As Serena stated last week, she’s from the future. She explains to Tokito that Jin was destined to die so this is just the proper history. Tokito is angered by her talk and slaps her. Serena tells Tokito to believe in himself. He is himself, but Koichi isn’t fake. She also asks him not to forget her before running off, hurt. She thinks about how she loved Tokito as she leaves. Tokito is upset to watch her go. He decides to take Jin back to everyone. Before leaving, Tea reaches him. Tokito is surprised that she calls him by his real name. Meanwhile, a holographic projection of Koichi appears. Misuzu and knows that it isn’t Tokito, but the resistance believes otherwise. However, the person soon announces himself as Koichi Aizawa. He makes an announcement Didn’t catch most of it (which is why this show needs to be subbed. One of many reasons) but I think it was threatening. Afterwards, he’s actually concerned about what he said, because of Tea. The resistance members try to shoot missiles at him, but since it’s just a hologram, it does nothing. Misuzu thinks that Koichi is scary. After Tokito is reunited with his group and the rest of the resistance they’re all shocked to learn of Jin’s death. Jin is given a proper burial. However, afterwards Dara and the resistance seemingly turn on them. They’ve found that Tokito’s last name is Aizawa, which is the same as Koichi’s. Because they know that Koichi was once with Tea, they assume that she’s a threat, as well as Tokito. Tea reveals that she’s now regained her memories. Also, she’s not a human and in fact was an enemy. Tea, they think, was sent down by Koichi, but this was also because she wanted to meet the humans. When Dara also goes after Tokito, Misuzu defends him, saying that she knew him since childhood and knows that he’s himself. Tea agrees that this is the truth and that this doesn’t concern Tokito. She says that Tokito was probably Koichi’s idea. Tea allows the resistance to take her. Tokito tries to go after her, but Dara stops him. However, he also gives him a hint to get her back later. After this, Misuzu is very concerned. She goes into Tokito’s room, thinking of their past, and decides that they should go and save Tea together. However, she finds that his bed is empty and is deeply upset. Tokito has left on his own. He uses Dara’s advice to take a key from a drunk guard and gets to Tea. Fully understanding that Koichi and Tokito are different now, Tea is conflicted. Tokito asks her why she protected him from Koichi. She said that it was only because he was kind to her, so she wanted to fight with him. Tokito talls her that he’s here now and that they should leave together. They hug before escaping. They head out in the Silver Olynssis. Misuzu watches them and cries.

First, the animation quality went up from last week’s ugliness, but this was quite an important episode. I knew that Tea was unnatural, but I was surprised to learn that she isn’t human. I wonder if that means Serena isn’t human either, since they have similar abilities. I also didn’t expect the situation involving Tea this week to be resolved so fast. It worked out well though, because it created even more angst for poor Misuzu. I felt so bad for her, because while she had to accept the fact that Tokito loves Tea, she at least could hold on to the opportunity to go together with Tokito to rescue Tea. When she saw that Tokito had already left without her, that was just devastating for her. The insert song playing during this scene added to the tension. I think it’s time she moves on. How about getting with Koichi? The preview makes me think that’s a possibility. While I’ve been in love with the idea for that pairing ever since the alterations for the OP showed up, now I can say it might have a chance of happening. It’s going to be difficult to wait until next week.

Yep, Jin's confirmed dead now Tokito dosn't want to hear about destny Serena still loves Tokito Muwahaha! World domination! Misuzu defends Tokito... but still gets screwed afterwards This scene was cute... though I have a hard time being happy for Tokito and Tea with Misuzu still so sad.

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Thank you so much for blogging this, i was just watching a random episode of it raw, and I’ve only done beginners japanese so i was totally lost, so your explanation helped loads! I do hope someone subs this so i can watch the whole thing ^_^ I quite like the female character design and some of the music works well too. Stupid people shooting a hologram though *oops*.

Comment by Hazel 12.15.06 @ 10:35 am

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