-Fillia enters the cat’s body to stay in Mai and Saki’s world. Now the cat can talk
-All the bad guys are bought back, but Dorodoron and Karehaan do the fighting this time
-Thanks to the powers of Fillia, Mupu and Fupu, Michiru and Kaoru are finally back!!! Technically, they were seen last week, but they were just sleeping underwater in Dark Fall, hence they didn’t get to do anything.
-Michiru and Kaoru have got to be super strong. They’re able to remove Gooyan’s symbol from Karehaan, allowing Mai and Saki to beat him. Dorodoron escapes, much to Karehaan’s annoyance. ^_^

I totally loved this episode, despite the awful video quality of the raw I got. Next week should be better though, because I’ve been waiting so very impatiently for Kaoru and Minori to be reunited. Their interactions amuse me highly.

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I dunno what this show is, but that plant-like person up top is super kawaii!!!! *glomps n snuggles*

Comment by Grasshop 12.04.06 @ 2:38 pm

Hi! At first thanks a lot for your blog and sorry about my english, Im from Spain ^^
I just watched ep 42 , do you think that michiru , kaoru , saki & mai will henshin together and we will have cure bloom , cure egret , cure windy and cure bright at the same time?
I really would like to see it ^^

Comment by Windragon 12.08.06 @ 5:13 am

@Grasshop- He’s already died twice, so good luck with that.

@Windragon- That would be neat to see. Out of curiosity, did your nickname come from Legendz? If so, awesome!

Comment by TL-chan 12.08.06 @ 4:20 pm

yes ^^

Comment by Windragon 12.10.06 @ 3:25 am

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