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In actuality, Misuzu becomes the pilot of Gold Olynssis. She wonders where Tokito is, not wanting to be alone. Koichi tells her that to get Tokito back, she’ll have to defeat Silver Olynssis. After thinking it through, she decides to do so. The incredibly powerful Gold Olynssis, which is using the suns power (or something like that) targets Balfu first and shoots him down. Meanwhile, Tokito and Tea are surrounded by people who believe that they’re serving the enemy. Tokito is unable to convince them otherwise and they’re attacked by an entire fleet of ships. However, Koichi and Misuzu show up and begin to annihilate them. Tokito intervenes by smashing into Gold Olynssis. Tea asks Koichi why he’s doing this, because a lot of people will die. He used to be a kind person. Also, Tokito and Tea realize that Koichi isn’t the only person in the machine. Of coruse, they learn soon that it’s Misuzu and the extent of her hate for Tea. When asked why she’s with Koichi, Misuzu replies that the person she’s with is Tokito… her Tokito. While trying to dodge Misuzu’s attacks, Tokito tries to tell her that he’s Tokito. Misuzu and Koichi both argue that Koichi is the real Tokito. Misuzu continues attacking violently, wanting Tea, whom she can’t forgive, to die. She succeeds in badly hurting Tea and Silver Olynssis crashes down onto the moon. Back on Earth, Dara and the resistance head toward the sky door. He stops when he sees Serena standing alone, to question her. Serena declares that she can’t let the resistance get to the sky door. She has to allow the Hunters to get through safely and to protect them, she’s going to fight the resistance. With her Olynssis, she deflects all their blasts. As Yousuke, Bryan and Airi continue traveling to the moon, Yousuek remembers what Serena told them before they parted ways. Back at the fight, without the help from tea, Tokito is having trouble defending himself from Misuzu, who’s growing increasingly insane. When Tokito pleads for her to stop, Misuzu explains to him that he was always kind to him as a child so she loved him. Koichi adds in that he and Misuzu are both fake. Tokito thinks that Koichi really isn’t Koichi. Koichi replies that he is. He’s going to become Koichi. While they continue arguing, Koichi’s anger and resent toward Tokito builds and Tokito takes the upper hand. Meanwhile, the Hunters are faced with the same defense team that Tokito faced earlier. Bryan begins to negotiate with them. Apparently, Bryan and Balfu were once with them, so the Hunters are invited onto the ship. Bryan is shown that they already took Balfu onto the ship. He’s badly hurt, but is being taken care of. During the main battle, Tokito starts to run, which reminds Misuzu of how he always ran from her feelings. Misuzu fires a massive blow, but Tea, who has recovered, tries to hold it off. She also reveals to Tokito her relation to Koichi.

That was just insane. I loved every minute of it, but this is just one sick show. I now have actual proof that Koichi and Misuzu are perfect for each other They’re both serious nutcases. Actually, Misuzu still has some hope of redemption. Half the stuff she did was Koichi’s idea. She’s become his pawn, but a very effective one, because she has the unrestrained hate for Tea. Still, I wonder how they’ll save her at this point. She might have snapped just a bit too far. That last attack she used was ridiculous. Actually, Gold Olynsiss’ power as a whole is ridiculous. I could say the same for Silver. I usually don’t like fight scenes or space battles, but the one in this episode was amazing. It was funny when Gold and Silver turned into tiny little balls of light and started smashing into each other. Serena’s Olynssis is also quite tough. She’s been able to block a whole lot of attacks. Does the resistance have an unlimited amount of missiles? Also, despite the fact that I’ve never quite figured how his name should be spelled, I have much pity for Balfu. He’s a bit of a creep himself, but he got pretty beat up by Gold Olynssis. Next, I don’t feel like taking a ridiculous amount of screencaps this week. I can declare Serena’s awesomeness without capping her for the 800th time. Besides, who wouldn’t rather see Koichi petting Misuzu? XD It really shows just how sick the guy is. I’m not certain (this is a painfully difficult show to get info for), but from the preview next week’s episode looks like it will be the end. I have a feeling Misuzu won’t live to see it though.

Yes, I'm a psycho Misuzu is such a good dog I'm going to be the new Kirino! He looks hot in bandages

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Definitely one of those good shows that slip under most people’s radars due to average to sometimes subpar animation. However, the tightness of the story and just the massive amounts of melodrama keeps you at the edge of your seats. I guess the strength and weakness of this show is it’s length. Definitely looking forward to the end.

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