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Yousuke and Airi find that Misuzu has left. However, they’re stopped by the Resistance, who are just as hostile as last week. Yousuke tries to assert the fact that they’re actually Hunters, not a part of the resistance. Fortunately, they’re swiftly saved by Bryan and escape. Meanwhile, Misuzu notices a ship crash near her and recognizes it from a past battle. She investigates it and sees that there’s no pilot. Balfu appears behind her and takes her hostage. Balfu asks her what she’s doing alone and if she’s Tea’s companion. Misuzu gets angry at this acquisition, saying that Tea stole Tokito from her and so she’ll never forgive her. Balfu explains to her that someone who was once a friend of his betrayed him. It bought a pain to his heart. He informs Misuzu that he’d like to use her as a substitute for his partner. The both of them want revenge on a former friend. Misuzu thinks of Tea being with Tokito and agrees to help him. At that point, Yousuke, Airi and Bryan find Misuzu. Yousuke is desperate to find her. Misuzu tells Balfu that they should hurry and leave, but seems to be somewhat resentful about it. To make their escape, Balfu fires a missile at the Hunters. They’re saved by Serena. In the meantime, Tea and Tokito reach what’s known as the terrestrial gate, which leads to the sky door. Tokito is determined to get there, because they both need to meet Koichi. Tea explains something to Tokito. From what I got out of it, it involved politics and the relationship between Earth and the moon. (Time for my weekly, This Needs Subs public service announcement.) They see Balfu’s ship fly past them and Tea uses her powers to listen in. She’s shocked to learn that Misuzu is in the ship, but is determined to get her back. They head toward Silver Olynssis. Back with Yousuke, he’s very concerned over Misuzu. Serena tells the Hunters that they should head to the sky door. Airi asks Serena what she’s going to do and she replies that she’s going to remain herself in the present. Tokito and Tea, on their way to find Misuzu and Koichi, fight off a large amount of Gardeners. Tea is hurt, but not enough that she can’t continue. She and Tokito make it to the terrestrial gate. As they travel through it, they kiss. On the way up, they’re faced with more Gardeners to fight. Misuzu and Balfu make it into space. When they reach Koichi, Balfu introduces Misuzu to him. Koichi wants Misuzu to become his power for Gold Olynssis. Koichi also declares himself to be Tokito. Knowing that he’s lying, Misuzu denies it. Koichi tells her that for the time, he can be her Tokito. He then hugs her. Misuzu is angry at first, but then starts to cry, touched that he can be her Tokito. She then allows him to embrace her again. Koichi tells Balfu that their partnership has ended and transports himself and Misuzu into Gold Olynssis. Meanwhile, Tokito and Tea get into space, but are faced with even more opposition.

Before I get into my coherent thought, I only have one thing to say: Kyaaaa! If anyone other than me is a Koichi x Misuzu fan (which I doubt) then you understand my bliss right now, If not, then your sane and probably don’t care. Likewise, they’re not exactly a pairing after this, but did get a quality hug scene, which was enough to please me. Actually, Misuzu has just decided to accept him as “her Tokito” for the time, until she gets the real one. Koichi is going to use her as his partner to pilot the Gold Olynssis. Now, I’m pretty surprised that this is possible. I assumed that Tea and Serena could become the power of the Olynssis (I wonder if it has a plural. I’m seriously over analyzing) because of their pendant things, but I guess it works with anyone. Afterall, Balfu would’ve done it for Koichi. However, he’s been replaced. I feel a bit bad for him. He was pretty pissed off at that. Other cool things in this episode include Misuzu joining the bad side. I don’t think she intends to stay with Koichi permanently, but she does want to get rid of Tea. Psycho Misuzu rules. Kind of ironic that Tea wants to save her. So does Yousuke, whom I definitely feel bad for. He really liked Misuzu. Obviously, I don’t like the idea of a Yousuke x Misuzu ship much, so I’m actually kind of hoping he fails. I know, I’m so evil sometimes. Getting away from the topics of shipping, I think I’ve fallen for Koichi. He may look just like Tokito, but he’s just hotter. Plus, he has a cape. I like men in capes.

Her face is getting squished Bound together by their desire for vengenace Love the effort, but there's no way you can have Misuzu Their partnership was pretty cool, but short lived Aww... now he's angsting I had to cap Serena for the sake of it. No significane to this picture Glad Misuzu wasn't around to see this... Or this, and I sware this cell was copied directly from Gundam Seed. Dump Tokito. I'm a hot clone with a cape. Come on Misuzu, you know you want him. Yes I took this cap last week, but now there's no text on it. Angst is healthy Finally, what I've been waiting for What?! Don't take away my other hot gay lover! More squishing of Misuzu, but this time it's sexier Uh-oh, he's mad Meh, Silver Olynssis looks cooler Next up, Silver vs. Gold

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