Choco gives Kakeru and Yurika invitations to a Christmas party. Kakeru accepts almost immediately, to the annoyance of Yurika. She denies the invitation. She can’t go, because she’s going out to dinner with her father on Christmas Eve. Although Yurika is excited about this, she still regrets not getting to go to the party with Kakeru a bit. However, she gets a phone call from her father, who tells her that he’ll unfortunately have to cancel their night out. Afterwards, she’s very upset. The next morning, a very drunken woman is woken up and also gets a call, telling her that she has to hurry and return home. She’s very angry to receive such demands. Meanwhile, Choco prepares for the party with Chitose, by making cupcakes and wrapping them in gift bags. Choco gives one to Chitose as a present. She also has a gift for Choco. It’s a red jacket, which Choco is very pleased with. Choco gives her next present to Makoto, from whom she receives a Santa hat and gloves. Once she leaves the house, Choco finds Yasuoka and gives a gift to him. He gives Choco the scarf he found at the grave in return. Of course, since this used to be Choco’s, she’s confused as to why she had it. She then gives presents to various people in the town. This includes the lingerie store and she receives a present there. She runs into Kakeru when leaving and reaches into the bag to give him a gift. He freaks out, thinking it’s some kind of underwear, but it’s not. We now get to see that Drunk Lady also has a gambling problem, as she goes to play slots. Meanwhile, Yurika tries to convince herself that she doesn’t mind being alone. Because of how she acted when she got the invitation, she doesn’t think that she can go to Choco’s party. Her maid knocks on the door, but she just ignores it. It starts getting annoying, so she yells at her to be quiet, but the maid replies that Choco is there. Yurika wants to know why Choco is there and Choco replies that she’s giving her a Christmas present, much to Yurika’s surprise. Haruma is seen working with Tamami at a cake shop, and is dressed as Santa. Tamami allows him to leave, but is still enthusiastic about working herself. Choco’s next present is for Kuro, despite the fact that he’s not there. She leaves a package in the house where he lived. Back at his home, Kakeru gets ready for the party by styling his hair. Drunk Lady goes and sits on the swing set, still mad at something. Choco gives her a present as well. She seems to know who Choco is. Choco finds Haruma next and he’s curious as to where Choco’s outfit came from. She explains that it was made from presents from Chitose and Makoto. She also explains that she’s delivering Christmas presents and tells Haruma al the people whom she gave them too. However, she gets upset when she realizes that she has none left now, so she can’t give her brother a present. Haruma doesn’t mind, saying his Christmas present is that they can be together again. They return home, where Chitose is cooking dinner. Kakeru rushes to the party, but on the way he sees Yurika on the swing set, looking depressed. He asks her what she’s doing and why she’s not at the restaurant with her father. She replies that her plans changed. Kakeru is excited that she can go to the party. Yurika replies that she can’t because of how cruel she was. Kakeru takes her hand and they run to the party anyway. Choco is of course excited to see her. Once they think everyone’s there, Odairi shows up, bringing music. Everyone does the Neko Nyan dance. Meanwhile, we see that Ayano is living happily with Kazuya. Tamami’s cosplay loving friend and some others decide to go to the hot springs for Christmas, but find that Midori is already there. Tamami is still attempting to sell Christmas cakes. Master is dating someone at a fancy restaurant. Yurika’s maid finds a Christmas present from Yurika in the garage (on her motorcycle) XD. In heaven, Yuki’s mother is looking for her, but she’s seen by a tree with Kuro. He somehow received his present and is giving it to her. Some kids are seen with their grandmother(who I could’ve sworn I’ve seen in this show before, but can’t remember who she is for the life of me), questioning if there really is a Santa. Finally, we see Drunk Lady again. After finishing her meal, she suits up. It turns out that she was the female Santa Claus. She sets out to deliver gifts. As Choco and Haruma sleep, we hear from Choco’s journal about how much fun the party was.

That wasn’t a bad episode by any standards. It was actually quite touching at points. However, it wasn’t much of a finale. I guess it was kind of neat that the series started and ended on Christmas, but I really wish they would’ve done something more conclusive. I don’t dislike open endings. They’re useful when a series is going to have a second season. However, there’s very little chance that a second season of Chokotto Sister will be made, so I’m just disappointed about how little was concluded. We did get to see Ayano again, so I’m glad they didn’t just forget about her existence. We also got to see the fate of Kuro. Those were both satisfying things. However, there was no answer to the Choco/Kakeru/Yurika love triangle and more importantly, Haruma didn’t get with Chitose. Sure, that’ll make the sis-cons happy, but I really wanted to see them get together. It was such an obvious pairing too. Grr… I want a second season or at least an OAV just for that. As a whole, this was a very enjoyable series. I kind of wish that more than 9 episodes of it were subbed so that more people could get to enjoy it. Secretly though, one thing I really enjoyed about this is that it was really easy to translate. I could probably sub it quicker than whoever’s doing it (except that I don’t know how to make fansubs, so there’s no way I’d actually do it.) Yep, great series, especially in it’s second half. Would’ve been 50x greater if Haruma and Chitose got together. Yurika added a ton of enjoyment to the show, so she quickly became my favorite character, even though she wasn’t in the first half at all. I liked the fact that she got a ton of development, probably more than anyone other than Choco and Haruma. With all the screentime she got, the second half of the series was practically The Yurika Show. ^_^ I wonder if people more interested in other characters appreciated that or not. Can’t think of much else to say, so that’s it. I’ve completed another series and that’s always a great feeling.

I bet I know why he's so enthusiastic about the party Everyone needs a little Christmas angst Santa Choco is coming to town Cutest eyecatch yet Yurika is guilty abput how she treated Choco No, they haven't gotten together either Kakeru takes Yurika to the Christmas party Aww... Odairi makes a surprise appearance Ayano is living with Kazuya Tamami is havign trouble selling Christmas cakes Yurika left her maid a present Kuro received Choco's present Santa rides off on her motorcycle

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Maid. Motorcycle. Maid. Motorcycle.

No comment on that one. But still, the story could’ve ended with last week’s story and it’d have been a stronger season, IMO - this seems a little cliched, not that the show’s all that original to begin with (save that they’re not going the siscon route, from what we’ve seen).

Comment by Haesslich 12.19.06 @ 6:42 pm

Well, I was hoping that somehow Ayano showed up at the end by herself. I never liked her pairing with Kazuya. I still blame Haruma for them ending together.

Comment by golthin 12.20.06 @ 3:22 pm

oh well was a waste of my 3 months…ANY ONE KNOW ANY GOOD ROMANCE GENRE SHOWS besides Eureka Seven & Full Moon wo Sagashite…?!i perferd the Haruma Choco pairing insest or not besides there not even BLOOD related!

Comment by Khiri-chan 01.22.07 @ 10:32 pm

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