Ken starts going to school and is told by Momoko that the most important thing about school is making a friend and spending time with them. It’s not that he needs the education, but he failed on the friendship thing the first time. After that, he’s determined to make a friend. Among his classmates are Momoko’s sentai-obsessed sister Kiriko and this other boy whose name I didn’t catch,(Joe or something) who immediately takes a disliking to Ken. Ken doesn’t like him either and they quickly become rivals. However, he gets most of the class to like him after building a high-tech toy car. Meanwhile, Mojo steals a trophy and starts wreaking havoc on the soccer field at the school. The PPGZ prepare to fight him, but Ken, Kiriko and the other boy (who became friends with Ken after they helped each other) handle Mojo by giving him the classic riddle of what walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and 3 in the evening. Mojo, after contemplating, realizes that the answer must be him. He’s got a good point, but obviously it’s a human, who crawls as a baby, walks when they’re older and eventually needs a cane for support. So in the end, evil loses and Ken has friends.

That was hysterical. I can’t believe I put off watching this episode. As the possibly only Ken fangirl, I obviously liked all of Ken’s screentime, but even the other things were just highly amusing. Kiriko is essentially just a younger Momoko. It was funny when she tried to fight Mojo as the pink member of the Kiriko five. (Where, may I ask, were the other four?) It obviously didn’t work, but it was a good attempt. It was nice to see different characters win for once. Sure, I like the PPGZ, but this is a highly repetitive show. Variety is always welcome. I also liked the scene where Ken explained how he built the toy car. That’s probably how it would’ve sounded to me even if they left all the actual words in. I guess that’s one way to impress people though. They were probably all intimidated by Ken’s superior intellect. The funniest part was Mojo’s answer to the quiz show. It actually would’ve worked as an answer. XD Next time, more inanimate objects. I’m guessing they got power from Him again like the ones from last week.

That's a lot of food The future of super heros? Ken's quiz show I actually liked Mojo for once this week

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Yeah, I liked this show too… I like when they get into exploring different characters rather than the monster of the week battles. I agree, Mojo’s answer was pretty clever and could’ve been viewed as being correct.

Comment by wrex 12.10.06 @ 6:01 pm

btw, where’s PPGZ 23? I thought the kabuki episode was good too, especially when the boy was making bad jokes.

Comment by wrex 12.10.06 @ 6:03 pm

@wrex- 23 was quite amusing, actually. The beetle episode reminded me of every bad tournament-fighting shounen anime I ever watched and the Kabuki thing was also funny. Basically, I’m just only writing about episodes when I feel like it. I don’t have a ton of free time, so if I do things that way, it puts less pressure on me to get everything done. Don’t get me wrong, I have fun doing this blog, I just can’t write about every episode.

Comment by TL-chan 12.11.06 @ 4:48 pm

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