Preview: Backstory, randomly appearing chibis and not enough Kirino.

Ah, sweet angst! The beginning was filled with much of that. First, on a depressingly rainy day, Haruhiko reflects over his problems. Later, he makes breakfast for Riko, who he sees is looking at old pictures. Because she can’t remember those times when she was so happy, Riko’s depression grows. The episode does actually get hopeful unfortunately.

Because Edo is a genius, Haruhiko goes for him to advice. Why did I cap this boring scene? I’m really not sure. But at least Edo is hot.

Kirino attempts to relive Riko’s memories. While remembering back to the time when Riko and Haruhiko were separated, she feels Riko’s loneliness. Seems she’s beginning to regret what she did.

Haruhiko needs information on the gift, so he goes to Tama-nee. She finds out that the first gift was used 17 years ago. (I guess the rainbow really isn’t so eternal.) While looking further, she finds that this happened on Haruhiko’s birthday. Haruhiko now needs to find out whether this was just some kind of coincidence. While talking to Edo, he rules out the idea that he’s God but then realizes what happened. His father had told him that his mother died so that he could live. That was the first gift.

So afterwards, Haruhiko questions his father about this. His father talks way too fast. This, along with the fact that my raw wasn’t of the greatest quality, made this scene a bit difficult to figure out, but thankfully the rest made it clear. Learning what Haruhiko’s mother did for him really helps explain why he loves her so much. After all, life is a pretty valuable gift to give. This episode really bought a lot of sense to the series. I guess it wasn’t as ridiculous as I thought. However, some of the flashbacks later on to the poorly animated beginning make me think otherwise. I’m abusing the little strikethrough feature this week, aren’t I? ^_^

Next, we see that the classmates of Riko and Kirino are concerned about them. It’s nice to see them again, since they’ve fallen into very minor roles.

Time for the beginning of the end. Haruhiko resolves to protect Riko, who’s condition is worsening, because she’s the most important person to him.

SO now Haruhiko’s at his mother’s grave. Through some weird supernatural thing that I’m not even going to try to figure out (I think the pinwheel had something to do with it) he gets to see parts of his mother’s past, around the time of his birth.

So Haruhiko’s born, but his mother’s still alive at this point. She finds out that there’s a problem with her heart. Yeah, I’m more or less summarizing this episode. It just dawned on me now. Guess I’m not feeling too creative at the moment.

…And so, Haruhiko’s mother is getting worse. She eventually dies, but Haruhiko will live.

So now that we’ve gotten the flashbacks over with (not that they weren’t interesting) the main plot returns. Chibi Riko somehow appears (I’m not even going to try and figure that one out) and Haruhiko uses his gift. We don’t get to see what it is yet, as the episode ends. I really like the last picture for some reason. It’s just funny, especially because during that scene he screamed “Gift!” With the lighting and all, it kind of reminded me of when characters in shounen fighting shows scream out attacks. So… I’m easily amused. Hopefully, that means the next episode will amuse me. Because it’s canon law that the preview for a final episode has to be painfully vague, I have no clue how things will work out. I expect a happy ending though but not for Kirino.

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>characters in shounen fighting shows scream out attacks
Haruhiko is chargin’ his laser!

Comment by fict 12.15.06 @ 9:18 pm

ROFL Edo is hotter than Haruhiko X’D
Megane MOE!!

on another note, whoa Da Capo ripoff some more!

Comment by Hinano 12.16.06 @ 11:01 am

Why couldn’t Haruhiko just use his Gift to reverse Kirino’s Gift? Im sure at this point, the three would all consent to it…oh well. I guess they are gonna follow the game scenario to the letter.

Yesserie, absolutely shameless DC ripoff.

Comment by starcaptor 12.16.06 @ 12:35 pm

I think Strikethrough Anonymous has meetings in your area. Now that you have recognized the problem, there is hope for you.

Comment by mary 12.18.06 @ 10:56 am

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