In a flashback, Tea sees her brother Koichi covered in blood and carrying a knife. She’s horrified by this, because he was always so kind. Koichi tells her how he wants to become Koichi. Tea argues that her brother is her brother, not Koichi. He tries to kiss her, but Tea hits him and jumps back. Though Koichi asks her to return to him she refuses, saying that she’s going to Earth. Koichi is angry, but Tea says farewell before falling backwards off a ledge. Koichi is unable to catch her, but he sees her fly back up with Silver Olynssis, which she takes to Earth. In the present Tea tries to get Koichi to stop fighting. Tokito realizes that he’s Koichi’s descendant. Misuzu is the only one who doesn’t get what’s going on, but Koichi electrocutes her. Tokito and Tea are very angry about this and attack, doing substantial damage. Meanwhile, Bryan helps Yousuke get into a space pod of sorts to go after Misuzu. Bryan heads to another, with Balfu. He finds this reminiscent. They have to evade something programmed to attack. Airi is working on the bridge for now. Yousuke eventually catches up to Silver and Gold Olynssis. He’s determined to save Misuzu, who at this point is beginning to disagree with Koichi. Koichi tries to attack him, but Tokito protects his friend by slashing the Gold Olynssis. Misuzu is shot out of it and caught by Yousuke’s ship. Tokito tells him to get her to safety. Koichi asks why Tea, that human and everyone else abandoned him and starts to cry. Tokito and Tea suggests that he end this, but Koichi just yells at them to shut up. He attacks Tokito again, stating that he’ll take away his life and his name. He’ll be the only Koichi Aizawa. Tokito fights back, saying that he’s not Koichi, he’s Tokito Aizawa. In the meantime, we find that Dara allowed Serena to go up to the sky door. Yousuke returns to the base, saying that he got Misuzu back. Airi is excited to hear this. Yousuke tells Misuzu that he won’t leave her again. Getting back to the main point, Tokito reaches for Koichi’s hand, but Koichi hits it away. Koichi asks Tokito why he’s always trying to be him. Tokito replies that he’s Tokito, but Koichi also isn’t Koichi. There is no longer a Koichi. He died years ago. Koichi should live as the person he is now. Koichi isn’t buying that though. He states that Tea was Koichi’s love so he needs to be Koichi. Now Tokito is Tea’s love, so this time Koichi will try to be Tokito. He tries to stab Tokito with a knife, but Tea protects him. She isbn’t hurt, because the knife hit her pendant. Tea also says that she doesn’t want Koichi and Tokito to come together. Koichi is in agony and returns to Gold Olynssis. Bryan and Balfu finally make it to their destination and Balfu watches in amazement and Bryan stops the attack program. He wants to put his vengeance aside. Once Bryan is done, he goes to leave but sees that Balfu has died. Bryan returns to the base alone, s the place where he left Balfu explodes. In Koichi’s insanity, he takes the upper hand in the fight again. Koichi then prepares to blow up the Olynssis generator and fires an energy blast at it. The explosion created is heard even at the base. Airi is concerned because not everyone has returned yet. They’re still alive though and the fight between Tokito and Koichi continues, However, Serena gets between them. A part of her Olynssis shatters and it becomes Silver Olynssis. Serena’s hair tie also breaks off, letting her hair flow down. She transports herself to Koichi’s Olynssis and transforms her body to that of Tea. It turns out that Serena was the Tea that Koichi loved and so she embraces him. As Tea (the one we know) flies away with the Silver Olynssis, Tokito is reluctant to leave Serena. The other Tea tells Koichi that she won’t ever leave him and that they’ll be with each other forever. The generator then explodes. At the base, it’s seen that Misuzu was given medical attention. Bryan, Yousuke and Airi take her back to Earth. Tea tells Tokito that they should return to where everyone is. Before then, Tokito tells Tea that he loves her. They then fly together into the strange flashing abyss created when the generator exploded. On Earth, the others visit Jin’s grave. They’re all sure that Tokito and Tea will soon return to them.

It could’ve been better, but I’m pretty satisfied by the ending. It seemed kind of rushed. Maybe, with one more episode it would’ve really worked. I should’ve seen this coming, because it happens all the time, but both my favorite characters (Serena and Koichi) died. Serena remained quite a mystery to the end of the series. I actually questioned the fact that she might be some version of Tea and it looks like I was right. It’s really great that she came back to Koichi in the end, because I found it so depressing that Koichi was always abandoned. Even Misuzu, who was kind of like a kindred spirit to him, disagreed with him in the end. It probably didn’t help though that he zapped her with electricity. Koichi is also a bit of a psycho, so maybe that’s why people always leave him. He took his love for Tea to such extremes that he was actually trying to become a different person. I knew he had snapped to the point of no return when he eventually declared that now he was going to become Tokito in order to have Tea. However, in the end he got Tea. That was a surprising development, but as someone who’s usually sympathetic to villains, I’m extremely glad that he got to be happy in the last moments of his life. As for the other death in this episode, I saw that one coming a mile away. Balfu was utterly creamed last week. He too got to be happy before he died, which was also sweet. There were a lot of good things in this ending, but one big problem I had. That was Misuzu’s rapid development. You can’t go from being insane and wanting to kill someone one minute to happily waiting for their return in the end. I understand her turning on Koichi, but I don’t think it makes sense that she likes Tokito and Tea again. Well anyway, that was a great series. Without a doubt, my favorite of the Fall ’06 premiers. I’m not counting on a sequel, but you never know. They did leave the fate of Tokito and Tea open to interpretation. I’m pretty certain that they’re alive, but they still have to return to their friends.

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I have not watched this series in a while because I lost interest once it was apparent that Misuzu was displace by Tea. I stopped watching before Yousuke became Misuzu’s boyfriend (I am assuming here that they became a couple sometime during the series because I stopped watching before that happened.)

Comment by golthin 12.23.06 @ 12:04 am

Well, it seems that the Koichi we were looking at all this time wasn’t really Koichi, but rather his clone, an artificial life-form like Tea. This explains how he can control the Olynssis. Seems he went nuts a thousand years back and decided that he wanted to replace the real person, Koichi, and killed him. And if Serena, who is really Tea, is from the future, that means that she must have come back from a time when Tokito has died, since he is human after all. This does hint at the fact that Tokito and Tea only disappears somewhere at the end of the series and not dead. My guess is that they got picked up by the people from Juptier, or which other human colony those ships are from. Ending was rushed and I sort of felt cheated that they threw so many freakin’ twists at us all in the last episode that explains so many things, but ends up opening up more cans of worms. But it was a pretty good series overall.

Comment by weirdofu 12.23.06 @ 7:17 pm

i thought this anime couldve been better…i didn’t really get much of the story but it seemed kinda cheesy and rushed…
at least tokito and tea ended up together in the end =)

Comment by mango 01.20.07 @ 8:21 pm

What really kills me about a lot of people is that they watch this expecting to see a mecha anime, simply because there are mecha in the OP.
It’s just damn funny, because they’re automatically setting themselves up for a massive disappointment - a mecha anime, this is most certainly NOT.

A few years back, I watched a shojo anime featuring mecha, called Magic Knights: Rayearth. I thought it was a pretty fun experience, and looking back, it’s because I saw that that I was able to go into this knowing NOT to expect a mecha-anime, but a kind of fantasy-mech blend, and a character-centric series with a strong romantic element. The two shows are drastically different, of course, but they fit within the same rough genre.

Now having said that, I’ve only seen RAWs of every episode past 8, as there seem to be no subs that I’m aware of for 9 and onwards.
My problem with the major plot element in this episode other than Koichi and Tokito is Selena.

Not because of what happens, that makes for a great WTF? moment. Rather, because I expected something like this since Episode 2, where if you’re paying attention, they foreshadow this happening in a very blatant and obvious way.

It’s the same kind of mismanagement that killed the HOLYSHITWTF??? of Koichi first appearing in Gold, except that they went and revealed who he was right from the get-go, which killed it totally.

Other than that, a very satisfactory conclusion to this short, excellent, and grossly underappreciated story. It’s a pity that this show could’ve been a perfect 10, if they’d just managed Selena and Koichi a bit better.
Oh well. Can’t get everything in life, I suppose. I’ll still give it an easy 8/10

Comment by Warrior Goddess, Kan-u Unchou 05.15.07 @ 11:39 am

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