Preview: The silliness is almost non-existent, due to Kirino finally awakening her inner-Kaede. Come on, you know this was the moment you’ve been waiting for. ^_-

Right where we left off last time, Riko and Haruhiko have finally confessed to each other. As a viewer, I personally want to think everything’s happy. Of course, we’re then treated to Kirino’s famous piano song. I’m beginning to wonder if she knows how to play anything else. However, she stops mid-song to look at the rainbow. Nope, everything’s not happy.

One brief comedy scene for this episode. Actually, there’s another later on, but it’s even briefer. Edo also wins the prize for being the only character other than Haruhiko, Riko and Kirino to show up in this episode. His tanuki thing is certainly interesting. I don’t get it and I don’t want to. Haruhiko and Riko seem to have a similar reaction.

This was a bit surprising. Once Haruhiko and Riko return, they find Kirino waiting for them. Haruhiko bought a souvenir for Kirino, but tells her that he can’t give her protection. He’s in love with Riko and she loves him as well. Kirino is upset, but rather than doing anything to stop this. She simply congratulates them and tells them that it’s fine. Riko wonders afterwards if everything really is fine.

Obviously, Kirino was lying. She’s certainly not fine, as she breaks down and cries as soon as she gets home.

On the flipside, Haruhiko assures Riko once again that this is okay. Well, we’ll have to see about that.

Finally, it’s psycho Kirino. She’s got one of those telephones made out of cups and speaks into it. “Hello.” She then puts it up to her ear and gets no response. She repeats this several times. It’s both creepy and incredibly awesome. Definitely reminiscent of the famous psycho Kaede thing, though not nearly as insane.

The other comedy scene. The next morning, Riko gives Haruhiko an indirect kiss. He looks like he’s being tortured though. Really, it’s because he didn’t want to get up.

Time for a direct kiss and more romance stuff. Haruhiko and Riko watch the rainbow together, remembering how they used to like doing so when they were children. Because they both love the other, they decide that they’ll give each other the gift.

Meanwhile, Kirino plays the piano again while having flashbacks. Darn, she’s cute in chibi form. This scene, totally reminded me of this week’s episode of Gin-iro no Olynssis. Kirino might be better comparable to Misuzu than Kaede, because they both have a childhood friend whom they love so much, but is being snatched away by a pink-haired girl. Neither one of them is taking it very well either. (Edit: Althugh come to think of it, Tea’s hair is purple. However, she’s the identical twin of a pink-haired girl from another series.)

Kirino goes to visit Haruhiko. When any character has either of these two expressions, it’s never a good sign.

Then Riko comes in. Kirino yells at her for breaking their promise. She wasn’t supposed to give the gift to Haruhiko. Haruhiko has no idea about their promise.

Another flashback scene. Kirino and Riko have each found out that the other likes Haruhiko. As Riko points out though, they can’t both be Haruhiko’s lover. Kirino suggests that they become rivals. She’s not satisfied enough though and they make their promise.

Back in present time, Kirino is really mad. Riko tries to explain to her that bakc then, she didn’t love Haruhiko the way she does now. Kirino is still angry though, because Riko stole her dream. She always wanted to become Haruhiko’s sister, because then he would protect her. She leaves in fury, stating that she’s not going to give up and that she’s going to get another gift. Pretty scary threat. After seeing the preview, it’s been confirmed that she’s going to follow through with it too. Poor Riko gets to suffer next. Kirino was totally cool in this episode though. I love it when a character snaps. It makes for really fun angst. She’s become quite an interesting villain for this series. I really don’t know who to root for.

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Yeah! Psycho-Kirino FTW! Now looking forward to SEED-mode Kirino with dual-wielding boxcutters…

Comment by PassinGass 12.01.06 @ 7:41 pm

idd, screw Riko, Psycho Kirino ftw.
Probably more psycho Kaede-style angst and jealousy in ep 10, as well as Kirino’s ‘Gift’ which looks interesting.
Certainly one of the better shows this Fall.

Comment by Ravage 12.03.06 @ 11:18 am

OMG this show deserves a much larger budget than it currently has since the quality is pretty low, yet it’s so…good!

Comment by Danny 12.04.06 @ 5:57 am

Wow, it Da Capo all over again. Crappy at first and awesomely dramatic later. Can I download this series anywehere?

Comment by Chris 12.04.06 @ 6:31 pm

@Chris- Since the series is by Media Factory, it can’t be listed on Anime Suki, but it’s being subbed anyway.

Comment by TL-chan 12.05.06 @ 6:15 am

That’s one powerful “gift” propelled by hate in the preview.

Comment by Eleutheria 12.07.06 @ 4:00 am

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