This isn’t exactly a nomral post, though I will mention that this was a really good episode. It was done well, was a bit different than usual and was funny. As an added bonus, Mojo was for the most part not annoying.

The point of my entry is this. I must ask the world, why is it that Him is such a popular character? Because really, I don’t get it. Is it because he’s a gay, Satan look-alike? (Though he dosn’t look as satanic in this version with the green skin.) While I personally don’t see the appeal in that, I guess that would make someone interesting. Whatever the case, I still find Him just as creepy as the original version. I’ll stick with the ramen monster, thank you.

Is this the torture Ken show or something? Him drained away their power Mojo also get's tortured, but that I don't mind Here's you gay Satan-lookalike, people.

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I liked this episode too. I like how Mojo actually waited in line to buy the takoyaki (though he did steal one from Buttercup), and later teamed up (inadvertantly) with the girls to defeat the mummy monster. I didn’t realize “Him” was “Him” as the Japanese title said “kare”… I thought it was some kind of “Curry” monster, haha. ^_^;; And because he was inside like a coffin, I thought maybe it was some powerful vampire or something. I think the Japanese version looks more like a clown, btw.

As for why “Him” is so popular, I have no idea… my guess is it’s because he’s so powerful. You need powerful villains to challenge the heroes.

Comment by wrex 11.28.06 @ 6:04 pm

wrex is right. Him/Kare’s popularity is due to the fact that he’s the most powerful/twisted villain in the entire OPPG series — at least that’s what Craig McCracken had planned originally. Hopefully the same will be true for his Japanese counterpart.

Comment by pKjd 11.28.06 @ 11:17 pm

OMG! It’s HIM!!!!! I love HIM and he was always one of my favourite villains of the PPG series. *hugglez* Thanx for capping HIM. *squeeeeeee*

*goes up and reads the actual recap* Oh….I guess I’m just one of those stupid fangurls who actually like HIM and think he’s rather handsome….well excuuuuuse me -_-

Comment by Grasshop 12.04.06 @ 2:35 pm

@Grasshop- I never said Him’s fangirls were stupid. I just said I though he was creepy. Feel free to continue liking him.

Comment by TL-chan 12.04.06 @ 2:42 pm

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