-Haruhi and Jun dress as neko-mimi meido
-Haruhi wants to go to a dance party with Yuma.
-Haruhi has a dream involving the boy from her past attacking Yuma
-Ibuki attacks Haruhi, who’s saved by Anri
-Yuma sends Haruhi a message, saying he won’t dance with her at the dance party.
-Saya questions whatever exactly Ibuki’s up to, which gets her really mad
-Ibuki makes Haruhi’s dream a reality, sort of, since she’s the one who attacks Yuma
-Yuma uses his magic to save himself, but accidentally hurts Sumomo

Uh… wow. I was thinking to myself earlier today about this show’s lack of plot, but this episode just blew me away. Hopefully, I’ll have a better summary later on, but for now, I don’t want to mess this up with too many errors. Ibuki really hates Haruhi. I never trusted her, but I didn’t expect her to be so psycho, especially after the whole thing with Sumomo trying to be friends with her. It was really cool to watch though. I actually really enjoyed the action in this episode. I was quite certain that Yuma could use magic, but I didn’t expect it to be nearly so powerful. I also really enjoyed the scene with Haruhi, Anri and Ibuki on the rooftop. Despite Anri’s rivalry with Haruhi, it shows that she’s still a really good friend to her. I really enjoy Anri’s character. She’s an amusing tsundere, but she’s also a respectable person. As for my other favorite character, Jun got a little bit of screentime this week, but didn’t get to do nearly enough. He makes a very convincing maid though. There was also some development on Haruhi and Yuma’s romance. I’m not sure if I should consider it positive development, but it’s better than nothing. My main concern now is to find out just what happened to Sumomo. I’m pretty sure she’s alive and just badly hurt, but on the preview it looked like she was turning into a ghost or something. Well, I’ll have to figure out what this means next week.

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its to pretty
i like it!!!
youre the best

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