Haruma dreams of his past, when he prayed to have a little sister but got the news that this wasn’t happening. It turns out that he fell asleep in the cafeteria and when he wakes up, Tamami asks him what’s wrong. Once Haruma gets rid of her, he questions why he was remembering this. He also realizes that he forgot something at home. Meanwhile, Choco is dusting when she gets a call. Haruma wants her to deliver a book to him. He’s also acting a bit weird, wanting to hear her voice and to see her face-to-face. Choco goes off with the book. She catches a train and is able to complete her errand. Afterwards, Haruma invites her to stay for lunch. They run into Tamami, who happened to be at the mal with a friend. They bought maid uniforms for cosplay. The friend, Kosumi, thinks Choco is cute and want her to csoplay for their maid cafe. Tamami explains to Choco what a maid does and she decides to do it. Choco tells Kakeru and Yurika of this later. Obviously, Kakeru gets embarrassed over the thought of Choco in a maid uniform. (Actually, his reaction this time is fairly creepy.) When Haruma gets home, he’s shocked to see Choco wearing only an apron. She says that it’s maid practice. After getting in trouble for this, she changes to regular clothes and a pair of neko-mimi. She gives Haruma a menu and then delivers him his dinner. She also starts calling him master. It turns out that Makoto had something to do with this, especially the involvement of alcoholic beverage to drink. Some time later, Makoto and Chitose are at one of Odairi’s concerts. She announces that she’s going to sing a song from her new album, but a man in the audience insists that she perform the Neko Nyan Dance. He leads most of the audience into a protest, except for Makoto and Chitose who are worried about her. Odairi goes off stage for a minute and comes back in her Neko Nyan Dance costume, Finally, it’s time for Choco’s maid debut. She hands out real menus to Makoto and Chitose. However, due to the size of Chitose’s boobs, Kosumi recruits her to be a maid as well. Chitose is unsure, but Makoto thinks that it would be interesting. Kosumi then decides to recruit Makoto as well. It looks like she’s playing the role of tsundere meido. XD Chitose is doing a poor job, dropping everything. To her surprise, the customers are actually happy with this. While Choco works, she’s being checked out by a pervert. Chitose is having her own pervert problems, but is saved by Yurika’s maid. She scares that guy, but attracts fans to herself. Meanwhile, after a business meeting, a redish-haired woman decides to get some lunch. Haruma, who’s current job is holding up a sign at the festival, gets a call from her. Her name is Aki and she’s his older sister. She invites him to go have lunch with her. Haruma really has no choice but to accept, So he goes to meet her. Back at the café, Choco goes to serve Kakeru, who is obviously quite flustered over this, especially the being called “master” part. Aki takes Haruma back to the festival, thinking of how reminiscent things are. Haruma worries about the fact that she doesn’t know about Choco, but since she’s still busy working as a maid, this will be alright. However, Choco is on a break and shows up there. She calls “Onii-chan.” When Aki questions this, Haruma has to say that Choco isn’t his little sister, which shocks Choco. He then quickly leaves with Aki to go see a performance, as an attempt to divert her attention. He whispers to Choco that he’s sorry before leaving. However, Choco is left to stand there in shock. Meanwhile, Yurika gets freaked out over a haunted house. After calming down, she notices Choco and sees that she’s depressed. Choco thinks to herself that if she’s not Onii-chan’s imouto then she doesn’t exist. Yurika chases after Choco, asking where she’s going. However, Choco vanishes, leaving only her maid outfit.

I am so impressed by this episode right now. I may have to re-watch it later, but first, I’ll get an entry up on it. I had a lot of fear that this series would pull some dull, clichéd ending, but that does not look like the case now. I had told myself earlier today that the series as a whole, despite being silly and fanservicy, has been anything but generic and that I should just trust it to do something cool a an ending. I’m glad I did, because the ending of this episode just really surprised me, even more so than the episode about Kuro did. When Aki appeared I was like, who is this woman that they’re introducing in the third-to-last episode? She has got to be someone important. When I heard that she was Haruma’s sister, then I knew for sure that she’d be very key for the ending. It really amazed me that Haruma would deny in front of Choco that she was his imouto. Sure, it would be difficult to explain the story of how Choco came to be, especially to someone within his own family. However, that’s a better option than emotionally hurting someone who adores him so much. I find it quite interesting that if Choco isn’t Haruma’s imouto then that makes her non-existent. She was bought to this world for that purpose though, so I guess if she’s done fulfilling it, then she really would have no usage. It’s just a pretty harsh thing. Obviously, Haruma didn’t know this, otherwise he wouldn’t have denied the truth. It looks like next week he’ll have to deal with the guilt over this. I wonder how he’ll get Choco back. Maybe, because she originally came on Christmas, he’ll get her as a Christmas wish again this year. I wonder though, is it really Christmas time in this show? Considering how fast time’s been going in it, I see that as a possibility. Would Santa want to send him Choco again if he failed the first time though?

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I think the Keanu Reeves thing fits here as a response: “Whoa.”

While I’m not happy to see her just go ‘poof’… it makes things REAL interesting, especially since this type of angst isn’t what I was expecting, and it does underline the somewhat… odd… nature of everything that’s happened to date, including her anchoko. I just hope this doesn’t mean we’re moving into Siscon territory.

Comment by Haesslich 12.06.06 @ 10:29 pm

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