To summarize this briefly
-Trip to the zoo
-Michiru and Kaoru refuse to return to Akudaikan-sama
-Mizushitatare and Dorodoron are today’s enemies
-Dorodoron is defeated
-Minori is awesome throughout the episode. There hasn’t been this much Minori in a while. To celebrate, here are several pictures of the greatest character (although I’m really getting attached to Akudaikan-sama ) along with her latest work of art/attack on Saki. Also, it becomes increasingly obvious that Minori owns Kaoru ^_^

Minori begins to run her mouth Now we know where she gets all her energy from No, don't make Minori cry! Kaoru is in trouble again Now she gets to feed the rabbits Yes, Saki is weird XD, Minori comments that Mai and Saki look like children Cute! Time for the revelation Okay, she's crazy

Christmas episode next time. Can’t wait. Also, the ending theme this week was weird as hell. It involved costume characters of Mai and Saki dancing with the kid from Crayon Shinchan.

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Someone uploaded the dance on here, in case anyone else is interested :P

Comment by pKjd 12.21.06 @ 4:43 am

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