Haruma dreams about various events in the past, including his wish. He wakes up the next morning and makes breakfast for himself, not thinking that Choco was anything more than a dream. Meanwhile, Kakeru is styling his hair while his three sisters wait impatiently to get into the bathroom. They start teasing him about his love life. It seems he doesn’t remember Choco either. Yurika is being driven to school, but has her driver stop for a moment by the bathroom where she and Choco met. Then she moves on, being anther victim of lost memory. Chitose hangs up laundry and decides to go shopping afterwards. She goes inside to get Choco but stops herself, confused by who this was. At school, Haruma looks at pictures from the event from last week’s episode. None have Choco in them. He gets sad, and has a flashback of his mother giving him the bad news about his sister. He realizes that something’s wrong, but Tamami and her cosplay-loving friend aren’t being at all helpful. After having another flashback of his mother, Haruma begins to wonder if it was really a dream. While Chitose shops, the people working at a fish market are surprised to see that she’s alone. She states that she’s always alone and the people realize that that’s true, wondering why they thought otherwise. Meanwhile, Yurika tells her school nurse that her heart aches. The nurse suggests that maybe it’s because of love. Yurika denies this. Kakeru is still very confused and spaces out in school, only to get hit in the head by a piece of chalk. Later, he sees Yurika sitting on a bench and asks her what she’s doing. She says that she doesn’t know. When asked the same question, Kakeru replies that he’s practicing soccer, since he did have a ball in his hand. Yurika is surprised by this. She kicks the ball away from him. In the meantime, Odairi gets home, exhausted after a day of work. She puts in a tape of the neko nyan dance, which turns out to be the one Choco’s group did. However, Choco herself is erased from it. When Haruma returns home, he sees Yasuoka going out. He needs to get cigarettes from the convenience store. Seeing his scarf gives Haruma a flashback of Choco. While thinking about who the girl he saw was, he again flashes back to his mother. When Makoto comes into the room, he tells her that he really wanted a sister, but his mother couldn’t have one. Makoto doesn’t really get what he’s saying, but offers him a stuffed penguin that she had with her. Haruma asks what it’s for. He falls asleep soon after, but then he wakes up, he questions again what’s missing. Under one of his school books, he sees Choco’s journal. All the pages are blank, but the tear-stain remains, along with the note he left on that page. He’s shocked to see that it was signed “Onii-chan.” Haruma then remembers his wish and how he got Choco. Chitose hears him scream and asks what’s wrong. Haruma asks her if she knows where Choco is. Chitose thinks he’s talking about chocolate, but Haruma replies that it’s his imouto. Chitose is confused, but then remembers who Choco is. Haruma has already left by this point and next asks Master about Choco, but he doesn’t remember her, so it doesn’t help. He’s also unsuccessful when questioning the pre-school kids that Choco was friends with and the fish salespeople. Haruma comes to the realization that everyone’s forgotten Choco. He goes to the mall, having the staff broadcast an announcement looking for Choco. Eventually, he screams into the microphone himself, but Choco isn’t there to answer. Haruma sits in the playground, in the tube where he once sat with Choco and blames himself for what happened. Haruma desperately starts to pray. Chitose soon shows up. She tells Haruma that Choco is in his room like always. He rushes home and there he finds Choco cooking, as if nothing ever happened. He joyously hugs her. Everyone else’s memories of Choco return to them. That night, Haruma lets Choco sleep in his bed when she asks.

Yay! The series more or less ended here, despite the fact that there will be one more wrap-up episode, and it was a very cute, happy ending. If this was the ending, I’d probably be dissatisfied, because there are indeed still things that need to be covered. That’s not to say I disliked this episode though. I thought it was great. It was so full of drama, some of which was painful to watch, such as everyone forgetting about Choco and Haruma’s realization that Choco was really gone and it was all because of him. I’m glad that it wasn’t all that difficult for Choco to return again. Basically all it took was for Haruma to realize why Choco disappeared and his prayers. A little faith saving the day can be corny, but here it was sweet and did the job. This series has just been a joy to watch throughout. It’s served as both an entertaining comedy and a touching drama. Most shows who try to do both just aren’t able to pull it off. I’m really glad I decided to follow this series, despite having little clue what it was going to be like. Now I hope the finale next week doesn’t totally ruin it for me. As I stated, there’s still a few things I’d like to be covered in the wrap-up and there should be no plot next week to get in their way.

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Okay, so it was a happy ending. I’m just a little dissatisfied with that - although, on the other hand, I can’t be unhappy at seeing Choko back there. But at least she really DID vanish, if only for a while, just so we could see how things were different without her.

Still, I was hoping she’d stay gone a bit longer, if not just vanish, to give him some time ro realize what he’d screwed up… and to live with the memories. I’m a bit of a bastard that way.

Comment by Haesslich 12.12.06 @ 8:01 pm

… I’m getting the feeling that you and I are the only ones who even care about the show or manga anymore.

Which is quite sad, given the quality of the stuff that’s currently out there; there’s a lot of less-than-stellar stuff, and even though the anime’s not the best, there’s worse stuff out there being subbed and blogged upon by many, many others.

Comment by Haesslich 12.13.06 @ 10:48 pm

@Haesslich- There’s probably some others who like it, they just aren’t vocal about it. I have really strange taste, but usually anything that I find to be quality has a miniscule fanbase.

Oh, and I kind of wish it took longer for Choco to return too. I was very surprised to see her back already. Dramatic tension should be dragged out for a while. Not too long though, because then it just gets tedious.

Comment by TL-chan 12.15.06 @ 4:00 pm

Indeed. Or at least leave only HINTS she may be back, and leave the rest for an OVA or something. I mean, leaving it with everyone but Haruma forgetting her would’ve been the road less travelled, as it were. That’s not always a bad thing, having a bitter or bittersweet ending. Tsukihime, for example, despite its many pacing problems, was a bit more memorable for me because I knew it wasn’t going to be the typical ‘happy’ harem ending. F/SN managed to follow the same ‘not so happy ending’ route… although they screwed up the delivery even worse than they did Tsukihime’s.

My main thought here is this - we finally get a sister-centered series which isn’t siscon at all. Yes, it gets rather suggestive with how she has NO sense of physical self-consciousness (which means she gets into outrageous situations), but you don’t see a hint of siscon here. He’s got other women he’s interested in, and she has Kakeru chasing her. It’s not at all like say… Canvas 2, Da Capo, or some other series where there’s that ‘forbidden love’ aspect which gets indulged in.

Comment by Haesslich 12.15.06 @ 10:40 pm

I like it too. I’ve been here to pipe in with a comment every once in a while. Personaly, I’m waiting for the dvd version since I hated the police tape.

Comment by VeryInky 12.19.06 @ 11:00 am

There are those of us who ran across the show by accident…Its been ohh soo hard finding summaries of this show ive been at it for 3 months now…and just finding this^-^ the shows great but i have a special need for romance genre shows with out the hentia(of course)soo if ya would like to help i would be happy^-^!

Comment by Khiri-chan 01.22.07 @ 10:20 pm

I love this show, I know I’m a bit late watching it but it’s still as touching as ever. While they were showing how everyone forgot about his sister, I found myself going over every one of my friends, family, even pets that aren’t with me anymore, making sure I hadn’t accidentally did the same. I felt really really sad for him while he was crying under the toy-dome/slide. I’m a big brother and so i know what it’s like.

When I was younger and my little brother use to make me really really angry I’d say hurtful things like ” I wish you never existed” Wow how powerful it is to see how that would play itself out truely. I’m glad those wishes were never granted.

BTW OMFG is that dance addictive…
1st time seeing it I thought “omfg it’s retarded”
Second time “so cute”
third time ~Lick left paw… I could do that~
forth time ~you tube videos of real ppl doing dance~
fifth time ~tries a few steps~
sixth time “thought of how cool it would be to add hiphop into it, the urban cat meow!”

Then I remembered the dance looks retarded and stopped^_^!

Comment by Tc2r 04.07.08 @ 8:48 am

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