Who could this be?

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When they got sucked away, I thought they would end up in Manhattan.

Comment by mary 11.29.06 @ 11:03 am

@Mary- Nope, though this did partially inspire my crack-fanfic.

Comment by TL-chan 11.29.06 @ 2:55 pm

hunter is getting to be a big pervert! this time i would expect lumen to be that way.

Comment by bb/puppyface 11.29.06 @ 6:13 pm

i have a idea for a hunter/corona amv but i can’t make one…i don’t know how…is anyone interested?since i can’t do one i think i should at least give people ideas.

Comment by bb/puppyface 12.02.06 @ 5:12 pm

i have a idea for a hunter/corona amv but i can’t make one…i don’t know how…is anyone interested?since i can’t do one i think i should at least give people ideas.

Comment by bb/puppyface 12.02.06 @ 5:12 pm

Wow, thats the first time I ever saw Corona and Aqune in swimming suits. They look so sexy in them. I never would have thought that Corona would get so jealous over seeing Hunter with another girl. Seems like she’s starting to develop a crush on Hunter and see Aqune as her rival for Hunter’s feelings. Hunter stuck in the middle of a tug-of-war, that would be pretty funny to some extent!

Comment by Matt Gross 12.18.06 @ 7:47 pm

@Matt Gross- It’s somewhat amusing. I’d probably like it more if I wasn’t too set on the Buguese/Aqune thing. Most people hate the Hunter love triangle thing due to their support of the Hunter/Corona pairing, but I guess I’ve got to be the oddball (not that I don’t like Hunter/Corona too.) And IMO, Corona had a crush on Hunter since episode 3. ^^

Comment by TL-chan 12.18.06 @ 7:54 pm

I sure would have liked to see a screen shot of Corona when she was getting a massage from those two women. She looked so relaxed, so peaceful, like she needed that.

Comment by Matt Gross 02.08.07 @ 8:39 am

@Matt Gross- You mean this? ^_-

Comment by TL-chan 02.09.07 @ 4:24 pm

I’m interesting in this Hunter Love triangle thing…….how does it work?

Comment by Vicky 02.11.07 @ 11:38 am

@Vicky- Corona likes Hunter and is jealous of Aqune (at least at this point. They’re firends now). Aqune may or may not like Hunter in a romantic way. I have no idea who Hunter likes best (probably Corona. I think the main reason he’s so interested in Aqune is because he wants to save her.)

Comment by TL-chan 02.11.07 @ 2:41 pm

yeah, thats what i’ve been thinking ever since episode 34. Now that i know they are sisters, i’d like to see some kinda sisterly fighting. Corona will probably come up to Aqune and tell her to back off or something, wait, no thats not like Corona, she’ll probably kinda ask Aqune but in a way that Aqune wont know she likes Hunter. Aqune will be like, oh, hunter is just my friend (and she’ll be telling the truth). Corona will become the tiger and pounce on her pray..

Comment by Vicky 02.14.07 @ 10:16 am

@Vicky- I was actually thinking of doing some fanart or something of Corona and Aqune fighting over Hunter. (I need practice drawing charatcers other than just Buguese and Aqune.) It would be funny to watch. (Of course, Corona would have to win. ^_-)

Comment by TL-chan 02.14.07 @ 3:32 pm

oh yeah. Aqune i think is a lot older and mature than hunter, so she just thinks of him as a friend, and hunter just wants to stop the invectids having Aqune because she can lead them to the oracle keys. Although, your christmas painting of Aqune and Buguese is nice. Oh yeah, and on youtube while i was seeing the corona/hunter clips i saw your “where Aqune Belongs” The music really matched the presentation and like the words completely explained the whole purpose of it and i really understood aqune better. Nice job.

Comment by Vicky 02.14.07 @ 5:49 pm

@Vicky- Thanks for the compliments.

To me, besides being more mature, Aqune looks at least a few years older than Hunter. I have a hard time beleiving she’s as young as she is. But um… Hunter/Aqune isn’t bad in theory. I’d just rather it not happen under the current circumstances of the series.

Comment by TL-chan 02.14.07 @ 7:30 pm

it is a good theory, like it makes sense and everything, i dont mind, its just Corona/Hunter seams more natural and plus, it was a feeling i had ever since i saw the first episode. Is it just me, or does Aqune have overlarged earings, they practicly go to her waist.

Comment by Vicky 02.15.07 @ 5:10 pm

I do not get it. The ship didn’t look damaged in the end of episode 30 and this episode. Can someone tell me how the ship is damaged.

Comment by mayabelle 07.03.07 @ 8:54 pm

I thought Corona was so cold toward Aqune in the first half of the episode. The way she was when Aqune woke up in Hunter’s arms and the way she was during the battle. She acted as if they should leave Aqune behind. But the mask is what controls Aqune to do bad things, not herself. Besides, Aqune is very honorable, sweet, kind, pure, and a good person. They shouldn’t leave her behind. I think Aqune is a more likeable person than Corona. I believe in situations like this, Corona could be so cold-hearted, maybe even more than Buguese since he cares for Aqune.

Comment by mayabelle 07.03.07 @ 9:04 pm

I forgot to say this. I believe that Corona really has feelings for Hunter because of the way she frowned when he picked up Aqune from the ground. That shows that she might be jealous of Aqune. She should not be. Aqune is more likeable, but Hunter has been with Corona more in the series than Aqune. Hunter has even showed signs that he might like Corona.

Comment by mayabelle 07.03.07 @ 9:09 pm

@mayabelle- I won’t deny that Corona was definitely acting mean here. She had a right to be upset, but maybe not to go so far. I think it was done more for the sake of humor though. Personally, I found Corona really funny in this episode, and typical of an anime heroine when they’re feeling challeneged over love. Especially after seeing the Japanese version, I think that comedy was definitely the intention here.

I don’t think the ship was damaged too badly, really. From skimming through episode 30 right now, it actually looked like it was in good condition, except for maybe the part where Sparkle and Grasshop crashed.

Comment by TL-chan 07.04.07 @ 9:27 am

I know I make Corona sound evil when I said she is possibly more cold than Buguese when it comes to Aqune. But I say this because it is Aqune who brings out Buguese’s emotional side. Buguese showed a lot of concern for Aqune in this episode when she, Hunter, Magma, and Corona get sucked into paradise. In several episodes before this, he did seem to show signs of caring for Aqune and her welfare. That shows that he does indeed love Aqune as a daughter. He doesn’t just see her as a tool for himself and Mantid. Corona did say it was foolish to save Aqune, even though she was only controlled by the mask. Corona was obviously thinking they should leave her, but Buguese tried to get her back. Because of this, he obviously would never think of leaving Aqune behind. Because of his concern for Aqune, I think Corona is more uncaring toward her. That is my opinion about Corona.

Comment by mayabelle 07.21.07 @ 11:28 pm

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