Preview: Kirino sends Riko on the ultimate guilt trip, and displays more awesome expressions. Oh yes, cut for lots of images, though everyone knows that by now.

Let’s begin. Riko’s obviously not in a great condition after what happened last week. Makes sense. I don’t think I’d be happy if an old friend went psycho and wanted to be me to have my non-related brother/true love. She winds up burning breakfast and nearly passing out, breaking an egg on the floor.

So anyway, Riko’s as good as sick. Haruhiko’s taking care of her for the moment.

Now it’s time for Riko to have a dream. The fact that this scene was a dream surprised me, considering it was shown on the preview and promised interesting things. Well anyway, I’m pleased with what actually did happen, but I still think the rainbow turning dark looks really cool, so I kind of wish it happened.

This was my favorite scene and not just for Kirino’s expressions. Basically, when Riko wakes up she goes to talk with Kirino. Of course, this was a bad idea. As we see, Kirino’s still holding on to her imaginary phone (maybe she’s trying to be Shinn Asuka.) She’s also thrown out the present that Haruhiko and Riko bought home for her. Kirino asks Riko whether she’s come to give back the gift. Obviously she didn’t. Kirino expected this. In her most awesome evil, she makes Riko apologize a large number of times and then makes her return the gift. Even then, Kirino dosn’t act any less cruel, actually having Riko confirm if she’s not going to lie again. So, what are the consequences of this?

While out, Haruhiko has a flashback. Chibi Kirino is still really cute. Anyway, Kirino made Haruhiko promise that he won’t tell anyone about their “phone line,” even Riko. It can be a secret just between the two of them.

Once he gets back home, we can now see the consequences. Riko actually denies the fact that Haruhiko is her brother (and my immediate thought was reverse Chokotto Sister.)She didn’t mean to do this and knowing that something is happening to her, she desperately tells Haruhiko to go talk with Kirino.

Yeah! Now I have a new favorite Kirino expression. As Kirino tells Haruhiko, after the rain they used to look at the rainbow together. Uh… no, that was Riko whom he did that with. Haruhiko knows that too and points it out. Kirino cheerfully reveals that now she can be Haruhiko’s little sister. She used her gift. She knows all of Riko’s memories.

And later, Riko is distressed to learn that she’s forgetting her own memories. She’s doing house work, even though she was once told that she didn’t have to because she’s family. Haruhiko is mad now, so it’s time to go see Kirino again.

So, time for the latest chibi flashback. In brief, after Riko left, Haruhiko was depressed. He didn’t want to go see Kirino perform and in his anger at the moment, he broke the “phone line.” Kirino had always wanted to be his sister after that point, most likely because of Haruhiko’s ultimate concern over Riko instead of her.

And so, Riko and Kirino are both depressed in the present day while Haruhiko is feeling very guilty. Nice cliffhanger. If the purpose of this episode was to be depressing, they succeeded with flying colors.

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